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November 13, 2012 6:17 PM
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Hi! I'm Nancy from Tennessee. I am a preschool special Ed teacher and I'm 51 years old. I've been married 30 years and have 3 sons. My oldest is a nurse (just graduated in August). My middle son is an air traffic controller in the Air Force. My youngest is a freshman in high school. He is a baseball player/ladies' man! I am doing Atkins and have lost 61 pounds since February. My ticker says 58 because I had lost 3 pounds before I started logging on MFP. hope you will let me hang out with y'all. You seems so positive and encouraging!
November 13, 2012 6:23 PM
marking my spot in the new thread...
November 13, 2012 6:25 PM
Will be back in the morning!!! Sleep well and sweet dreams!!!! Until tomorrow......

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November 13, 2012 6:26 PM
Had a great time with Violet.We went to the library and read the biggest book in the library(4ft tall).
Went to the store to buy cookies to bake and saw a dog driving a car or so she thought as he was sitting in the drivers seat in the parking lot.Came back with some turkey cookies which we baked to send home.Planning a sleepover next week.
Have a good night!!
jane m
November 13, 2012 6:29 PM
Just got back in town. So I'll BUMP for later.


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November 13, 2012 6:32 PM
Just marking my spot. Must finish report card grades, lesson plans, etc.
So much to do and so little time!grumble
Deb A
November 13, 2012 6:51 PM
Just marking my spot on the new thread! Happy to report I got a good chair workout in that actually left me huffing and puffing!happy
November 13, 2012 7:20 PM
November 13, 2012 7:24 PM

Hi! I'm Nancy from Tennessee. I am a preschool special Ed teacher and I'm 51 years old. I've been married 30 years and have 3 sons. My oldest is a nurse (just graduated in August). My middle son is an air traffic controller in the Air Force. My youngest is a freshman in high school. He is a baseball player/ladies' man! I am doing Atkins and have lost 61 pounds since February. My ticker says 58 because I had lost 3 pounds before I started logging on MFP. hope you will let me hang out with y'all. You seems so positive and encouraging!

flowerforyou welcome, Nancy....I hope you will keep coming back and get to know us and we'll get to know you.

flowerforyou we had great plans to go see the new James Bond movie but we got bad information about what time the movie started so we drove the 20 minutes to the theatre and found out that the movie didn't start until an hour later than we thought.cry cry cry cry cry ....I can't stay up that late and we didn't want to wait around that long so we came home and will go back on Saturday or Sunday in the afternoon

noway MIchele, in all the seasons of DWTS that I've watched, Derek always choreographs at least one dance that is completely off the mark for what it is supposed to be....we gave Shawn a bunch of our votes since she'll need them to offset the low mark from Len.

flowerforyou JaneMartin, congrats on getting work bigsmile

heart Barbie from NW Washington
November 13, 2012 7:41 PM
November 13, 2012 9:14 PM
Tuesday already, short weeks always mess up my sense of time.

Eileen – how great your DS’s party sounded. And what an appropriate day to celebrate him and his service to his country.

Rose – sounds like you are working the program just perfectly – good for you and your meals sound good!

DeeDee – so glad the store exchanged your shoes (and hope the new ones are better on your feet). Please post a photo when your tree is done, it sounds like it will be beautiful. Somehow I had the feeling you are talented with décor.

JaneH – OMG they must have injected the fish with butter and boiled the orzo in it too. How on earth did they get 1100 calories into fish and orzo?

JaneM – congratulations on the job – how exciting!!! It must be fun to view things through Violet’s eyes – the dog driving the car- lol

Hi Donica – welcome to the group. I drove through Twisp last summer on my way to the Coast. Sounds like you have the exercise thing all scoped out – good for you.

M – welcome back, we missed you. The corn chowder sounds really good, I copied it out and will try it this week. Something about this time of year makes me crave soup. I made a Cilantro soup today that I found in a women’s mag. It was good but kind of fussy to make. I’m trying to up my calories, but I’m finding it a bit challenging. I’m not a big fan of carbs (except for pasta which I am avoiding like the plague). Nuts are good, and I’ve been using brown rice for the calories. I don’t’ tend to get hungry so I have to set the alarm for lunch (which I missed today). I seem to get tons of protein, but shy on the carbs. I’m going to start eating some cheese again. I’ve had my thyroid tested but it seems to be in the normal range, although I have several sisters with hypothyroidism.

Barbie – thanks for the roll over thread. I didn’t realize we were so close to 500 already.

Got to go, have to read my book for book club next Monday – just got the book today but looks like it’s pretty thin so shouldn’t be much of a read. More sloppy wet snow today, it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow so probably it will all melt (and then come back again shortly afterward).

Have a good night ladies, a good sleep and a great Wednesday.
November 13, 2012 10:58 PM
Bump.... just when I 'm feeling good..... I feel bad, think its a touch of the flu or an invisible mule kicked me in the breaad basket!

November 14, 2012 2:21 AM
Good morning ladies - Is it Wednesday? I'm so confused with the days! That's what comes of working every day instead of only 3 or 4 days a week.

Barbie - I looked at those bugaboots and I'm definitely getting some! Maybe you can advise - is the sizing true or do you need to adjust up or down?

My dad was in 'Eeyore mode' this morning. He hates it when I am working and can't have my full attention. I try to be as sympathetic as I can, but somedays I just struggle. It makes me feel very mean-spirited, but I really am doing my best.

I have a heap of Latin translation to work through when I get home tonight so I will only be able to pop round to see dad for about an hour - otherwise I'll get no sleep at all.

Anyway my friends, must get some work done.

Love to all.
Amanda x
November 14, 2012 3:36 AM
Good morning beautiful ladiesflowerforyou

ChrisHanselmasmile Glad you`re feeling betterflowerforyou !!!!

Calmrosesmile Yay for staying "on plan"!!! Just keep doing it and it will become second nature!!!

Barbiesmile I thought I dressed warm, you have me beat!!!! It`s a shame you didn`t get to see the movie, I don`t go very often to the movies, if I sit that long wihtout talking I go to sleepyawn laugh !

Michelesmile I`m hoping to find the red okra next year, I can`t wait to try it! This Pat person sounds...well, how do I put it nicely....mean! Isn`t it still the holiday season between Christmas and New Yearshuh ? You can always tell her your MFP friend is coming bybigsmile .

Kathysmile It just hit me yesterday, Thanksgiving is next weeknoway , I thought I had another week, I have somehow lost a week in Nov.ohwell !!!! Good for those chair exercises making you sweat!!!

Eileensmile Sounds like your party was wonderful, and what a perfect day to have it!!!! I laughed about you walking around your living room, I run up and down the stairs several times a day to get a few more steps in!

Nancycaregivesmile Welcome to the group! Come in often and chat with us!!!

JaneMartinsmile How cute Violet thought the dog was drivinglaugh !!!

Linsmile Glad you`re back! How`s your dad doing?

DebAsmile Did you get all your "stuff" done?

Lilasmile I don`t know how talented I am with decor, I do like to decorate though, and I`ll post a pic of the tree once I get it done! I`m hypothyroid too and my Dr. goes more by the way I feel and less by the so-called normal range of numbers, as long as my bp is good and heartrate is normal!!! It`s time for me to go in a get it checked again too, she usually has me in there every 6 months!

Katesmile I sure hope you get to feeling betterflowerforyou !!!

Amandasmile Remember to take a little time for yourselfflowerforyou !!!

I`m having lunch with my best friend today, haven`t seen much of her this summer since her hubby had the stem cell surgery and massive chemo, I`m really looking forward to it!!! We both eat pretty heathy so I`m not worried about lunch out today!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!! Drink your waterdrinker drinker drinker and log your food!!!!

November 14, 2012 3:47 AM
Good morning!

saving my spot for later

November 14, 2012 4:06 AM
Bump for later!! Time to get ready for work-- Have a great day everyone!

November 14, 2012 4:22 AM
Marking my spot for later....Wishing all a Wonderful Wednesday!!! flowerforyou

November 14, 2012 4:55 AM
Good morning – Wednesday, right? My head is still a little awhirl from the traveling smile. My diet is too – finding myself wanting to reach for cookies or chips a little too frequently. But today I’m drinking my protein shake after working out my arms and shoulders and abs. It’s sunny and clear although cold out, so I’ll go for a walk a little later. Start out as you mean to go, right?

Bjmcq, there’s no doubt there’s a calorie discrepancy between guesstimating what you’ve burned and what you’ve eaten. A lot of ladies here wear fitbits (measure steps and calculate calories) or heart rate monitors when they work out (that’s what I do). It gives a more accurate estimate of calorie burn, and food’s pretty standard for calculating. I plug in most of my recipes to get an accurate count of the calories and then stay under by a few hundred/day. MFP already has me down 1200 calories from my total basal rate, so under or overestimating by a couple hundred isn’t going to “blow” my diet, but undereating because I’m adding in a bunch of exercise calories but not fueling my body for that will send it into a stall. Bodies are cool machines like that wink. Don’t forget to keep a good dose of healthy fat in your diet too – your body needs it.

Donica, hi and welcome! My grandfather had Parkinson’s and I watch for signs of it all the time. It’s a rough disorder. Good for you and your husband for trying to be healthier! Exercise will most definitely help. Let us know how it’s going.

Skeezicks, good goals!

Laura, if the 30DS is really only 30 days, you’ll see the changes closer to the end than the beginning. It took me a full six – eight weeks before I saw big changes – but they are coming, believe me! You’re right, the exercise really helps.

JaneH, I’m surprised as well that your relatively light lunch turned out to be so calorie intensive, but I’ve seen that happen. It’s a bummer. My trip was only partially vacation – I did work out of the Phoenix office while I was there, but it was someplace warm, so that’s always better, right? We’ll be out your way next week but guess we’ll miss each other. I’ll be sure to hit the outlet malls for you laugh.

DeeDee, I’m in the same boat – I had done a clothes purge a couple of years ago, so all of my old smaller clothes are long gone. Same thing with the bras too – I had myself fitted for a new bra before I went to France and think the shock of discovering how big my breasts had gotten is what really threw me into serious lose-weight mode. I had always been a comfortable C, so discovering I was a DD was a major shock. Now the bands keep getting bigger and my girls are swimming in their cups. Fortunately I kept the old bras, so I’m tossing the new ones, getting out the old ones and hoping the old sexy ones look sexy again one day laugh. Your Christmas tree idea sounds lovely! I don’t think we’re putting up a tree this year but will be getting out the Christmas decorations. We have a fake tree we put in the dining room so maybe I’ll decorate that one to the hilt. Have fun at your lunch with your friend!

Calmrose, your diet plan sounds perfect! You’re right, as you can tick off the days it helps you see how far you’ve come – until you realize that’s how you always eat! It’s a great journey. Good luck!

Michele, if you’re in a temperate climate you can grow rosemary as big as you want. In Phoenix they use it for shrubbery. Seriously, it grows into hedges. It’s kind of like a bramble that way.

Eileen, your party for your son sounds wonderful. I’m so glad he’s here and you got to see him more before he heads back. Lol about the laps in the living room – it would take me about 500 to get a mile or so – we have a fairly small room smile.

Hi, Nancy from TN. Welcome – feel free to pop by and comment whenever you want.

JaneM, what a lovely day with your DGD. Good luck with the new job!

Barbie, don’t you hate when you can’t get the right movie time? We try to use Fandango to get the times, but our local theater doesn’t participate in on-line ticketing, so sometimes they have the wrong listings. Grr. Let us know how the movie is though. I imagine Twilight is in my future – we still have a teen girl in the house laugh.

Lila, I had my thyroid tested multiple times – bottom line is, it’s not my thyroid lol. I think a lot of us have gotten used to avoiding carbs, and in a pretty big way it’s good for us. I eat them because as a vegetarian it’s pretty necessary, but I try to make sure they’re “whole” and not processed. I don’t have white flour in the house, and we just ran out of sugar and I seem to keep “forgetting” to buy more wink. I always have almonds on hand, and I keep a bowl of apples on the counter. I don’t tend to eat a lot of pasta either, but we eat beans like crazy, along with some tofu. The one thing I won’t do is eat the meat substitutes. I just don’t like it for the most part, I have a little OCD thing that makes me reject “fake” foods, and I get plenty of protein in regular food anyway. It helps if I have a shake in the morning, but I rarely go over my carb count even on days when my protein is low. What book are you reading?

Kate, hope you get over whatever you have soon! DD’s family had the raging stomach flu roar through their house a couple of weeks ago – it was a rough go for them.

Amanda, lol about the confusion (you’ll note how I started my post). I didn’t know you did translation on top of your map store – is it for your husband? I seem to recall he does something with it . . . anyway, impressed.

OK, off to the showers and work. I hope everyone has a productive Wednesday and a peaceful evening. I’m taking my sister to dinner tonight at a favorite Malaysian place – it has sushi and something for everyone. I haven’t decided what I’m having but I’ll eat light today regardless.


November 14, 2012 5:40 AM
Happy Wednesday!

Finally got a good nights sleep!smile I credit my evening workout for that. Also, to keep the momentum going, I planned my eating for the day ahead of time and will try to stick to it! Found a few new recipes on that I'm trying this week. Hope everyone has a great day!

November 14, 2012 6:02 AM
Hello all,

Glad to be back into my regular morning routine. This will be a short week at school, only two days of regular classes. The student teacher has finished her two week practicum, so I have "my" students back. I will celebrate by getting busy with their fall reports!

A new circuit class starts tonight, I wonder what the instructor will have in store for us? I've got my new shorts, so I'm ready for anything! (So terribly shallow! blushing laugh )

What do I enjoy most about winter?

Christmas! love I love everything about Christmas, the religious significance and ritual, the decorations, the special times with family and friends. the gift buying, wrapping, displaying, giving (and yes, getting), all of it!

Skiing! Oh yeah. Curling. Sitting inside and watching the snow fall outside.

My Pendleton blanket winter jacket. Colourful scarves. Wearing sweaters my mother knitted (or is it knit?) for me years ago.

DeeDee, so glad to hear you took the shoes back and got re-fitted. smile There is nothing, nothing, worse than bad shoes or sore feet.

Michelle, my HIIT at the hotel was on the treadmill – run fast as I can for 60 seconds, run slowly for 120. explode Sometimes I use the ropes and flap them around for 20-30 seconds, rest for the rest of the minute. At circuit training we do 45 seconds of an exercise flat out, then rest for 15 while moving to the next station.

Jane, congratulations on getting the job! flowerforyou Here's knowing it will all come back to you and you'll enjoy yourself.

We went to see the new 007 movie in IMAX while in Spokane. Very fun. laugh J’boy and I cheered and giggled our way through the whole thing.

Amanda, is it English to Latin or Latin to English? I’m guessing the latter because what would a person need Latin for today? No, wait, someone translated at least the first Harry Potter book into Latin. noway I wonder if young students are using it for a text?

Must go and get ready for school - new hip length black jacket, black leggings, wide black belt. All that black balanced by a happy coloured scarf and a big smile.

Hasta (not haystack!) pronto,


November Goals:

Time for a mid-month check:

Continue New Rules of Lifting – 3x week = I am on track with this.
No second helpings, no evening snacks = I am doing well here too, if we disregard yesterday. I was dis oriented when we got home.
Keep up the exercise & good eating routine when we go away for our November break. = Oh yeah! Two workouts in three days, took Monday off the diet to enjoy a fancy dinner.
Add meditative prayer to my daily routine. = not happening. Hmmm.
November 14, 2012 7:33 AM
Good morning. Just jotting down my W list for Wednesday.

Winning. (No) Whining. Waning Weight and Waist wink

Willpower. Water! drinker

Withstand the Wet Weather. tongue

Busy day ahead, I must get a move on. Have a good day everyone!

smile jb
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November 14, 2012 7:55 AM
flowerforyou Happy Wednesday All,

I think I'm caught up on the posts but my brain just didn't retain all of itblushing

M- so I'm really looking at a 6wk 30DS? If that's the case then I will have to get moving on to the next level. Some parts are getting easier and then others I just am pushing to get it done because I dislike that particular exercisewink But I'm determined to finish it.

Nancy-your clothes for work sounded really cute...maybe a picture of you in them so we can seehappy I too love the holidays and am looking forward to "dressing up" the house.

So last Thursday night I finally fixed the Shirataki Noodles. I followed the instructions Lin (I think it was Lin) gave to the letter and hubby and I really liked thembigsmile . I made chicken sauages with our family receipe of Spaghetti Sauce that I had in the freezer. I'm thinking I will keep those kind of noodles in the frig all the time because they would be a great add to any meal.

Also on Friday when we were dressing to go to the football game we were needing to layer the clothes because of how cold and windy it was supposed to be. I pulled out a pair of my bigger pants and when I put them on over my exercise dancekins they were still plenty roomy. I just never thought I see the day and it's these little things that keep me eating right and exercising.

To all of you newbies welcomeflowerforyou this is the best place for encouragement, information and even a place to vent when needed. Come back often.

Hubby is working Thanksgiving until 1pm but he does have Black Friday off before he works on Saturday...which will probably be just as busy. He's so much happier since he started working, even at such low wages and only part-time. But since he talks to people about what he's passionate about it makes his hours fly by...did I tell you he's working the gun counter at Gander Mountainhuh

Today I need to call DIL#2 and find out what the family is doing for Thanksgiving because I really have no idea if any of us have made a decision...all I know is that I have said we would host Christmas at our house..which will make a house full.

I best get to the papers on the desk, it's hard to believe that this year is almost over which makes for more work as we close out one year and start another and it looks like we will be changing accounting programs so I will be a crazy person for the next couple of months as I try to keep up with my work load and try and figure out how to change all my reports over to the new system....should be challenging.ohwell

Have a good day of exercise, drinking your water and don't forget to log your fooddrinker


PS I changed my ticker to show how many pounds I have lost since I've met my goal, it fun to see how many pounds have gone awaylove
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November 14, 2012 9:41 AM
good morning ladies, marking my spot so I can continue my lurking ways.

Robin, Bodi and Ritter.
November 14, 2012 11:08 AM
Hi again. Today I’ll try to stay! Lots of gnashing of teeth around here LOL. Feeling somewhat better although I think I need another round of antibiotics. Still waiting to hear back from doc; I called again today. Not very happy with them right now. I did feel up to 10 minutes slowly on the elliptical yesterday, so that was good. I need to get back in the habit of being here each day; after being gone and being sick, it’s hard to get going again. I really want to lose that next 12 pounds so I can get my 30# reward! 

DeeDee: this may sound simple, but when my toes have gone numb, I’ve tied my shoes too tight!

Sue: OMG I read your post too fast and thought your horse ate the clothes off you while you rode him! My best friend has horses and they like to eat my hair.

Jane: I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your job!


Chris: I hope you are feeling better by now!

Liz: I agree with the protein…if I don’t eat it at each meal, I am starving in no time!

M; I Love corn chowder. I have a great recipe that starts with boiling corn cobs in milk. OMG it’s to die for.

MaryC: happy veterans day and thank you for your service.

Jane: I think you have the things that count!!!

Amanda: my dad does the same thing. He obsesses and rants and carries on and calls my poor brother dozens of times a day. We have told the nursing home staff to give him no prior warning for any event that is occurring. It’s difficult, I know. Hang in there.

Jolene: your supervisor sounds like my twin!!!

Janehadji: ok those gremlins had their day, now it’s your turn. Give them the boot!

Boy with the new thread I am confused! I need to get back to work, but I know I haven’t said hi to everyone. Welcome to the newbies and come back often. The rest of us….keep plowing along! Take care and I’ll get better at this again. Too many interruptions at wokr! Meg
November 14, 2012 11:15 AM
Hello ladies! Here I am after a little interruption---just recovered from a blue screen of death on my laptop. I just took time to install all the needed updates, updated my virus definitions, ran a virus scan and that's how I'm rewarded? Come on laptop and Microsoft. Grrrr. I know, I'm lucky the laptop recovered, could have BEEN THE BIG ONE! (Anyone remember Sanford & Son?)

I've been reading and reading and I believe I'm caught up but once again, I'm going to have to skate along.

I got lots accomplished for my dad yesterday. That was good. They've now told me they do not believe he will ever be free of c. diff. He's been through course after course after course of antibiotics. They've knocked it down once but it's back so now they say they will probably have to put him on antibiotics periodically indefinitely as the c. diff. will breakthrough from time to time. It's kind of icky though, no one touches him without gloves. There are 3 bins in his room with one taking half of his closet space. One is for institutional laundry (like their towels, etc.), one is for waste paper and other things (it's called infectious waste I think), and the last one is for his personal laundry. Anyone visiting is suppose to wash their hands before entering and then wash again when leaving. Anyone almost all the space in his room is taken up with this extra stuff.

The partial hip replacement has really adversely affected his ability to function. Of the ADLs, he's now only capable of feeding himself. I took lots of chocolate goodies to staff on 2nd floor yesterday which improved everyone's mood for a little while. They told me no one ever brings them treats---I was surprised at that. Anyway, I'm not foolish enough to think that mood will last but I tried.

Back to my chores. Tomorrow I need to get my vehicle in for service and I need to do something about replacing my glasses. The ones I got last year have never worked---I get a horrible headache each time I wear them. My older glasses are ok for using the computer but they don't work for longer distances now. I have to take them off and then my vision is clear. An even older pair of glasses again never worked, the progressive lens was set wrong (in my opinion) and they never got it corrected properly. I'm starting to think I'm really fussy! I really wish I could see well without them.

Everyone take care. We seem to have a lot of viruses, coughs, and sniffles going around.


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