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November 14, 2012 11:48 AM
Okay. I 'm back after a couple of weeks of busy, full days - grandchildren for a week, conference in the Rockies and a flight to Ottawa for mom's 80th birthday, with a bonus of son/daughter-in-law/grandkids it is time to get back at it and find some routine! Oh wait, it is the beginning of the Christmas season!! Might not happen.....
November 14, 2012 12:19 PM
Hi Lovely ladies,
Just a quick note. I have had 2 physical therapy sessions now and hand.wrist and arm feeling somewhat This blog is getting so BIG these days! I will try to catch up on all the posts, find this takes a lot of seat time.laugh
I wish I could get the blog on the I phone,but I just get the diary and home page, for this I am thankful.drinker

Going to the gym today, or walk at the track while DD#1, has soccer practice. Walking is hard on knee,so I like to stick with recumbent bike and elliptical!wink wink flowerforyou
Hope everyone is having a nutritious and loving day! Hugs, Linda aka Sundanceheart

P.S- thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!
November 14, 2012 1:43 PM

Okay. I 'm back after a couple of weeks of busy, full days - grandchildren for a week, conference in the Rockies and a flight to Ottawa for mom's 80th birthday, with a bonus of son/daughter-in-law/grandkids it is time to get back at it and find some routine! Oh wait, it is the beginning of the Christmas season!! Might not happen.....

Your last couple of weeks sound so much more fun than what I've been doing at work. Glad you had a good time.flowerforyou
November 14, 2012 1:43 PM

Hi Lovely ladies,
Just a quick note. I have had 2 physical therapy sessions now and hand.wrist and arm feeling somewhat This blog is getting so BIG these days! I will try to catch up on all the posts, find this takes a lot of seat time.laugh
I wish I could get the blog on the I phone,but I just get the diary and home page, for this I am thankful.drinker

Going to the gym today, or walk at the track while DD#1, has soccer practice. Walking is hard on knee,so I like to stick with recumbent bike and elliptical!wink wink flowerforyou
Hope everyone is having a nutritious and loving day! Hugs, Linda aka Sundanceheart

P.S- thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!

So glad to read that the PT is working for youflowerforyou
November 14, 2012 5:33 PM
It hurts me to type so I've been avoiding it. I just ate 3 chocolate chip cookies. I'm still under my calories but hate that I was weak. Haven't had time to do the 30 day shred.

I'm editing this - I just did the 30 day shred on a full belly. I did a very fast 40 minute walk at lunch today so I was going to skip the shred. So happy I did it. Can't let the husband get ahead of me!!happy
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November 14, 2012 6:33 PM
bigsmile drinker flowerforyou good evening to all my wonderful friends....Jake fixed lunch today (chicken breast on the George Forman grill and vegetarian baked beans topped with salsa)heart drinker drinker drinker I am extra thirsty this evening from the sodiumlaugh

bigsmile we finally made plans for Thanksgiving and they don't include having me cook bigsmile bigsmile bigsmile yippee

bigsmile thanks to all your gentle nudging and inspiration, I have my mammogram scheduled for tomorrow afternoon

heart Barbie from NW Washington
November 14, 2012 7:52 PM
Hello all -60 days of tracking on MFP! Time has passed so quickly. I am so grateful I found MFP And especially this great group of strong beautiful women. I would not have lost 8 lbs or tried new exercise plan or felt so successful. I had spent the past 12 months losing and gaining the same 5 pounds. One thing that is working for me now is eating more slowly. I eat a cheese sandwich and a pices of fruit every day for lunch at work. I cut the sandwich into 8 pieces and the fruit into slices. It takes me longer to eat that way so I am full by the time I finish eating, about 20 minutes. I do the same when eating something like a Fiber One bar, I cut it into 8 pices. If I dont't cut it up, I can eat it in 3-4 bites and it will be gone before I notice what it tastes like. I hope this may be helpful to someone struggling.
Keep coming back
November 14, 2012 10:17 PM
Hi all - hope Wednesday was kind to you. Read all the posts but am on the iPad so will have to wing it instead of using the trusty Word and the old memory isn't what it used to be.

M - reading Lets Not Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller; memoir of a childhood in Zimbabwe during the uprisings and expulsion of the whites. Didn't think I would like it but I'm finding it fascinating. I think I'll go back to mostly meatless. When my girls were home we ate vegetarian as both have been vegetarian since 10 years old. Me, I can take it or leave it but I know if I had to do my own butchering I'd be unable to (and I grew up in a farming family). How did your Malaysian meal turn out. About the only thing I've tried is Sambal Olek and I'm not sure about that spelling either.

Meg - hope you don't need another round of antibiotics. Your posts sound more like you now.

Linda - glad to hear the hand is responding to the PT. Love the ticker photo.

Barbie - good for you for going for the mammo - hope its not too uncomfortable.

Nancy - you rock those shorts girl!!! And thanks for all the winter inspirations. I like the sound of your new school outfit today.

Glenda - sounds like you had a great time.

Kate - sorry to hear you're under the weather and hope it passes quickly.

JB - weirdly wonderful words

Laura - I like the shiitake too, but prefer the thin ones to the fatter ones. Have fun with the program switchover - hope it goes smoothly.

Lin - it sounds like the C Difficile is going to be a challenge. Your poor dad, not being touched skin to skin must be hard to understand. I hope that's not a permanent routine but I guess the threat of transmitting to other patients is a high risk. Hang in there. Your dad is so fortunate to have you.

Anyway, I'm off to finish this book tonight (kind of a short read). Have a good evening and morning ladies.
November 14, 2012 11:44 PM
Hi Ladies,

I am wondering why my home page is not updating the little saying that -"Linda completed her diary for today and she is under her calorie goal."? Seems like this has been happening for the last few daysgrumble ?

Went to the gym at 8:30 pm and it is now 1145 pm, so I need to shower and go to bed. Another busy day with girls school , orthodontist,dermatologist apts and some shopping! I got my "ME" time in by going to the gym! Wipeee!drinker drinker

Until tomorrow, Sweet dreams friends. May you have a nutritious Thursday! flowerforyou flowerforyou
Hugs, Lindaheart
November 15, 2012 3:40 AM
Hello Ladies,

Yesterday at work wme home and was extremely hard so bother me I just came home and cried. I will spare you all the details I woke up this morning just dreading going in. Yet i know rarely are there 2 bad days in a row there. I just am upaet at me a bit normally I can spin it around and get a positive outlook and i know that what it takes but DH and i are planning on looking at budget to see if i can go extremely part time or quit. at my company no in betweens either very parttime or full time. Ohwell enough of this

@Linda glad to hear your hand is doing better
@Lin sorry for your Dad and sorry for you hang in there.
@Meg hope no more meds will be needed
@Lila sounds like an interesting read

Well I need to go get ready for work. Wishing everyone a good day.

November 15, 2012 4:08 AM
Hello my lovelies

My nose is to the grindstone at present (good job it's not running!) I am trying to fit my Latin translation in when I get home, but it's making for some very late nights - which I could really do without at present (incidentally, it's 90% Latin to English, although I do get requests sometimes for English to Latin). DH is so busy with his book writing and we are almost competing to see who has the longest work day!

My dad was crying again today on the phone. He is convinced that he has cancer and will not be optimistic about anything. It makes me pull my hair out sometimes.

The next thing I'm about to say is really and truly horrible and I can't believe I'm going to type it - but I need to put it out there.... Last night we were driving back from visiting my father and making arrangements to visit MIL in the nursing home after work today and my DH came out with something that shocked me. He said "Our life will be so much easier when your dad and my mum are no longer around". I was shocked, yes - but the truth is, I understood what he meant and, just for a fleeting moment agreed with him - in an unspoken way.

Now I just feel guilty for those thoughts of course.

On that horrid note, I am going to press on with some work.

Love to you all - from a nasty-thought-Amanda x
November 15, 2012 4:23 AM
Good beautiful morning beautiful ladiesflowerforyou

I have very little time this morninggrumble , but wanted to check in!

Barbiesmile Yay for you going to get your mammogram!!!

Lizsmile Hope you get to retire from your job!!!!! Sounds like you had a really BAD day...sending you hugsflowerforyou !!!!

Amandasmile I, too understand what your hubby said, not pleasant thoughts, but they happen. My mom was in the hospital 6 weeks before she passed away, I was there everyday from 9am to 6pm, all the while trying to help my daughter and the wedding planner finish up the details on daughters wedding, I felt like a walking zombie! I miss my mom everyday and wish I had more weeks to spend with her, but I had those thoughts as well. You`re not aloneflowerforyou !

Must run now...will be back later to reply to more!! Drink yor waterdrinker drinker drinker and log your food!!!!

November 15, 2012 4:45 AM
Morning to everyone!

Hope today is whatever you make it to be.....

I bought a kettlebell yesterday at the Sporting Goods store and will try to learn correct technique before using it. Got some great advice from an MFP friend so I hope to boost my metabolism. I have been in a plateau for about three weeks....

Yesterday I paid the vet bill for the kitten I rescued and found a home for. I miss him but know that he is well cared for. As my DH said, "You know another one will wander to our back door"...LOL

Kathy- LOVE the skinnytaste recipes!!! Don't know what I did before I discovered that website!
jb- Thanks for posting the soup recipe. I will try it this weekend. Thanks for your cute Wednesday words of Wisdom!
Laura- Hope you get your desk cleared!!! I just push all the piles to the side! LOL!
DeeDee- Hope you enjoyed spending time with your dear girlfriend...Priceless memories....
Meg- Girl I hope you get on the road to recovery soon....You have been through the ringer...
Lin- What a kind gesture bringing goodies for the staff caring for your Dad. Sorry about the C diff.
Linda- Yay for PT!! Yay that it is helping!!! Glad you are feeling better!
Wessecg- Oh the chocolate chip cookies...Girl I feel your pain. My downfall is cookies. BUT- You still got in a workout! Good for you!!
Lila- Hope you enjoy your quiet time reading your book. Not enough time in the day to do that but getting lost in a book is a great place to be!
Liz- Hang in there with work. I hope today is better and things fall into place soon. I hate workplace drama....
Amanda- I am so impressed with your Latin translations!! Very cool! Hope you don't hold onto the guilt about what DH said. I know it is a challenging time but you guys will cope and manage the best you are able. It is very stressful but I know you will savor every moment and make new memories....
Tigress- Hope you are feeling better. Germs, germs, GERMS!!! Rest your body and know we are thinking of you!!!

I know I missed a lot of people, our group is enormous!!! Thinking of you all. Thanks for being here. The caring and support of this group is tremendous!

Take care,
November 15, 2012 4:49 AM
to all the over 50 women you all look good keep up the good work!
November 15, 2012 5:59 AM
Linda you wrote:


I am wondering why my home page is not updating the little saying that -"Linda completed her diary for today and she is under her calorie goal."? Seems like this has been happening for the last few daysgrumble ?

If you have not changed your settings that is a puzzle isn't it. That happened to one of my friends here on MFP for a few days and then magically it started to post again. She submitted her diary several times at the end of the day until she saw the message pop up on her newsfeed. I don't know if that helps. If you could type more I'd suggest contacting the technical people here and ask about it.

And I hope you will be back to full typing speed again soon. Meanwhile, congrats on going to the gym and all the activity that you are doing.


Image not displayed
November 15, 2012 6:03 AM
Hello all,

Circuit workout last night was great, we did some new moves with medicine balls and bosu balls. explode Hip-hopping about.

My students were very lethargic yesterday yawn I think four days off was long enough to get into holiday mood and not long enough to want to get back into the routine! I got them to go for a run around the school to wake them up. Today we start with a PE class, I am going to think of a game that keeps them moving so we can all be full of oxygen and energy when classes begin.

JB, could we do a T for Thursday list? ohwell Hmm:

Tenacious = focus on the long term goals.
Terrific = because we are!

Laura – a new accounting program?? Poor you.

Lin, there is nothing, I repeat, nothing worse than the feeling when one sees “the blue screen of death”. sad So glad you recovered your computer. Though the news is not great, it does sound like your Dad is settling down a bit. I hope you are remembering to take care of yourself, too.

Glenda, you will be on track with your routine, even during the Christmas season. I know it.

Linida/Sundance, congratulations on making the gym, elliptical & recumbent bike, so much a part of your life these days. drinker Every you post you are on your way to the workout or just coming home from one, or planning the next one.

Wessecg – No, you must not let the husband get more Jillian hours than you do. noway Show those chocolate chip cookies who’s boss!

Liz, I’m sorry to hear you had a bad day. flowerforyou I do hope today is better and you can get your positive spin back.

Amanda, facts is facts, and it doesn’t hurt to face them, it’s the way you face them that counts. You and your DH are giving your parents all the love and care you can and accepting all the stress and time it costs, heart that’s not nasty at all.

Carolyn, I use kettle bells at the gym & it’s great fun. You will find lots of way to use it. Utube probably has lots of instructional videos.

Curling tonight for fun, yeah!

My green smoothie is calling me to the kitchen for breakfast…

Hasta pronto,


November Goals:

Continue New Rules of Lifting – 3x week
No second helpings, no evening snacks
Keep up the exercise & good eating routine when we go away for our November break.
Add meditative prayer to my daily routine
November 15, 2012 6:27 AM
Nope Mazaron - hubby is NOT going to get ahead of me (I just need to keep repeating it).

Since tomorrow is weigh in and I always fret, I woke up this morning an did a mile on the treadmill. I will walk at lunch again, and do Jill tonight, and eat Salmon. Then I will cross all my fingers and toes. I haven't been awful this week, and my counts look good, but my clothes are fitting any differently and I did have a tirimisu and 3 chocolate chip cookies. However, I also got through the after Halloween weeks with little damage smile

Sundance - you sure sound like you're working hard.

Exermom - cross everything for me for tomorrow - it worked last week.

I am a little disappointed because my first real goal was to be in the 150's (159.9) for the annual Christmas party. I was close to 190 last year and wanted to surprise the girls. Usually the party is around Dec 6th - 8th, but this year the first weekend in December is December 1st. That's one less week for me to get there. sad
November 15, 2012 7:28 AM
Boy, yesterday was a really crazy day. Started out by doing an hour of hula hoop on the Wii. Then we had the Newcomer general meeting. Come home, make some tea and off to senior bowling. After bowling (it just toakes SOOO long, some of the people are SOOO slow) had to go to a food store to pick up a fruit try and Vince needed milk. Came home, made dinner, put the fruit into a serving dish, off to play rummy-Q (and took the fruit with me), home in time to give Loki his med and then to bed. Today we're going to pick up Jessica's cats. See, she's going to TN for a friend's birthday (he just lost his father) and she doesn't trust her roommates not to close the house door, so we'll take care of them. Then when we go back up there for Thanksgiving we'll bring them back. Also, one of her cats is diabetic, she knows that we'll be diligent about giving him the insulin, she doesn't feel that her roommates would. They left the door to the house open one time and one of her cats got out -- the diabetic one. She was combing her neighborhood for the cat. Fortunately, she found it in time to give it the insulin, but she isn't so sure that her housemates would really comb the neighborhood for the cat if needed. So today's menu will be off the charts. By that I mean that there probably won't be a defined lunch or dinner. I am taking snacks in the car with me, I'm taking 2 half-turkey sandwiches with me, carrots, some V8, soy milk, dried veges, dried fruit and water.

At rummy-O just had salad and then fruit. One lady who is having bunco at her house tonight (I won't go because I have no idea what time I'll get back) was telling me about this apple cake she'd made and also brownies. It's weird, but I just felt like that really didn't interest me at all. Have to make the desserts for Thanksgiving and also for Christmas. You know, I'm going to cut down on how much, mainly because I really have very little desire for them. That's weird for me, but good weird.

Did 1-1/4 Jari Love DVD today. Tomorrow, water aerobics

Nancy - welcome

barbie - I was sad to see Gilles didn't make it to the semi-finals of DWTS. To me, his merengue would have been great.

I'm also taking a copy of Time magazine to read in the car along with the rest of the coasters, hope I can get to work on them.

Amanda - you're a wonderful daughter to talk your dad down so much. You're not a horrible daughter, at times when I was taking care of my father and then seeing MIL in the nursing home, I thought the same thing, too. It's natural.

DeeDee - you know, I don't know that I'd say that Pat is "mean", I think she just wants to have things her way and no other. Some people just can't compromise, I think she's one of those. On another note, have you ever gone to Jason's Deli? There's one real cose to the furniture mart, would you like to have lunch there? Check out their website if you can. They do have healthy food and almost all of their items have the nutritionals on their website. Don't remember if it's listed on their menu, but I do remember sitting one time and checking their website on my phone. Maybe you want to come up after the holidays, when things slow down some. Your tree sounds like it's going to be just beautiful! Yes, Thanksgiving is next week -- and you know what that means, Christmas isn't far behind (but I am). Have a great lunch!

M - you're so right in that we need fats. Fats are needed to metabolize certain vitamins. Just watch the fats and you'll be fine

I don't remember who but I know that there's someone on here who uses the Wii body test every day. When you do it, but do the shortened version, does it still keep track of the days you were on the Wii?

M - I'm in NC which is a pretty temperate climate. That must be why my friend's rosemary grew so big! The one thing I've found with the "fake" meats (for vegetarians) is that the sodium level can be quite high. What sources of food do you use for your protein?

Nancy - hope the new circuit isn't too That sounds like about one of the things that I do on the treadmill, I run for 30 seconds, fast walk for 30 seconds. Sometimes I do my HIIT on the elliptical, sprint for 30 sec. recover for 1-1/2 minute

Laura - I always keep some shirataki noodles in my refrig. Which reminds me that I need to buy more.

Meg - I hope you're feeling back to your old self soon

barbie - glad you're getting your mammo.

Welcome to all the new people. Just now I'm skimming the posts, will give Loki his med and then we're off. I do want to finish page 2 before I leave. Need to go to the bathroom, but I think I'll work on my keigels (I really don't want to go, I'll hold it in)

Well, I'm off. Have a great day everyone. Jessica just called and asked me to bring up a TSA lock for her.

November 15, 2012 7:32 AM
Hello again.

Work has been very busy (when is it not!). Have not been able to keep up with my post but like the accountability it provides when I do. Hope all of you are doing well. I'll go back and read when I get home.

NSV – Finally broke down and bought new clothes because the others were too big. I was not sure what size I needed. I ended up buying a mix of 16 pants and Large and XL shirts! I was wearing 22W and 2XL! Now, one of my main goals for life is too stay out of the Women’s department. Shopping was so much easier with the smaller size (maybe too easy, I spent a lot of money!).

My goals for October were:
-Continue to lose 1 pound a week (fell short one week, but lost 5 for the month)
-Get back on that bike! Exercise at least 4 days a week (Did pretty well here)
-Try to sleep more (not always)
-Continue trying to clean out junk (Nope.)
-Try new healthy recipes (tried at least two)

Looks like I didn’t do well on my October goals and November is almost over!

My goals for November:
-Continue to lose 1 pound a week
-Get back in the groove with the exercise and exercise 4 days a week
-Don’t let the holiday get me off track with my diet and exercise!

We can survive the holidays!

November 15, 2012 7:47 AM
big Thursday smooches to everyone!
November 15, 2012 8:08 AM
Happy Thursday!

Reminding myself to Think! Thrive. Be Thoughtful and Thorough. Be Thin!

Nancy, I like that... be Tenacious about long term goals. And Terrific because we are! bigsmile

I'm working so hard again at paying strict attention to foods and feeding myself properly with only 1250 calories. Not easy. But the scale is moving downwards which is a good sign. Now if I can make it through the weekend without going overboard, maybe I'll be able to lose these few pounds that have come back since August.

M, Yoga is wonderful stuff. wink I was sore yesterday and had to leave early so had a day off from it. Back to it this morning.

Michele, rosemary does grow into quite a large bush if not pruned regularly. I've seen one at the community garden that's approximately 5' x 5', huge! The bees love it in summer when it's flowering. I keep mine pruned to about 2' x 2'. When the long spikes grow in summer, it's great fun to use them for skewers when grilling chunks of chicken breast. Yum!

I hope to do some work in the garden later this morning but not sure if the park will be open since the police are searching for a man presumed drowned after driving his truck into the swift river last night. Thank goodness a couple of fishermen were able to save the girl. Hopefully their 2 dogs made it. cry

I'd best get busy. Wishing you all a wonderful day. flowerforyou

smile jb
November 15, 2012 8:30 AM
flowerforyou Only one day away from Friday.

Cheryl-good for you doing the Shred and no letting the hubby get ahead of you....and it was a good thing getting in the walk after that cookie attackwink

MaryC-glad that you are finding that eating slower helps on the losing. I know that I too have a tendency to eat really fast and before I know it my food is gone and I have missed the pleasure of the tastinggrumble Gotta work on thatblushing

Barbie-hoping your mammogram goes smoothly flowerforyou

Lila-your memory might not be like it used to be but it sure must be better than mine because you managed to remember a lot of least you had your ipod to check in ondrinker

Linda-glad you were able to get your ME time in with your busy scheduleflowerforyou

Liz-hoping you are able to find a solution to your work, I would love to go part time but it's just not an optiongrumble

Amanda- I totally understand your & hubby's feelings about all that's entailed in taking care of the parents. When my Mom & Dad started their downturn in their health and I was constantly on the phone and having to plan all my free time getting to Oregon to see them and take care of issues I had at times that same that they are both passed I sooooo miss themcry and wonder what I would have to be dealing with if they were still here. Their last 2.5 years were hard on all of us and I know they are better off now and with all the stress I have with my job I can say I'm glad I don't have to add their care and issues into the mixhuh You and hubby hang in there You two aren't the only ones to have those thoughts {{hugs}} to both of you.

Carolyn- I have two kettlebells and I do like using them. It's amazing how little you have to do to get the heart rate updrinker

Nancy- your students have no idea how fortunate they are to have you as a teacher...when they get to be our ages they will remember you as the one that used to get them movingdrinker You do set a great example with all the exercise and activities you participate in...enjoy your curling tonightdrinker

Cheryl- with all the exercise you are doing even if you don't meet the numbers goal I'm sure your body has changed quite a bit and it will show for your Christmas partyflowerforyou

Michele- you are so busy that I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up with you...until you get to your kitchen and start your bakingwink

Wanda- enjoy those new clothes while they the rate you are going we will be hearing that you have to go shopping again soonwink You November goals look pretty good.

jb-good for you getting back into the routine and measuring your food...glad the scale is moving in the right directiondrinker

Last night on the way home from work stopped and visited with DIL #2 & grandsons. GS #2 is sick and has a croupy cough and all he wanted was for Grandma Laura to hold cuddling my grandsonslove We talked Thanksgiving and she will be having it at her house and it's close to hubby's work so when he gets off he can be there in 5 min, she doesn't want to do the traditional turkey dinner but rather a brunch type menu and I really don't care but her Mom does so we will see who wins on this one. If she does what she wants I'm going to have to figure out what I can bring to make it special for hubby as he really won't want to have eggs since he has them everyday right now...will have to give it some thoughtohwell

I finally went up to Level 2 on 30DS and I can honestly say I really didn't like a lot of the exercises although I finally did try and real push up and was able to do two...maybe tonight I will see if I can do morehuh

Must get to the piles, everyone have a great day...let's keep going and moving and drinking and logging our fooddrinker Let's make this holiday season the most healthy one we can.

November 15, 2012 8:46 AM
I didn't make it on here yesterday, so I apologize if some of my posts are already passe! I visited my mother-in-law and my parents both (worked on a jigsaw puzzle with my mom), and also had my book club last night. It was a pleasant day. I bought a new purse -- bronze metallic Calvin Klein. I tried to talk myself out of it, but it was just too fun. smile I liked that it was metallic leather instead of the cheap vinyl things they have out now. I don't want to pay for plastic when I can get a good quality leather bag instead. Today is my networking group that I help organize, followed by a doctor appointment, so there shouldn't be any eating challenges -- hooray!

Jane Martin -- Congratulations on getting the job! I hope your first day went well.

DeeDee -- I hope you had a great time at lunch with your friend! I'm glad that they took the shoes back and that the new ones are better. It sounds like your tree will be gorgeous! flowerforyou I didn't know that gremlins can be vanquished with hot tea... will have to try it. LOL

Rose -- Congratulations on two days in a row on plan! Since I'm behind, I hope that you've now put three behind you. It gets easier as the successes mount up.

Eileen -- It sounds like you had a great party for your son and his family. So glad you got to spend a little time with them!

Mwheatcraft54 -- It sounds like you'll be in Denver next week?? I'd love to meet you, if you have time.

Nancy -- I love the cozy picture of you in your Pendleton jacket and wearing sweaters that you mom made for you. It's so nice that you have them! I, too, love to wear black. It sounded like a great outfit.

JB -- I really am enjoying your day-of-the-week letter lists. What a great idea!

Laura -- I'm really proud of the great way that you're maintaining, and even managing to lose more! flowerforyou You're an inspiration. It's nice to see your achievement on your ticker.

Glenda -- Welcome back!

Linda Sundance -- Glad that the physical therapy is helping, and hoping that you'll feel back to normal soon.

Cheryl -- I'm sorry that it hurts to type. Good job on doing both walking AND the shred!

Barbie -- Glad you're having the mammogram done. It's important to take good care of yourself!

Liz -- May today be a better day at work!

Amanda -- I think those unwanted thoughts creep up on all of us at times. Just because they're true doesn't mean that we desire them to happen! When I get hit with them, I always say a quick prayer to "take the devil from my mind" and they usually go away.

Wanda -- Congratulations on moving out of the women's department! flowerforyou
November 15, 2012 8:48 AM
Good morning, lovely ladies! Hope that you are having a great Thursday! I have been extra busy and didn't make it to the thread at all yesterday.

I have a question for those who have tried the fried green beans that was posted earlier in the month. I tried it, and like it, but I am wondering if it is possible to get the green beans crispy without cooking them until they are turning black and tasting a little charred. Am I doing something wrong?

I had better get back to work - have a wonderful day! Mary
November 15, 2012 9:22 AM
Forgot to say thanks to M for the corn chowder recipe! love Yum.

I was looking around at recipes this morning and found this little note that I thought you'd all enjoy.

Women are Angels
And when someone breaks our wings, our spirit, or our hearts...
We simply continue to fly.........
on a broomstick...
We are flexible like that ....

smile jb

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