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February 9, 2013 12:24 PM
More snow today again and had to clean off both cars and driveway. So far it has stopped for a while.

We never made the get together at our sailing club. I guess only two couples showed up who live in
the area. So we didn't miss anything. We tried out a new restaurant which was new management
and changed a little. Kind of disappointed in the food. We will give it one more try and i don't think
they will last. Its too bad because our town has so few restaurants as it is.

Just made chili for dinner today and we are planning on skiing tomorrow.

Have a good night.
February 9, 2013 2:20 PM
Sounds like a crazy mess disaster in the areas affected with this blizzard, snow - it was in the 50's here today - I'm not gloating - just really bizarre.

Man, I worked out hard last night and again farily early this morning and I am feeling it. Tough losses for the ball team - but still very proud. Zach attempted a couple of shots (one from three point distance ALMOST went in). But it's actually a really big deal that he even attempted. His confidence has come a long way due to working privately with basketball guy - but he still doesn't consider himself a shooter - I know how scary/hard it is for him to put himself out there like that and especially when the shots don't go - but so happy he did

want to go to church tonight so I can sleep in - trying to cajole everybody else to my way of thinking

hope you are all having nice Saturdays!
February 9, 2013 5:51 PM
The house we went to see was 4 stories high. It's on a skinny lot so it's a long and skinny house. 3 full flights of steps going from floor to floor. Very contemporary and the whole interior is white (white corian counter tops, white cabinets, white walls, with dark wood accents). Wouldn't be my taste but it is theirs. Interesting use of big windows to bring in the natural light but all strategically placed so you don't see the neighbors and they can't really see you.

We went to a coffee house after and chatted. Then I went and picked up paint samples for my kitchen cupboards and walls. Just starting to see what I want. Our carpenter/cabinet maker friend is coming over Monday to see what we want for a new pantry cupboard (bigger with pull out shelving). That has to be built first before we can move forward on counter tops and painting the cupboards.

Starting to snow here so we'll see what kind of accumulation we get. The east coast was hit hard. Has it stopped there yet? 50 degrees in Nebraska? Amazing... I'd take that temp. Mild here today but not that warm.

Russ actually got the energy to do some cleaning today while I was out and about. He vacuumed, mopped, changed the sheets on the bed, etc. Nice to come home to and now all I need to do is dust tomorrow and go look at more counter tops, etc.

Well sleep well ladies!yawn
February 10, 2013 6:17 AM
Good morning! Very gray outside. No snow accumulation and it looks like a wet misty drizzle outside. Great (sarcasm) just what we need for icy conditions. We'll see if snow comes in this afternoon.

Well I was up early because of my needy petsyawn I took some time to paint my posterboard with the three colors I brought home to consider for the cupboards. One of them is definitely out so far. The other two, not sure...I wonder how many sample paints I will have to buy to find the one?

Doing lots of laundry today and I do need to dust! Hate dusting...

What are you both up to today? Shirley skiing with powder conditions and Marla?

February 11, 2013 6:13 AM
fairly lazy day yesterday - more laundry (though I didn't get it put away, don't know why that is such a problem for me!), some vacuuming and started mopping, but my arms hurt so bad I quit - not that I need much of an excuse to not mop, some work in the office, nothing terribly productive, but it was a nice enough day. Started getting ready to do valentines for the boys, and Zach then informs me that they aren't doing them - just a class snack day. Swell Zach - you couldn't have told me that b/f I got you supplies? I'm using a pinterest that I saw - baggies of goldfish crackers with a tag that says I'm glad we're in the same school. Heh - most kids seem to luv the goldfish - and honestly it's nice to do something without all that sugar - which they'll still get plenty of.

cold front moved in yesterday with some fierce winds, but nothing in the way of snow or other stuff. I need to check the news and see how it's going out east.

that was some serious skiing you did Shirley - I tried skiing once back when I was a senior in high school - not a success - haven't attempted since - kind of chicken too

Jenny - I think picking out the paint is harder than the painting. I agonize forever when I do it - good luck

here's to a productive and healthful week!! (I need to reign it back in - I ate total junk all weekend - yuck, I feel it now)
February 11, 2013 10:14 AM
Pouring rain this morning 48F after such a beautiful day of skiing yesterday. After skiing we stopped off
at the grocery store and picked up a few things. I made some chili on Saturday to we had ground turkey
chili for dinner and some fresh rolls. We invited my MIL to join us for dinner.

Today is nothing but rain, I am doing laundry and will be cleaning the fridge and wiping shelves.
I too have to get pick up some things for dinner tonight when I get my act together.

A sunny walk early this morning before the rain came and I was surprised to see all the dog poops
on the sidewalk that the owners did not clean up. angry Snow is melting like crazy but temps will
drop to 32F by tomorrow.

All the hotels are booked for our trip now, so just have to do some transferring of money to my

My oldest daughter will be having a birthday on the 20th of this month so we will be getting together
to do something but don't know what yet.

Until tomorrow

Edited by Shirley61 On February 11, 2013 10:15 AM
February 11, 2013 12:44 PM
Busy at work today. Need to get more writing done, blah!

Our friend comes over after work to see what we want for a new pantry cabinet. Hopefully his estimate to build it won't be a fortune. This really adds up!

Gusty out today but not snowing. No snow day for us todaysad

Glad you got to ski Shirley. Your weather sure is mild right now! Nice that your Germany trip is shaping up toodrinker

Marla-you sound very busy trying to juggle work, kids, home, etc. I'm so impressed how you still get in your workouts consistently. WTG!

Well have a nice evening ladies! Oh yeah I'm debating cutting off my hair even more on Wednesday and going really short. We'll see... just colored it yesterday so maybe I'll feel better about it and won't go drasticohwell

February 12, 2013 8:27 AM
WooHoo another new picture coming up for Jenny bigsmile
Let us know if you took the hair cut plunge.

Just got back from Pilates class, my instructor Tanya is gone for the month of February so Colleen is taking
her place. She does things differently, more strength on the muscles than workout. I didn't work up my usual
sweat but worked my muscles. I guess its all good bigsmile I will be signing up for my next session in March
by next week. Although I will miss the first week due to my Florida trip. bigsmile

Nothing much going on, we are just going to call Kristina and see if we can get together with her on Monday
for her birthday. Its a holiday called Family Day. Kind of lame if you ask me. I think they just wanted a
holiday in February. Its two days before her birthday so we shall see if she's available.

Other than that, finishing up laundry today and its kind of a dreary day like my mood. laugh

Have a wonderful day gals.

February 12, 2013 9:13 AM
It's hair time for me this week finally too! I won't be cutting much off - I have found everytime I hack it off - it ends up being more work than when I leave it longer - and it doesn't help the grey from not showing so - eh -

Niece's last home (ILS) bball game tonight - FOREVER! This will be last time a Broekemeier plays an ILS game in that gym. Over twelve years of nephew and niece playing and going to the school (and now mine), but it's still so WEIRD seeing all these lasts come for her - only a few short months and no cousins in the same school for the first time ever. Where has the time gone! I swear it was just yesterday that I was driving all four kids around to school and activities all lil' bits. Nephew is 18 and going to college, niece going to high school - Zach almost a teen - frack! crazytown

Happy Day to your daughter Shirley - enjoy your time together!

Busy week, but need to try to get down to see the folks this weekend since we didn't there the actual weekend of dad's bday due to the shingles thing - and then ball and other things - no games for us this weekend and I'm sure the folks are feeling sad that we haven't been there yet -

happy hair days!!
February 12, 2013 10:51 AM
Kids grow up so fast don't they? It's always interesting to see how you feel when it's the last this or last that...

Hair cut tomorrow. Not sure what I'll do yet but right now I'm sick of the back although I know it would mean more frequent cuts and I don't know if I want to do that either...such decisions!

Happy Birthday to your daughter Shirley! You get to go to Florida too? I'll live retirement through you....

Well still writing and not getting much done on my reports. I need to buckle down at some point!

Not much to write as of right now. Have a nice day! Sunny, warmer and beautiful here, yay!

February 13, 2013 7:25 AM
Humpity and Ash Wednesday - long day ahead - hair this afternoon (while enjoyable - takes a long chunk of time), church and choir practice, and have to make sure all are ready for their v day stuff tomorrow too.

flipping my lid again with that boy - he got another unfavorable behavior in music yesterday - grrrrrrr - he' ....and not even a teenager.....gggaaaaahhhhhh, calgon take me away

sigh.... later luvs
February 13, 2013 12:10 PM
Marla taking a calgon bath bigsmile bigsmile

Jenny: Sounds like work has been really busy for your lately. 2013 is starting off with a bang. tongue

I guess Kristina decided on Sunday at 3:00 pm for us to come up, she wants to go to a Yoga class in the
morning. Since Monday is Family Day and Dave doesn't have to work that's not too bad doing a late
dinner on Sunday. I still have to get her a card and money will be the ticket. She will be 32 and money
is always welcome. smile

Not much happening today I cleaned the upstairs and just finished. So having a coffee and doing some
computer time.

I have been so hungry today I could just eat all day. Do you ever get like that? I am trying to stop now until
dinner .

Have a good rest of the evening.

February 13, 2013 1:00 PM
Hi Ladies! Yes work is very busy lately and I have a list of 9 kids I need to keep track of and write reports on. Lots of home appts. with their parents too. In addition, trying to pick out materials for the kitchen and coordinate colors, find the people to do the work, etc. blah!!!!!!

Shirley-you are so good about keeping your house clean! I just have to let some of it go while I still work full time. I'm frustrated with my hidden clutter areas but don't seem to get to it eithersad

Marla- hang in there! Calgon and a drink without interruptions from family may help you regroup...

February 14, 2013 6:30 AM
Image not displayed


JENNY: Since I retired I could clean all the time because I am home but I don't. Our house is quite big
and some of the rooms are not used now that my kids are on their own. So I clean one day a week
upstairs and one day a week downstairs with a week in between just for me. I call it my free week. laugh
Then I still do groceries and laundry and appts for me too. So I keep busy enough.

MARLA: I hope hubby got you something nice for Valentine's Day. Rest and relax if you can, I know you
do alot of running around with your kids. Go out with hubs and do something together. heart

Dave has got me some Lindor chocolates and a card for Valentine Day. We are going to the show tonight
to see SAFE HAVEN with our friends and a bite to eat afterwards but it will be only a bite and not a full dinner.
Popcorn will be consummed at the show so sodium will be my sabatour tomorrow for weigh in not including the chocolate. ohwell

I have been reading a book called THE THIN COMMANDMENTS. Its a refreshing book with some good
ideas to keep the weight off after you lose it. Also it explains your trigger foods and what time of day you
get your slump and what to do about it. I would recommend this to read.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

February 14, 2013 6:38 AM
Happy Valentine's Day Ladies!!!!!

I got into work at 7:30 and a vase of red roses was waiting for me. Very sweet of Russblushing Tonight we are home alone and going to make a pasta dinner. I think I'll crack open a bottle of wine too...

My hair is short! I cut off the back and changed the front. I'll take a picture with my Ipad and upload if I can. Everyone likes it including me. Different look for now!

Well off to an appt. for work so check in later...

February 14, 2013 8:25 AM
awwww how nice of your hubbies!

can't wait to see the new 'do Jenny. I'm colored up finally for the next few weeks until my freaky fast growing hair gets back to showing the evil gray - about three to four weeks is all I last.

my hubs also got a card, some chocolate and a stuffed bulldog. When I left this morning the boys were torturing each other with the dog - I'm not sure it will still be in one piece when I get back. Snort. My house is very rarely dull for sure.

tonights the night we'll find out how Caleb did last week at testing - belts will be awarded!(or not) exciting times!

Happy day dear ones! You are such a treasure to me.
February 14, 2013 4:15 PM
Go Caleb! I hope he earned the new belt. A stuffed bulldog? How cute! Hope you have a nice evening Marla!flowerforyou
Shirley- I hope you have a nice evening out. The movie should be romantic. I think I read the book and it was a good story.flowerforyou

Russ is cooking the pasta dinner. I just get in the way. So I'm tackling my to-do list of stuff I need to accomplish this weekend. First I'm making the list... Number 1 done (list of questions for Univ. North Dakota that Russ needs to ask Army and Admissions when they meet with them on Tuesday. I'm not going so he has to take noteslaugh I brought home a couple of files so I can work from home the first hour tomorrow morning prior to going to an 8:30 appt. Not enough time in my work day today or tomorrow to accomplish desk work.

Our cabinet maker is going to start building our new pantry cabinet next week. Now we need to make decisions on counter, backsplash and paint color for cabinets so it can all be ordered and scheduled. I called Costco to come and give me a quote but no one has contacted me back to schedule the appt. Not impressed at all! I called them early Wednesday morning and gave my info and what I want, and haven't heard from anyone yet.grumble

Well Happy Valentine's Day to both of you! May your evenings be relaxing, romantic, or whatever you wish them to beheart

February 15, 2013 4:50 AM
Congratulations Caleb! Blackbelt, impressive!!!!!!

Busy work day today. Just stopped in to say hi but am working from home for an hour before my first appt. Two things on my list so need to get them done. Meetings the rest of the day, blah!

Getting colder again here, brrr...ready for spring. Rory goes on his winter trek in northern MN next weekend and I go to my friend's lake cabin for girl time. Russ gets to stay with the critters.

Well have a nice day!
February 15, 2013 5:51 AM

Marla, congrats to Caleb for getting the Black Belt. I bet he is proud. drinker

It is getting colder here today too. The sun just came out which makes things more tolerable.
I am ready for Spring at any time. We will be leaving March 2 to go to Florida for a week.
At least we will get a taste of some nice weather for a change. On the Canadian news yesterday they
made an announcement that people who rent cars in Florida have to get an international drivers
license. WTF ! noway It just kind of popped up as of January 2013 and the cost was $25.00 and if
you didn't get it they wouldn't rent a car to you. As of last night that was all tabled until the summer.
Good Grief!

Last night we went to the show but couldn't get to see Safe Haven as all the tickets were sold out. grumble
It really wasn't my first choice of shows to see but our friends wanted to see it. So instead we saw
SLIVER LINING PLAYBOOK. It was a different kind of movie but ended up to be a love story so that
was appropriate for Valentine's Day. heart We went to a Sports Bar afterward and had chicken wings,
needless to say, I am up 1.8 lbs this morning. Of course today is weigh in dayohwell
Well I am not going to beat myself up there is always next week to get back down again. smile

Today I am going to practice some of my German again while ironing. I find it easier than
just sitting there and repeating over and over again. At least I am doing something.

Have a great TGIF!

Edited by Shirley61 On February 15, 2013 5:56 AM
February 15, 2013 9:15 AM
Happy finally Friday!!! it's felt like such a loooonnnnggg week

can't believe your boy wants to camp in the cold! Crazy kids ;>)

yes - Caleb was promoted last night 'recommended' black belt - or an advanced red - which will be a red belt with a black stripe - it will several months b/f he can even think about being able to be ready to test for black - they have to go back and show all the previous forms and do some 'teaching' to younger ranks and I'm sure a bunch of other things I don't know since Zach never got this high!

boys home from school (some sort of inservice day) and then we are going to the folks tonight for the belated bday dinner for my dad - woo good times - eh. Luv them, but they are making me crazy - and I don't have any sanity to spare!

it snowed and iced over a bit last night - icky driving this morning - and I see some more flurries now - hopefully the roads clear off and stay that way - hate icy roads

sounds like very nice nights for both of you Jenny and Shirley -

almost time for lunch - whew!!
February 15, 2013 5:55 PM
My day was nonstop appts/meetings so didn't even get to computer again until now. I agree Marla, long week!!!!!!!!! Three day weekend for me so that's nice. Jeff is home from college for the weekend so I'll get to see him tomorrow eve for dinner. He may come over during the morning too. He lives at his Dad's. After a lifetime of going back and forth he picked one house in high school and stayed put. Don't blame him a bit. His room at his Dad's (much bigger house) is in the lowest level with more privacy and a TV room adjacent to it. Our house is kind of close quarters with smaller bedrooms.

Russ and I went to Home Depot tonight to price counter tops. The lady figuring out square feet from our measurements was very nice but I don't know that she gave us the right tentative estimate. All sorts of price add-ons compared to Lowe's. Still trying to make an appt. with Costco. He did call today but I missed his call so called back and left message to call me again. If we can get him out here we'll have a wholesale quote. I want to check out another wholesale place too and then make a decision between Quartz and Corian surface.

Well I'm pooped after this week. Marla I hope your dinner at your parents goes well. Shirley is it because you live in Ontario that you would need that license? It's a way to milk you for money...You've been driving your whole life so Canada's license should suffice in my opinion.

More tomorrow ladies!
February 16, 2013 4:56 AM
I'm ready to kill my cat! Do either of you have cats? They are the most neurotic, crazy, curious, and annoying but also loving pets. My cat has compulsive behaviors such as licking plastic and metal. He's also obsessed with food and I think he has an eating disorder. If cats could be diagnosed autistic, Tommy would be. Each morning he jumps up on my dresser at 5:00am and starts licking a metal box I have up there or something else. He's doing it to get me out of bed because his automatic feeder hasn't turned yet. Drives me batty. Today I've been up wince 5:20 because he was relentless. I'm not sure if I should go back to two bowls of food per day in a real bowl or continue with the feeder that he obsesses about the time. The vet had recommended the feeder so he would let us sleep but it is backfiring. Tommy sits and waits for his bowl to turn hours before it is suppose to do so. Obsession!!

I need to paint more samples of cabinet paint on to poster board today. Still trying to narrow my choices for cabinet color. Brought home some samples of quartz and corian counter tops last night. I went somewhat subtle and neutral but am not sure I like the choices. Hard to picture the whole room with small pieces and swatches.

What are your weekend plans? Russ and Rory have to go to the Army Surplus store today to find some pots for cooking on a gas burner for Rory's trek. He needs to start packing and compiling his stuff. I still need to wash the back pack and get some food for him from the store. I've even made my list for packing for the cabin. This year I'm relaxing, reading, knitting, and doing a puzzle for my entertainment.

Have a nice day!
February 16, 2013 7:37 AM
Jenny - yep, I have three cats, and I totally agree with you - they know I'm the first one up everyday - and they come and park themselves by my side of the bed probably usually before 4 and wait until my alarm goes off - or if I happen to roll over - and then start in with pacing, some meowing, one will jump up to purr in my face - my old tom cat - dudley - has a weird obsession with damp dish towels - he waits until everyone is out for the night and then goes and drags any towels he can find off the counters and hauls them around the house, grazey eats anything foam-spongey - think nerf darts - and Roxy is in a league of her own - certainly entertaining - just not at oh-dark-thirty!

dinner last night went remarkably well, until mom dropped a bomb in my ear that one of dad's horses died yesterday. Oh crap. He is more attached to the dasterdly duo (well, former duo) than anything else. Not to sound bitter - but he spends way more time with the horses than he ever did either my sister or me - so I know we are in for some unchartered pain, suffering and grief for dad. So, I feel sad for dad - not sure what we'll be able to do - just hoping he doesn't fall completely apart.

At work - and not working - b/c the server is currently hocked up - hoping it gets going soon - b/c I really don't intend to spend hours here - which - you know what I need to physically go hunt down some IT - b/c they haven't emailed me back yet and it's been long enough - so later dear ones - enjoy your Saturdays!
February 17, 2013 6:49 AM
Sunny and in the teens. No snow in the forecast that I know of. This winter seems like one same day after another.

Need to get Rory organized for his winter trek today. Hopefully he feels the same when he wakes up.

We took Jeff and Rory out for dinner last night to celebrate Rory's offer from the Army, Jeff's job prospects that he has in the works, and to toast their upcoming graduations. I had crab stuffed walleye with asparagas, peppers, and mashed potatoes. Very good but rich! Serving sizes were appropriate, which you don't see these days at restaurants.

I have reports to work on and light cleaning to do today or tomorrow. What do you both have planned?

February 17, 2013 8:37 AM
Morning Happy Sunday!

JENNY: The State of Florida has decided to table that license idea until the summer. So
I guess its all good for right now. Maybe things will change later.

I have read all the posts, I missed yesterday because Dave was doing my US and Canadian taxes.
It took him a while. I will get some money back, but he still has to do the Canadian taxes and see if it
will take that money I get back. So far since I have worked in the States I have gotten money back and
came out ahead. Now that I am not working and collecting government pensions from both I don't know how
that will affect my taxes yet. I will find out soon enough.
Today we will be picking up my MIL and take her with us to my daughter's in Toronto to celebrate an early
birthday. She turns 32 on February 20th and boy, do I feel old. I get to see my kitty grandchild,
Izzy and play with him. Then we are all going out to dinner at a restaurant of her choice.

Last night we had cod for dinner and baby red potatoes and brussel sprouts roasted in the oven.
It was delicious, Dave didn't like the brussel sprouts done that way he said they were too strong.
Anyway, I counted the calories last night and I couldn't believe how many calories were in just 3 potatoes.
I wanted to use them up because I had them around for awhile, but i don't think I will getting them again
any time soon. There are so many other choices that are less calories.

I also bought another Leslie Sasone DVD for a change, now I have two to use until this weather
breaks and I can walk outside again. Today it is 13F. No exercise today I am giving Sunday's
as my rest day, plus my body needs a break.

Have a wonderful Sunday !

Edited by Shirley61 On February 17, 2013 8:48 AM

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