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November 16, 2012 8:37 AM
Happy Friday, everyone – are you ready for the weekend??? Big one before the Thanksgiving holiday for those in the US. *I* however will be trying on snow gear to see what fits (yes, shameless bragging). The kiddos are on half days for the rest of the time (PT conferences), so we’ll leave as soon as they’re done on Wednesday. Can’t wait! DS made reservations for us at his restaurant for turkey day – first time ever one of my children cooked Thanksgiving dinner for me!

In the meantime, busy weekend ahead – I did a lot of housework this week (yes, I did get those floors and toilets scrubbed) but have to get outside in the freezing cold and trim back the shrubs and get the yard ready for Christmas lights when we get back. Tomorrow my sister’s church is hosting a Zumbathon, so I’m going after my hair appt. to get in a couple of hours of Zumba. I’m thinking I may have a cocktail after that lol.

Nancy, ours is a short week too. I love trying out new workout gear, so I totally understand! And the cool new coat, you sound like the cool teacher.

Laura, everything sounds like it’s going swimmingly for you – so glad! Look at you, still losing weight! Sometimes the Thanksgivings that aren’t spent being planned out are the best.

Meg, I’m sorry you’re still sick and hope you’re feeling better now for the weekend. You’ll be at that 12# mark in no time, don’t worry. The recipe I read suggested doing the corn cob thing as well, although it cooked all the veggies in broth, then added milk at the end.

Lin, I hate when my computer updates then dies. It’s so frustrating. I have a lot of trouble when my graphic card is updated. When we got back from our travels my desktop was in death mode, but it was only a fake-out. However, I discovered the kids haven’t been bothering to update their antiviruses – DSS doesn’t even have one on his laptop since it expired and he didn’t bother to tell me. Grr! I want to tell him it’s like having sex without a condom, but I think DH would frown on that analogy. So nice of you to take the staff treats! You’re really being strong and good-willed about the troubles with you dad. Good luck with your glasses.

Hi, Glenda – good to see your smiling face! Good luck finding some sort of routine, even if it’s routine chaos laugh.

LindaS, so glad to hear you’re feeling better – hope the therapy’s helping. I know you’re doing great at finding some sort of exercise, so just do what you can. You’re doing great! I noticed my diary is like that too – but I think it’s because I don’t “complete” my diary until the next day, so it won’t update for the previous day.

Cheryl, I know what you mean about the cookies. I had made some M&M cookies for the kids (ahem) with the leftover Halloween candy, then just helped myself because no one else was here to eat them. So bad. Congratulations on the Shred exercising!!!

Barbie, congratulations on no cooking for Tday! Good luck on the mammo.

MaryC, Good job on discovering the joys of slow eating! It really does help.

Lila, the Malaysian restaurant we go to has a variety of foods from the Asian area, so I had a thai vegetarian clay pot curry. It was really good. We had a blast that night – went wine tasting first at the store next to the restaurant. It was completely spur-of-the-moment and turned out so well. There was a fundraiser there, so we bought some raffle tickets and wound up winning a lot. I love it when your night turns out so much better than you thought it would. I’ll keep an eye out for the book. I just started yet another book that I’ve already read. I hate it when they recover/repackage books and I can’t tell it’s something I’ve already read.

Liz, I’m sorry you’re having a tough time at work. I hope it gets better.

Amanda, your poor husband and you. I know what he means, but still it’s so hard to even contemplate it. You’ll miss your dad terribly, but really it will be the dad who wasn’t always a bother that you’ll miss. That’s who you’re missing already, if you think about it. It’s just a tough time. {{hugs}}

Carolyn, my friend teaches kettlebells and swears they are the best workout. Let me know how it goes!

Nancy, you’re so clever to get the kids to go run around to get their blood flowing again! I remember visiting a class when DS was in middle school – the teacher had the kids sitting and being lectured to for the entire class. I remember thinking “No way would I have lasted in that class.” Have fun with the curling!

Cheryl, remember that even if you don’t reach all the way to your goal you’ve come so far! You can’t make your body lose any faster than it wants, and if you’re not careful you could force it into a plateau. Just keep doing what you know is right. And don’t look back.

Michele, glad your neighbor found her cat. I keep V8 with me in the car now too – we have a case of it in the garage, I just grab a can when I go by. That way if I get hungry while I’m out it’s a quick little snack. You asked about protein – I use pretty standard ones: greek yogurt, tofu, lots of beans and brown rice, all kinds of veggies. I also have a protein drink when I’m doing resistance training – that provides about 1/3 of my protein for the day. I usually don’t have too much of a problem, but I’ve been a little carb heavy lately. Getting better though – had cottage cheese for my snack today.

Wanda, congratulations on moving to such a smaller size! That’s wonderful. If you lost 5 for the month, you did lose a pound a week, so good for you!

Jb, look at you go! You’re really losing weight, and it’s because you are being so faithful to eating right (mostly lol) and exercising. It works because it works smile. I was supposed to do yoga yesterday but wound up quitting after a ½ hour. I was just not feeling well yesterday. I’ll do it on Sunday, which is my preference anyway. Today was legs and back resistance, then abs. My core is really getting stronger! So sad about the man!

Laura, love those grandma cuddles! Your DIL’s idea for Tday sounds wonderful. I hope she doesn’t let her mom bully her on that one. Isn’t it funny what we are willing to throw ourselves on a sword for? As to the Shred, can I say that even though I’m not doing that program I have exercises I still hate even after almost six months, but as I’m able to do them better because I’m stronger I hate them less. Anyway, that’s what I found smile.

JaneH, new handbag – great treat! I will be passing through Denver, but we’ll be over in Keystone/Dillon except going from/to the airport. If you want to come up the pass (there are all those outlets you know hint, hint) I’d love to meet!

MSH, I don’t recall the recipe, but the one I use from the Herbivoracious cookbook simply calls for a little oil heated fairly high, then just stir-fry until the beans are “somewhat shriveled and developing black spots.” You’ll want to be sure you’re using good, fresh green beans – a lot of the ones at the market are old and already prone to being too soft. They should “snap” when you bend them.

JB, I’ve seen that about the women before – love it!

Lizzie, I’m assuming you’re down in NOLA – love the spirit of the Louisianans! And the food . . . oh, yes, it’s hard to pass by. Exercise is your friend! Good for your husband for helping out with the Sandy area. It’s hard to believe they still have so much to do to recover.

Rose, congratulations on the passing days . . . they just keep adding up. Eventually so will the lost pounds smile. They say to begin as you mean to go, and it sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing.

DeeDee, Thanks, my dinner was delicious. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a Thai curry, but it was delicious and I didn’t have to cook or clean up from it smile. Your lunch with your friend sounds like a lot of fun. Good for you for a) keeping your calories at your target and b) losing weight!!! Woohoo!

Andrea, welcome and keep coming back. As you can tell, tracking helps a lot.

Kathy, I hope you find another position soon. It is hard in the non-profit area, no question. There was a thought that the private arena would pick up the slack, but things are tight all the way around sad. It sounds like your leg and foot is doing better and you’re making good progress – congratulations!

Barbie, you’re right, there are ways to keep yourself moving even if sitting all the time. Thanks for the reminder.

Micki, I’m going to try to say this gently: there may be a direct correlation between the foods you’re eating and your moods. If you’re having “bad” days where you’re eating a lot of processed carbs (white food) and sweets, you may find yourself in that dreaded carb fog and blood sugar spikes/crashes. You’re also pretty busy, which adds to stress, which adds to hormonal swings . . . it all adds up. Don’t beat yourself up – that will only make it worse – but for each time you reach for something and can make yourself stop and ask if it’s really what you want or if it’s healthy or if it’s even necessary, you can start to break that “habit” and move to healthier ones. Good luck! You’ve already come so far – you’re really making progress and you’re still on that journey. It’s not a goal so much as it is journey that will continue even after you think you’ve hit a target on the scale. As to the being cold I personally find I’m cold when I’m really tired. It’s a joke in our family that if I’m reaching for a blanket it’s time for me to go to bed. Your blood pressure has probably come down, which will also possibly make you cooler in general.

Jolene, I’m sorry your work wound up being so frustrating. You’re a good employee for making sure everything is accurate. I hope you have fun at the drama club dinner – it sounds fun to me!

Lila, wow, that cleanse sounds intense! I used to do them once or twice a year but haven’t for quite some time. I do occasionally drink senna tea if I’m feeling a little “slow” and bloated. I remember I would be tired (and cold) all the time while on them, so not surprised that you’re tired too.

Carolyn, my back/neck/shoulders are sometimes sore if I a) stay in bed too long or b) just sleep – I really, really need a new bed lol laugh.

Kathy, congratulations on the 30# mark!!! Woohoo!

Nancy, good luck on your TimmyH breakfast! We don’t have them down here in the States, but we do have Dunkin Donuts lol laugh. Also lol at the kids finding a way to make something like a puffy marshmallow into a harmful projectile.

Jb, happy Festive Friday! Congratulations on the weight loss too!

Laura, sending good thoughts for your DH’s interview. Keep pushing through the Shred – you’ll be glad you did. I love the example of your mom’s friend! How wonderful. That’s how I want to be when I’m 88 too.

Cheryl, TMI. Nuff said lol laugh.

OK, on that note, it’s time to sign off for the weekend. I’m probably going to drop back to posting a few times a week – I’m trying to make myself break away from the computer when I’m not working. However, I’ll still be logging everything and checking in. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


November 16, 2012 9:19 AM
It's hard to believe that it's already Friday again -- time does fly! I love JB's daily words. My son called at 6:30am to say that he'd arrived safely in Miami. He's staying with someone I don't know who has a house on the beach. I'm such a worrier! I hope he has a great time, but stays out of trouble and behaves. Is that too much to expect of a 20 year old boy? Probably. Hubby gave him an extra $500 spending money right before he left, so he now has ample opportunity. (He's lucky he went to his father, because I was only going to give him $300). At least he calls me every day.

I'm having lunch with two clients/friends at a Middle Eastern restaurant today. I know how to count that, so it should be okay. I often wish that lunching wasn't one of my favorite occupations, but it is. We almost never ate out when I was growing up, so I've overcompensated as an adult.

Lizzie -- Great job handling the food at the tea! That's so nice of your hubby to want to help others. I know that the people in Sandy's path still need help.

DeeDee -- Two meals out, 6 calories left, and down 2.3 lbs.??! You rock, girl!!! flowerforyou

Kathyszoo -- Congrats on hitting the 30 lb. off mark! That's quite an accomplishment! smile Good job on being up to 30 minutes on your walking -- I know it isn't easy with all of the problems you've had this year. I'm sorry that your job is ending and hope you find another that you like soon.

Jolene -- I feel for you in your plateau -- we all hit them and it can be frustrating, but it is better than gaining and it WILL pass. Try changing something, increasing your calories temporarily along with your exercise usually helps a lot.

Lila -- I'll be interested to hear about your results from the Dr. Oz cleanse. I've never done one.

JB -- Another cute dogs in hats picture! They certainly are photogenic. I really love your daily alphabet quotes, and today's really made me smile. Thank you! smile

Nancy -- Your catapult class sounds great. Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher!

Laura -- Keeping my fingers crossed for hubby's interview this morning! Good for you in persisting with the next level of the shred, despite disliking the exercises -- that's determination. flowerforyou I hope you enjoy your half day today, and are doing something fun. Let's try to have lunch again in January! I did so enjoy our meeting last time.
November 16, 2012 9:38 AM
good morning, ladies! A quick stop in before I tackle the tasks for the day....and yes, it is a late start!blushing

Amanda - I totally hear you on the thoughts re your aging parents. It was just a few months ago, as we were moving my 95 year old mother in law from another province, that I sat in a coffee shop with tears in my eyes. I said that I have some questions for God about why we are uprooting a 95 year old who just wants to 'go home', while so many of my friends have lost 30 yr old sons/ daughters tragically over the last year. I have no answers for that - I am glad that He does! But it is so hard to watch her struggle to function with an intact mind but almost no sight or hearing; or to see my own mother at 80, in good physical health but mental faculties quickly fading, and fighting it with aggression and frustration all the way! It is sad, and difficult and exhausting - but we persevere because we love them, while sometimes wishing for relief for them and for us. You don't need to feel guilt over those thoughts - I think we all experience them!

Nancy - What a great teacher you must be. I love the lesson with catapults - what kid doesn't like to launch things into the airlaugh you are definitely making an impact on young lives!

Kathy - Yay for the great progress on the walking. And double yay!! for reaching such an impressive milestone - 30 POUNDS! That is great! Isn't it wonderful how these successes inspire us to keep on and do more. Know that it inspires the rest of us too!smile Thanks!

Deedee - Oh don't you just love those long 'catching up' lunches with a good friend! I have a friend who will just tell the waitress "We are going to be here for a while, so keep the cooffee coming and let us know if you need the table." happy I have actually sat through two coffee rushes over a chummy coffee with a good it! But to lose weight on top of it - amazing!
(not sure I should adopt that as my diet strategy thoughlaugh )

Lila - that sounds like a really interesting book on Zimbabwe. Ever since we visited South Africa a few years ago, the dynamic in that area has held a bit of a fascination for me. A complex and complicated region for sure. I may have to check it out - oh, the list of books to read grows longer!!! Good luck with the cleanse - not sure I could drink that much smoothie either!

jb - I think I am having some of the same difficulties getting 'back at it' since I have been away. I realized that I haven't actually been home since before Hallowe'en, so that means no exercise and little 'good eating' for a few weeks! Time to ramp up some routine, although I am not too optimistic with Christmas events starting up next week!!

Have a great day all. Eat well, live well, go well, stay well!!
November 16, 2012 10:18 AM
TGIF~~Didn`t work as the pt`s wife was sick.Spent 8 hours getting ready for our fundraiser at the church-10lbs spaghetti,6 trays of salad,10 trays of garlic bread,100=meatballs.House smelt so good.Got to bed around 2.Felt good to be doing something for someone else.
Have a good one.have to catch up on the posts after going to the gym.Hubby is willing and able as he is off,so going with it.
November 16, 2012 10:28 AM

We need her name so we can be like her too!! It can be our new motto "Be like Myrtle!!"

I was sooooo disappointed with my weigh in today. I don't know if I'm going to log it or not. I was down .4 but I know it should be better than that. When I got to work I went to the restroom and I think I weigh less now wink I got on the work scale and I weighed 3 pounds less on it today than yesterday. So I'm thinking I will re-weigh tomorrow morning and then log it. Is that cheating?

I don't think it's cheating...sorry the loss was so small this AM ...but it's still a loss...I too would be tempted (and probably would change it) to change it to whatever the weight is tomorrow.
November 16, 2012 11:17 AM
just stopping by
to shout out a "hi"

Robin, Bodi and Ritter.

Some day I will have time to post again. ohwell
November 16, 2012 12:10 PM
Having a good day, really enjoying the posts on this board and learning interesting things too. November is half over now so I'd like to re-post my November goals here and do a check to see how I am doing with them.
Walk 50 minutes every day > getting 40 minutes most days, still need to work on this one.
Stay on Plan > Doing well at this one
Increase daily veggies to 4 cups > Getting about 3 cups
Record Eating & Exercise daily > Have not missed a day
Greet everyone with Smile > Doing well at this one.

DeeDee - So glad you enjoyed your lunch with your friend. Congrats on that 2.3 pound loss, that's terrific
Andrea - I am delighted you have joined us.

Barbie - You are so right, I have a desk job also and I use every opportunity to get up and move around. My boss's office is at the back of the building and I walk back rather than use the intercom. I wear a pedometer and try for as many steps as I can get.

Micki > Wow, that is a challenge, 3 Thanksgivings, I wish you much luck and determination with that challenge - I have trouble with one.

Sasha > I wish you well with the cleanse, I did one a year ago or so and it did help me out for a while. Thanks so much for the website, I haven't checked it out yet but I will.

Amanda > I feel for you with your Dad. I care for my Mom in my home and though I love her to pieces, she can be a trial at times.

Carolyn > I hope your back heals quickly, I wouldn't try the kettlebells until your back is 100%

Kathy > Congrats on reaching that 30 pound marksmile smile smile

Hope everyone has a wonderful FRIDAY
November 16, 2012 1:13 PM
Good afternoon beautiful ladiesflowerforyou

I've got just a bit of time so I'm going to reply for as long as I can!

Calmrosesmile I'm not much of a cook eithernoway , very limited in my recipes...but I'm getting better!!! Good for you not looking at (or eating) he ice cream and cookies!!! Hey, it's almost been a're doing fabulous!!!

Andreasmile Welcome to the group!!! Come in often and chat with us!!!

Kathysmile Congrats on 30 lbs. gone!!!! And for working yourself up to a 30 minute walk with your fur boys, I bet they love it!!!

Barbiesmile Good wishes for your results!!! I have now started getting up during commercials if I'm watching TV and walking around the house or running up the stairs, and I keep an eye on the clock when I'm on the computer and every 30 minutes I get myself up and move around, makes a huge difference!!! And I thank you for thatflowerforyou !!!

Mickismile Exercise really does make my mood improve!!! 3 Thanksgiving dinnersnoway , I do love to smell turkey cooking, but I don't like the taste at all, I do however like everything that goes along with itohwell ! Yes, I'm cold most of the time now too, and I love itlaugh , I just put on another sweater!!! Better than those 38 pounds that kept me warmerbigsmile !!!

Jolenesmile Oh dear...I have been known to be a chatty Cathy myselflaugh blushing ...I just love to talk or typetongue ! I'm glad you noticed the mistakes and were able to correct them before turning them in!!! You're having 20 guests for Thanksgiving dinnernoway , are you the only one cooking? I would be totally crazy, actually I would just get it cateredblushing , I would be so afraid I wouldn't have enough for everyone or what I made would be less than ediblelaugh . The dreaded least you've not gained! It will come off, change up a few things! Hope you enjoy the production of Guys and Dolls, and hope hubby does too!

Lilasmile I'll be interested in hearing how the cleanse is going, I've never done one before. I knew a lady who would do a lemon juice and cayenne pepper cleansenoway , she swore by itnoway noway noway !!! Hope you don't get too tired, how long are you supposed to do it? I'm reading "The Inn at Rose Harbor" by Debbie MaComber, my granddaughter picked it out for me, it's okay, a little hard to follow though, there are 3 stories going on all at once so each chapter keeps going back and forth, I get confusedlaugh . I have the book Barbie recommended "A Complaint Free World" , book a friend gave me "To Heaven and Back", not sure who it's by, and a book by Sarah Addison Allen, she's a NC author, can't remember the title right off hand now...and I probably have a few more in my bookcase. Since I've been getting in more walking I'm about too tired at night to read anymorelaugh , the dog doesn't appreciate it when I drop the book and startle herlaugh .

Amandasmile sending you and your dad hugs!!!

Carolynsmile My back was bothering me this morning too, I finally figured out it was because I had carried heavy things up stairs yesterday!!! The dog wasn't pleased I wasn't walking as fast as usual this morning eitherangry ! Can't wait to hear about the kettlebells!!! Wings or a broomsticklaugh , I see you chose wings this morning, I did too, however I keep the broomstick close bylaugh !

Nancysmile Yes, it is a fantastic Friday!!!! Hope you enjoyed your breakfast! Your students must love you....teaching them how to make Medieval weaponslaugh !

Megsmile Hope you're feeling back to your perky self soon!!!

Jbsmile Yes, the F's have it!!! Congrats on 1.5 lb. gone!!! Pretty soon your ticker will say 70!!!!

Laura80111smile We left a nice big tip yesterday, the server told us we were a pleasure to serve and please come back soon, big tips make people nice!!!! I would love a coffee cup heater, where did you find it? I'm with you, would rather be cold than have those 38 pounds back on menoway !!!! Keeping my fingers crossed hubby's interview goes well!! Good for you keeping up the shred even though you don't like it!!! 88 years old...what a great role model!!!

Cherylsmile At least it was a loss!!! I think I would re-weigh tomorrow too, and no I don't think it's cheating!!!

Okay, all the time I have for now. Will try to get back and finish later this evening!!!

November 16, 2012 1:30 PM
Busy busy busy but I wanted to tell you that I am still here and say hi! Did I mention that I am busy?? Mary
November 16, 2012 1:40 PM
TGIFbigsmile bigsmile bigsmile bigsmile

I am thankful for my new MFP familyflowerforyou

I haven't had a lot of time to post lately, but I do peek in and read every day happy

I really believe this site and my determination are key to my success this time.

The end is in site, for my house to be ready to sell that is bigsmile

Fireplace/chimney cleaned.
Whole house water filter installed.
Windows repaired.
Shower door repaired
Furnace maintenance done.
Landscaping all finished last Tuesday, then it snowed 9" the day afternoway , that is all melted now.

I had painters paint 2 walls in my foyer this Monday. No way I was reaching up 20+ feet. I finished the rest yesterday.
Upstairs is all painted, now working on downstairs this weekend and next.

Gutters cleaned.

Monday someone will be cleaning the window in that 20+ft foyer.
Wednesday basement crack will be repaired.

I still need to contact an electrician to work on an outlet.

Almost thereyawn

Had my son come home from Boston yesterday for less than 24 hrs. he had one day off from work and took the bus home. It was mainly to pick up his new iphone that was delivered to the house, but I got to see himbigsmile . We also went and closed his local bank account and our joint account. He is for the most part financially on his own now. He is still covered by my health insurance and on my cell phone plan, but pays for everything else on his own. He put his name in to work Thanksgiving and Christmas, extra money for him, but that means he won't be home for the holidays.cry

My youngest will be home from school next week. When she is here its like a tornado hitslaugh

It seems all my fur babies are sick this week.noway
My 10yr old lab is back on antihistamines, skin itches, but at least her ears are okay this time.
14yr old cat's ulcers on her eyes have healed, but still not producing tears, so ointment twice a day for life. Plus now she's being treated for high blood pressure.
Just got the call this morning that my 33 yr old horse is not putting weight on her foot, had arthritis that probably has flared up.
Modern medicine ensures our pets live longer but the billsnoway sad

Need to post this before I lose ittongue

Sorry if I didn't respond to anyone, but I do read it all, just have a few other things going on at the same time here at work.

Have a great Friday evening!

November 16, 2012 2:26 PM
What an emotional week! Thursday my dog Charlie, a 13 year old Staffie Labrador cross wasn't well. He was trembling & walking like he was drunk with his back end just giving out. The vet diagnosed a tumor on his liver & a build up of toxins in his blood was affecting his nerves. Fortunately blood tests showed it wasn't cancerous so a course of steroids & anti-biotics with a chicken & rice diet. He normally sleeps in his bed on the upstairs landing but we couldn't risk him falling downstairs so DH & I took turns in sleeping downstairs with him. He was so sick on Monday morning, I was expecting a one way trip to the vet but by Monday afternoon you would not have known anything was wrong with him. It was like a switch was turned on. He's not completely well but I still have my boy who has given us so much since we picked him up from the rescue centre as a pup.

So I've had some days not eating at all & others just dry toast & fruit. I'm back on an even keel now & looking forward to catching up with everyone's news.

Have a fabulous week lovely ladies.

November 16, 2012 3:10 PM
Good Friday evening you wonderful November nymphs! ( only N word I could find for woman???)
Have been slammed with too much marking, too little I will check in tomorrow and catch up on all
your posts....
November 16, 2012 3:44 PM
Good evening beautiful ladiesflowerforyou

I'll see if I can finish my post nowhappy !

Msmile I hope you have a wonderful trip and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Cocktails after zumba sounds like a good plan to me!!!

Janehadjismile Lunch a favorite occupationlaugh , I love it!!! 20 year old young man in Miami with some money, I bet he has a good time!!! At least he does call you everyday!!! I'm like you I'm a worrier too!

Glendasmile Yes, loosing that 2.3 lbs was quite a surprise to me, and it stayed least so farbigsmile !!! I thought maybe I should eat out more often, then I thought again and decided it really wasn't a good ideanoway laugh .

JaneMartinsmile That's a lot of spaghetti, salad, bread and meatballslove ...YUM!!!! Hope your fundraiser is very successful!!!

Robinsmile I hope "someday" will come soonflowerforyou !

Calmrosesmile You're doing very good with your goals!!!!

Marysmile Hope things get less busy for you!!! I know that feeling wellgrumble !

Lynnsmile Yay!!! I know you've been working on your house for awhile now, it's all coming together!!! I know it'll be sad that your son is working over the holidayssad , however he's being responsible now...that's a good thing! Lol at your daughter stirring up a tornadolaugh , my mom used to say the same thing about meblushing , now I just blame it on the invisible trolls that come out after I've gone to bed and mess up my spacelaugh ! Hope all your fur babies feel better soonflowerforyou !!!

Gerismile I'm so glad your fur baby Charlie is doing better. Same thing happened to my friends dog, she's 13 too, he said he never dreamed he would bring her home from the vet....they gave her the same treatment and she's doing great now, that's been about 2 months ago!

Bjmcqsmile Hope you have a wonderful night!!!

It's been a good day today! I got some more Christmas presents bought, got all my wrapping paper bought, bought a few new bras, just couldn't stand wearing the "too big" ones anymoregrumble ! Noel and I got a long walk in this afternoon, it wasn't so cold I was freezing, however my face was really cold when we got in. Tonight is an easy night, I'm having leftover steak on top of a salad, Brie cheese and a glass of wine! At least I don't have to cookbigsmile !!! Think I'll put some laundry in and get that over with, and then relax, maybe read some more in my bookhappy !!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday night!!!

November 16, 2012 4:39 PM
I lost contact with our thread and hope I'm back on-board. Things are going well diet wise and I notice my tummy getting soft. Yay! But I'm wondering if the skin is going to shrink to fit my new, healthier body. I met a woman a few years ago who had lost lots of weight, and she had a tummy tuck to eliminate excess skin. My tummy shrank fine after both pregnancies, but I'm wondering if I should start saving up so I can also get a tummy tuck when I've lost all the excess baggage. Does anybody have words of wisdom on this matter?

We're traveling for the holidays and I"m supposed to be getting things done, but my husband is napping and I'm taking time to visit my online friends. I will not have reliable internet for weeks, but I'll do my best to check in when possible. I'll be looking for the answer to my question, if any of you know.
November 16, 2012 6:18 PM

flowerforyou I went for my mammogram today and when I was seated with the woman at the desk giving my information and signing papers I got to thinking about all of you who work at desks or computers and don’t have time many opportunities during your work day for exercise…….then I noticed that the woman I was talking to got up from her chair and walked to the printer to get each piece of paper while the woman seated to her left rolled over to the printer in her chair…there are ways to get a bit more exercise even at a sedentary job.

bigsmile They are so nice at the mammogram place…I’ll get results in the mail next week….they are usually fast with them.

heart Barbie from NW Washington

Resolutions for November (with middle of the month comments)
*yoga once a week (no yoga so far this month)
*weight training three days a week (five sessions in two weeks)
*recumbent bike 60 minutes a day (60 minutes or more almost every day)
*say “OK”---be agreeable (most of the time)
*stay in the moment (only a few lapses)
*Be Barbie (great)

Barbie - I am one of those "desk jockeys" I used to whine about filing anything in the bottom drawer of the filing I use it as an opportunity to do a really deep squat!! We don't have stairs like Amanda does but I try to get up and move around as much as I can...sedentary jobs are definitely challenging when what you really want is more exercise!
November 16, 2012 6:43 PM
Great job to everyone's successes! Tomorrow I am going on a shopping trip to downtown Chicago with three of my sisters. My work sponsors the trip on a nice coach bus. I really am looking forward to a fun day, lots of steps on my fitbit.
Keep coming back,
November 16, 2012 7:51 PM
Fabulous Friday night….sounds like most of us had a good day. For those of you asking, I am on day 2 of a 3 day cleanse. It’s not hard to do, I feel full enough but man! I want to chew something! huh The cleanse is three different smoothies for breakfast lunch and dinner for three days. Mix of fruits and vegetables in each one and the flavor is fine (even the celery which I detest is hidden). Nothing unusual in the smoothies, just a mix of carbs, protein and fats in each. You are supposed to have a 4th one (your choice) in the afternoon for a snack but there is no way I could get another one in; sick my blender holds 6 cups and each meal fills it. The colours are a little offputting though, dark reddish (raspberries and spinach) in the morning, neon green at lunch and deep blue purple for dinner (blueberries and kale). I do notice that I am tired and yawning at night though. yawn It doesn’t seem to have done much to move my digestive tract though (I thought it would be more).

Micki – yes, I’m standing in front of the fireplace warming my buns a lot lately. blushing Maybe it’s a way of telling our bodies to get moving to keep warm.

Amanda – look at it this way – by the time your Dad is convinced he’s OK, he will have had every test that will verify that.

Carolyn, yes the cleanse is posted on the Oz website but I think it might be a ways down on the page now (it was a few days ago).

Kathy – you are REALLY ROCKING IT!!! flowerforyou flowerforyou flowerforyou 30# is great, good for you.

Nancy – I don’t know if it’s the cleanse speaking or what – but I might kill for a Timmy’s breakfast sandwich about now. explode And I don’t remember the last time I had one; maybe driving across Canada 3 years ago. The catapult class sounds like fun, bring on the boiling oil cauldrons. You sound like a really good teacher.heart

Meg – glad to hear you are kicking that bug. Antibiotics mess up my stomach too.

JB – love the Friday Frase (sp) – lol. Excuse the phonetic spelling but it’s the only way I could get a F – I’m not as good as you at this alliteration thing. laugh You’ve got me excited too – I can hardly wait to see your ticker kick over to 70.

Laura – I don’t know if the cleanse works yet, I haven’t noticed any change in my digestive system yet. I’ll let you know Sunday when it’s over. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for your DH’s interview. With an HR background, he should ace it!

M – oh my goodness, you win the scout badge for longest, most individualized post ev-er! flowerforyou Maybe the repackaging is why I keep picking up books and then realize a few pages in that I’ve read it. I don’t mind if it’s a library book, but it’s really annoying when I’ve paid good money for it.

JaneH – better you don’t know the details of a 20 year old in Miami – lol. noway Seriously, he’ll be fine, just remember how grown up you were at 20 (oops, was that not a good thing to say?)

Lynn – sounds like you had a very very busy week. Hope the fur family gets well soon, although I guess the cat is going to have chronic conditions for you to stay on top of. Hmmm, sounds like the animals have aging problems just like us.

Geri - hope your weekend gives you a chance to recharge after the emotional week. And Charlie must have very loving people to sleep with him and make sure he was okay all night. Poor little guy – well Staffie/Lab, maybe not so little.

DeeDee – new bras, mmmm, one of my favourite things. heart I’ve got to get out there and do some Xmas shopping tomorrow too. Sounds like you had a busy day and got lots done.

MaryC – Have fun shopping downtown Chicago, great that your work does that for you. Things like that are fun and make you feel appreciated.

Well all, time for me to go have the second glass of the dinner smoothie. sick Then I’m going to watch a couple of shows on TV and crawl into bed to read. Tomorrow is a new day and I think I’ll take a page out of DeeDee’s book and do some Christmas shopping.

Night to all the great supportive ladies out there, so glad you are!

November 16, 2012 8:33 PM
Another hectic day. This morning (around 5:30) I listened to the voice mail from the dentist reminding me of my appt (to get the stitches out) at 10:15! What???? It was for 11:15. So....I go to the Y early, swim some laps then take 1/2 of the deep water class, (before this I did a little food shopping), then stopped at WalMart, bought gas, went to the dentist where they tell me that they made a mistake, it was really for 11:15 but they'll try to squeeze me in. So I get to sit in the waiting room for about 15 minutes. Came home, brought in the groceries, tried to test Lance's blood sugar levels but I think he might have still been a little freaked out by Clyde coming in. (Clyde wants to be friends with everyone, and Lance is just not used to it), then went and volunteered at the Green Room. I'm getting that down. Took some chocolate muffins to Lynette and a piece of cinnamon swirl cake for Ken. Now home to have some dinner and then off to mahjongg.

Wanda - congrats on the great NSV

barbie - I'm sure the results of your mammo will be fine, it's just nice to keep abreast. That's interesting how you nocticed someone getting up to walk to her printer. Now that I think of it, the place I go for my mammo, the people have a printer right next to them, they don't even have to roll their chairs!

Laura - I need to start baking for the Thanksgiving. But I'm only planning to mage magic cookie bars (a friend of Jess's will be there with her 4 year old and they are sweet), brownies (really, more for me, but also Vince likes them <little does he know how heatlthy they are>, an apple spice angel food cake, oatmeal raisin cookies (again, for me but also I'll make a large batch so we can have them for Christmas) and a sweet potato casserole. That's IT. Congrats on going to level 2 of the 30DS. I can't do a pushup on my toes, need to do them on my knees. I'm always afraid that I'll be out of alignment if I'm on my toes

Lizzie - sounds like the tea was fabulous. Prayers for your hubby

Rose - you're doing wonderful! One day at a time and you'll be there in no time at all.

DeeDee - rummy-Q is a tile game, you need to always have three tiles put down. The object is to get rid of all your tiles. It's interesting, but I'm no where good enough to just see things that I can do, but I'm getting there.Jessica's cats don't really travel well, but what choice did she have? I'm like you, I hate getting in crowds and the parking! I like to get my shopping done. I try to do some all during the year, then I don't have that much to do in Dec. I can just get the things online that I need to get.

Andrea and everyone else new - welcome!

Micki - I'm finding that I'm more sensitive to the cold. Good luck on your Thanksgivings, sounds great!

Carolyn - hope you feel better fast

Kathy - congrats! You never know what influence you're having, and it may not show up for quite a few years to come. But you are having a positive influence. Hope your hand is better, let us know what the results are.

Nancy - you are such a wonderful teacher!

jb - yippee for you!

Laura - hoping for the best for your hubby, too. Today at the Green room there was this lady buying tickets, she told us she was 74. Honestly, you'd NEVER know it to look at her

Cheryl - a loss is a loss. Some weeks it's a big loss, some week it's not. But as long as it's a loss, that's what counts

M- lately I've gotten to where I like the Breakstone's lower sodium cottage cheese. The only problem I found with cottage cheese is the sodium content, but now that there's a lower sodium cottage cheese.....

janehadj - one time Bryan asked me "ma, when are you gonna stop worrying?" I answer him "get used to it because when I die I'm coming back from the grave to worry about you".

You know, the last time we watched Jessica's cats, I had a problem giving the insulin to Lance, he would hiss. So Vince gave it to him. Now this time the minute Vince steps behind Lance, Lance bolts. Tonight I had to put a towel over his head while Vince gave him the insulin. I hope it isn't this way all the time. I did notice that the water dish is really going down so I do think he's back to being diabetic. Poor kitty!

Everyone who is traveling for the holidays, safe travels!

Played mahjongg tonight (maj'd twice!), then did a little food shopping, just to get the things on sale. Duncan Hines cake mix for 99 cents (even the angel food)! Four grapefruit at 50 cents each, can't pass that up. Since I was right by the store at mahjongg, I stopped in there.

Hope everyone has a great evening.

November 17, 2012 6:14 AM
Well, I was going to be extra good yesterday, do my shredI and eat salmon again in order to see what I deemed would be my real loss this morning however . . .

I realized that my 11 year old is on a boy scout camping trip, and my 12 year old was at a school Friday night out from 7 to 9, so that gave me two hours alone with my 17 year old. I took her out to dinner. I had the brisket and about 5 bites of the HUGE brownie a la mode she ordered., But what really turned up the calories was the two mai tais I decided to indulge in. (Hey, I had a designated driver happy )

Went to bed with a very full belly but re-weighed today anyway - 162.6 - now that is prettier than the 163 I saw yesterday. I'm going to have to work harder to catch up with DMom and to hit my 159.8 on December 1.

DeeDee - that was a great loss 2.3 pounds. I want one of those.

I couldn't thred and won't be able to for at least 10 days. I had a cortisone shot in my thumb for my pain and now my entire hand hurts instead of just my thumb. Doctor said not to put any stress on it for 10 days so push ups and dumb bell rolls are out of the question. I am going to keep doing the ab parts and any cardio I can.

Lunch with adult female friends - I've forgotten what that's like. My three closest friends moved to other states. The best I can do is horseback rides with the ladies - but it's not the same as good friends. In fact, each of my horse riding "buddies" tend to talk about each other when one isn't on the ride.

Speaking of riding, beware, more horse pictures may be coming as it's supposed to be above 50 this entire weekend.
November 17, 2012 6:35 AM
Happy Saturday!! flowerforyou quick post...busy day ahead...thanksgiving challenge...goal is within sight..69.5 miles biked, 12k rowed and 3 miles walked...when I converted the km to miles my total to date is 79.5...I have 5 days left so I think I can get it done although I don't usually workout 5 days in a row but a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do! laugh

I am making jb's kale soup today...will be doing myown tweak to it....I really, really want to like beans...nope not getting past these will let you know how mine comes out

Have a great day ladies and keep smiling the fresh air is good for your teethwink
November 17, 2012 6:41 AM
Hi everyone. I've been off and on tracking using this site since I got my shiney new smartphone a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I've been more off than on. Since 2008, I had lost about 80 pounds, then between August and October, I gained about 15 of them back. I've been having a difficult time trying to lose the 15 again. I had a physical in August and before I gained back the weight, everything checked out, and actually my chol., HDL, LDL, Triglicerydes etc were all in the OPTIMUM range. I don't think the weight gain is health related at all. It's just choce related.

Anyway, is anyone else (women 50+) caring for aging parents? Just curious.
November 17, 2012 6:49 AM

Hi everyone. I've been off and on tracking using this site since I got my shiney new smartphone a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I've been more off than on. Since 2008, I had lost about 80 pounds, then between August and October, I gained about 15 of them back. I've been having a difficult time trying to lose the 15 again. I had a physical in August and before I gained back the weight, everything checked out, and actually my chol., HDL, LDL, Triglicerydes etc were all in the OPTIMUM range. I don't think the weight gain is health related at all. It's just choce related.

Anyway, is anyone else (women 50+) caring for aging parents? Just curious.

My parents are both gone, now and have been for a long time, but I remember it well. We lost my dad when my kids were in grade school and middle school. He and mom managed together on their won until the very end. When mom was in decline, medical decisions and care decisions landed in my lap. It wasn't easy. We moved her to an assisted living facility about a mile from our house, and I went by to see her daily. She ultimately died from server emphysema. We didn't have the ability to care for her at our house. It was emotionally difficult, but very rewarding. That was the best few months I'd had with her in many years.
November 17, 2012 7:04 AM

Just a quick note to let you know this scoundrel is currently enrolling in the School of Sensible Saturdays since Festive Friday took its toll. No need for sheer sorrow, though. The scale showed a string of successes this week! First thing on the agenda at SSS is a strenuous stomp 'round the track.

Be well, have fun, eat good stuff!

smile jb
November 17, 2012 8:14 AM
Off to the mountains today to check out a facility where I will be cooking for a wedding in February. It might be a shipwreck of a day eating wise - a menu tasting at noon, and dinner at a friend's house who loves rich sauces on everything!!! But the mountain vistaas are always good for the soul.

Eavie - yes, many of us are caring for aging parents (scroll up page four and see my previous postwink ) and in many ways it is sometimes harder than raising kids! It is one more thing that we cn find support for here.

Katla49 - It looks like you are trying to lose 65 pounds and my thought on that is that you would probably not need tummy tuck surgery for that. I lost 70 pounds earlier and felt that if more was to go, I might need to look at it, but didn't feel the need at that stage. I suppose it would also depend where you carry the weight. That is my two cents worth anyway. A friend who lost over double my loss had some surgery afterwards, but sadly she has gained it all back nowfrown We are NOT going to let that happen!! Good luck with your continued progresshappy

jb - your alliterations make me laugh (with more time, maybe I could alliterate that!laugh )

Have a good day all

November 17, 2012 9:14 AM
Oooo a site, THANKS !! I will check it out !!


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