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November 30, 2012 8:47 AM
Good morning, Kate. I'm from Dallas and I don't think you will find me in your neck of the woods except maybe mid-summer smile I lost my dad (in '82) the day after Thanksgiving and my grandmother on Christmas morning ('79) - those were some sad holidays but their memories live on. BTW, I am a chocoholic myself and I have done well thus far. December will be a challenging month. Fiber One has a brownie bar that really helps but it's not Betty Crocker bigsmile I do have some chocolate in moderation so I don't drive myself off the wagon laugh

WTG, June with your November goals. I blew some of my November goals but did okay on the weight loss which is good!

Laura, glad to hear that your neck is improving and you are willing to return to exercising. Take it easy and keep noticing the hubby; he is doing great too.

I am so grateful it's Friday. It's been a long week with DH home on staycation but mostly that I have been working 10-12 hr days. Today will be a shorter one. Tonight we will attend the WOF, Women of Faith Christmas Special and Point of Grace will be singing the music. Sheila Walsh is the guest speaker. It should be an evening of many blessings.

As for December I am not setting any challenge goals. My work has picked up and other activities such as Pancakes for Santa in the morning will keep me busy throughout the month. I will keep an eye on the weight and log, log, log. Have a wonderful day! To those in the north keep your fires burning and in the south enjoy the beautiful weather.
November 30, 2012 9:30 AM
Hi! Gosh I've been busy. Just wanted to pop in and share my blog post if you'd care to read it. Today is my 2 year anniversary on MFP, so you can bet I wrote a dissertation on that subject this morning. bigsmile

Wishing everyone a happy December!

smile jb
November 30, 2012 10:45 AM
TGIF~~can`t believe Nov is over.Where did it go?Gotta work on my goals for dec.Didn`t do too much in nov,as I got sick at the end.
Hope everyone has a great day!!
November 30, 2012 11:40 AM
flowerforyou Hi ladies

Can't believe it is December in the morning. Must make a start on the Christmas shopping. I've only got a few so far and time is cracking on.

I've not had time to catch up with all the posts, so I hope everyone is fit and well, sending prayers to those who need them. I feel so lucky to have both parents still in reasonable health.

We've had lots of flooding here in York, and now it's freezing, that's all we need! It wasn't too bad this morning walking the dogs,but I don't like it when it's slippy I'm scared I fall over.

Computer is playing up, so I'll post this now - see you all on the December thread.

November 30, 2012 1:04 PM
Sick from food poisoning. I wouldn't recommend it as a strategy. I don't have scales available, but I bet that two days on water won't have made a difference except to avoid dehydration.
November 30, 2012 1:15 PM
You may not have met all your goals. But you did lose weight and that's what this is all about

Congrats on your two years.

Hope all goes better in Dec.

Can't believe Dec. all ready. I'm barely started getting ready for it.

Well put in a good day today not very active but food was good. Still supper to go. But over 500 calories left. So that's good.
Cold today seems I can't warm up. Just might need a jacuzzi after supper.
See you all later or tomorrow.
November 30, 2012 1:40 PM

Have a great weekend everyone!

I will be back later with some new goals, need to kick this into high gear next month!

November 30, 2012 4:10 PM
Hi Dear Ladies!

I've been MIA for quite a while for too many reasons to list...of course, it is the last day of November so I will jump on tomorrow!

I look forward to catching up with all of you!

Take careheart heart heart Kackie
November 30, 2012 5:07 PM
Katia - I am so sorry you have food poisoning...hoping you sought medical advice...feel better soonflowerforyou
November 30, 2012 6:47 PM
oh barbie, I'm so so sorry that your recumbant bike is out of commission. Maybe Santa will bring you a new one for Christmas??? That bike should still be under warrenty.

DeeDee - I'm really looking forward to the concert. I guess we've seen them for the last 7 years (can you tell I really like them). In case you aren't familiar with them, one of the things I like is that a grandmother in a reindeer sweater can be sitting next to someone in a Megadeth t-shirt, and both will enjoy the show. Oh, I can go on and on.....but I'll spare ya. Will wave as we go by and I'll be thinking of you. I think the show is at 3. In some ways, what the scale says really doesn't matter so much, what matters more is how you feel and how your clothes fit. Losing 1/2" is awesome!

I couldn't sleep last night. Finally fell asleep in the sunroom right as it was time for me to get up. I stopped at the Humane Society to drop off the aluminum we have (which reminds me that I still have the container in the back seat of my car, then went to exercise, took a short shower just to get all the sweat off, went a bit of food shopping (mostly because I needed to pick up a fruit basket for my mahjongg secret santa, took the fruit basket to her but had to leave it on her front porch. She'll be away for the secret santa reveal lunch (I don't think I'm going to go) and Pat was very insistent that it had to be done before Christmas (why, I still have no idea). I just called her to tell her it was on her porch. She's into health and nutrition so I thought she'd really appreciate a fruit basket. I also put a bag of Dove dark chocolates in it. Really, I had them at home and just want to get them out of the house. But dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate anyway. Came home and Vince has been eating the chocolate chip cookies I made so today I made some brownies since Jess will be here tonight, need something for her to munch on.

M - thanks for mentioning about the grapefruit interferring with certain drugs. I completely forgot about that. That's one reason why Vince really can't (not that he likes grapefruit anyway) have it. Oh, Loki loves peanut butter, and Vince said that the other day Lexi had some, so cats do like it

I know this isn't something real big -- but the pajamas that I'm wearing are a size M. They have an elastic waistband. Lately, it feels like the pants are about to fall down. They don't, but they feel like they would. Almost feels like I should have a size S. Well, if I find a pair that is cheap enough, I'll consider it. Otherwise, they're not totally falling off me (wouldn't it be wonderful if they did?) and no one sees me in them other than Vince, so I'll keep wearing them until they wear out.

Did an hour on the stairmaster today. I wasn't planning to do it but then when I found out that we need to leave for the concert by like 10:45, yoga class would just barely get out in time so I'll do a yoga DVD at home tomorrow. I'd forgotten my water cup there Wed. at deep water and wanted to pick it up so I'd have to to use. I also took them some chocolates as a "thank you" (and to get some more out of my house)

Kate how nice of you to pitch in in a pinch. That's horrible about your coworkers.

Lin - does your holistic niece have any advice on curing cravings. I know that raw cookie/brownie/cake dough is my big big downfall. Is there some pressure point that I can press on that'll stop that? When I have that cookie dough in front of me, I keep saying to myself "I don't need it", but I still can't help myself.

katla - how horrible! It'll go away pretty fast, I hope. In the meantime, keep up a strong chin. You'll be back to your old self in no time at all.

kackie - welcome back!

Hope everyone has a great evening.

November 30, 2012 7:43 PM
Good evening beautiful ladiesflowerforyou

Msmile You have frog legshuh , well as long as they`re not greenlaugh !!! Just feels great to have a spring in your step doesn`t it? I`ve noticed I feel lighter on my feet, I was saying I was bouncing, then I remembered maybe people wouldn`t know I ment a bounce to my stepblushing !

Cherylsmile .8 is a gsmile reat loss, congrats!!! Will be looking forward to hearing what the weight is tomorrow! The magic of salmon, I should have had that for dinner last nightohwell !

Robinsmile Yay for getting on the dreadmill!!!! A step in the right direction! I have missed the stories about your boys!!! It`s wonderful they like to cuddle with youlove !

Laura80111smile Your fudge sounds so goodlove , it`s a good thing I have no clue how to make itlaugh ! Congrats to hubby, 24 lbs. is fantastic!!!

Junesmile Congrats for getting that pound off, and for reaching all your Nov. goalsflowerforyou !!!

Katesmile i would have to visit in the summer, I just cannot even imagine -14, much less -40noway noway I`m pretty sure I would freeze to deathtongue ! Sounds like a lot going on at work, sending well wishes to all!!! Oh my, hubby got skunked and had frozen coffeenoway , what a day he had!!! I have had to change my Christmas traditions too, it was hubbys favorite holiday, for years I didn`t even put decorations up, and then when I decided I wanted to, I went out and bought everything new!

LinCsmile Sounds like you`ve had a busy productive day! Did you get those walls washed?

Terismile Sounds like your Dec. is going to be busy! Hope you enjoy the Christmas special!!!

Jbsmile Happy 2 yr.anniversary!!! Fabulous blog!!!

JaneMartinsmile It feels like just yesterday it was Nov.1st! Hope you`re feeling better!

Vivsmile Please be careful in that weather you`re having!!! I heard about the flooding the other day on the news, now freezingnoway , watch your step!!!

Katla49smile I had food poisoning oncesick , it lasted about 4 days and I wanted to die I felt so bad, i don`t think I have ever felt so bad, sending you good wishesflowerforyou !

Lynn, Kackiesmile smile Good to see you both, hope to see you more in the Dec. thread!

Michelesmile Fruit basket with dark chocolateslove , that is a fabulous gift!!! Yay for pj`s that are too big, mine are too, and I just smile every time I put them onbigsmile ! Enjoy the fabulous concert!!!

i picked my oldest granddaughter (11) up after school today at 3:30 pm, took her to the mall, she needed a new outfit for a play she`s going to tomorrow night and a new dress for the Christmas special at school, we got there at 3:45 and the parking lot was so full, I finally found a parking place and the mall was just as full as the parking lotnoway . I hate going to the mall anyhow much less when it`s so crowded! We did find her some cute outfits, a red sweather and a pair of black leggings for tomorrow night and a beautiful black and white dress for the Christmas special, and a cute pair of black flats she can wear with both! We had a wonderful time together! Once we left the mall we stopped at Starbucks for a hot chocolate for her and a decafe coffee for me, I got her home around 6:45 or so and got back to my house around 7pm. It`s been a good day but I`m really tired nowyawn yawn yawn ! Hope everyone has a great evening!!! See you in Dec!

Thanks Barbie for keeping us going!!!

November 30, 2012 8:07 PM
I've been MIA for a few weeks. Lots of company for Thanksgiving and just now recovering. I'm looking forward to December and setting new goals. Feel like I've missed so much and hope to have time to go back and catch up. See you tomorrow.
November 30, 2012 9:01 PM
Image not displayed

lots of dancing today---I taught the beginner class this morning, came home for lunch, a short nap, and a dog walk and then went out again for practice with the performance group

lots of rain today but the dogs didn't care.......Jake built a fire so they could warm up and dry off after their two hour walk.

sad sad sad sad there was no call back today from the recumbent bike people-----there business is on Long Island----are they under water from hurricane Sandy???? I am leaving this to Jake and resisting my natural impulse to jump in and take over.....the great thing is that he is very mellow about this.....what a blessing.bigsmile

heart Barbie from NW Washington where it's not nearly as cold as Alberta.
November 30, 2012 9:25 PM

Just walked in the door from work, late becasue I forgot my keys and had to be rescued... felt a little stupid.

Someone mentioned December goals and I got a shock! But that’s right, December is tomorrow, I don’t even remember my November goals….. I think I will just smoosh October and November into one group of ‘plateau struggle’…. Only 2 pounds lost, gained, lost, gained and lost once more. I did manage to reduce my bhudda belly so when I look down I don’t see it when I am standing….. however, when I am sitting, there it is! Hahaha!

December goals:

To lose 3 pounds by New Year’s Eve. (A little optimism doesn’t hurt!)
To maintain my sanity through Christmas and enjoy the celebrations.

That’s it, feeling a little crazy right now,
November 30, 2012 9:28 PM

this is the link to the new thread for December

yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn now I can go to sleep knowing that my most important task is complete......see you in December bigsmile
December 1, 2012 6:18 AM
Ok. So I re-weighed this morning to see if I hit my 159.8 - and and and ---- Nope, I weighed more today than yesterday :(

But that's ok. Since I thought the Christmas party was next weekend, we'll see if I can get into the 150's by then. Busy day. Going to see about a horse for my daughter then on to the Christmas party. Have a great weekend.
December 2, 2012 6:23 PM
Just trying to catch up with's been busy at work

Lynn thanks for sharing about not giving up - love it

Jb can't wait to make the Kale & Kidney Bean soup - sounds delicious

DeeDee my granddaughter is 11 also and when her family gets to my place for
the holidays the 1st thing she wants to do is go to the mall and get a hot chocolate
at a coffee shop with fun

Barbie glad you scheduled the important - I'm a 5 yr. breast cancer
survivor as of 10/12 and had no symptoms, lumps, nothing...I can't say enough about
these screenings - there were 2 different cancers in the same breast and 1 had gone
into the lymph's a simple procedure that saves lives.

Well enough preaching ... I'm going to finish reading everything and check back in tomorrow
Have a great Monday everyone!

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December 5, 2012 2:03 AM
Hello ladies what a topsy turvy couple of weeks I've had since I came back to join you again but......


Please welcome Ethan Noah to the world. He was born as 04.17 this morning weighing 6lb 12oz. Mum & babe doing well. My son is beside himself with joy.

I've only seen photos so far (hospital is very strict about visiting) but he is gorgeous. I will be able to meet him at 6.30 tonight. This day is going to be so long!!

December 16, 2012 9:01 AM

Hello ladies what a topsy turvy couple of weeks I've had since I came back to join you again but......


Please welcome Ethan Noah to the world. He was born as 04.17 this morning weighing 6lb 12oz. Mum & babe doing well. My son is beside himself with joy.

I've only seen photos so far (hospital is very strict about visiting) but he is gorgeous. I will be able to meet him at 6.30 tonight. This day is going to be so long!!


Congratulations on your new grandson! You have been blessed & I hope you'll get to see him soon. I think the feelings that go along with a new baby are powerful and hopeful. This power and hope is one of the big draws of the Christmas story, in my opinion. I felt it with each of my kids and my granddaughter Enjoy!.
December 16, 2012 5:38 PM
I'm confused. The newest board is locked because it reached 500, so now we're writing on the prior one? Shouldn't we have a part 3 or something?
December 17, 2012 11:42 AM
Merry Christmas Ladies - one week until Christmas and I am wrapping presents!

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