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November 10, 2012 6:59 AM
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MARLA: cheesecake (mouth drooling)
JENNY: Have fun getting shoes, I love to go shoe shopping. Clark's are a very good brand.

Gray and cool today about 47F and holding. Our friend's last night took the position of
organizing people for the cruising parties. drinker They decided to get a group together
and to start it off with a BBQ and send an email around to the people who said they would
help. Its a good start.

Dave and his friend Bob left this morning to go the sailing club with the final closing up of
the boats. Bob needed some help with his boat and Dave needed to put on another tarp.
I hope this the last of it. ohwell Later this afternoon we are going across the border to
order the mattress and get some groceries at Wegman's. Nothing planned for tonight so
I guess we will just relax.

Have a good Saturday!!

November 10, 2012 9:03 PM
Spent way too much money today but had fun. I went to Costco and got some needed necessities and then some things not neededohwell Bought a pair of Ariat shoes in black. Very comfortable and they slip on which is nice for work going in and out of homes.

Church was enjoyable and our small group discussion went well. We went out for dinner with one of the couples after the group and got to know them better. It's nice making new friends.

I fell down outside the house we were at for group. Uneven pavement and my ankle went sideways and down I went. I'm okay but a little sore tonight. My glasses flew off my head and I scraped up my elbow. We'll see what kind of bruises I have in the morning.

Well I'm very tired so going to bed a little early. I hope you all had a nice day and tomorrow is a good day too. We have to look at windows tomorrow and hopefully purchase a couple for the house. Fingers crossed we find what we needsmile

Shirley-glad your friends are taking over the party planning. Enjoy!

Tired so off I goyawn

November 11, 2012 2:20 PM
Two windows ordered, grocery shopping done, and five pans of manicotti made and in the oven. So putsy to put it together that I make extra and freeze after baked for later. When the boys are all home for Christmas we can have manicotti for dinner some night. They love it. One of the pans is for a co-worker who had twins in June and just came back to work. She has 4 kids 5 and under. I'm taking her dinner tomorrow.

Last night we got together with our new friends at church. I think I mentioned I fell outside the house we met at. No bruises today and no broken bones luckily. My back is a little sore but has been for weeks anyway.

I hope you had a nice weekend. Cold, wet rainiy and snowy here today. Low 30's so I need my blood to thicken a little bitbigsmile

Have a nice evening!
November 12, 2012 5:17 AM
Lookie - another new thread! What is this our fourth??

Jenny - yikes! glad you are ok after you spill - not fun. Lots of fun shopping for you - I have a terrible time finding shoes for work. I have to have something with a back (no open slide on 'mules/clogs' which I have several pair of) and for me personally I need something that accomodates a high instep. I hate the ballet flats - b/c while they are super cute - they just aren't comfortable to me. I am definitely a form, before fashion person. Comfort! I still have put off looking for new pants - I was going to go these the little shops downtown this weekend, but I chickened out.

Shirley - sounds like a great weekend - did you get your mattress? When we moved into this house six years ago I bought furniture (for the first time ever) and a new mattress - I did the tempurpedic. I have to say I have been pretty happy with it. I miss the cushy-sinky in feeling of a plush feather top (I had put one of those on the old bed) - but it's squishier now. My sister has a sleep by number and the couple times I have plopped down on it it felt pretty good too!

I am feeling fussy and p'o'd at the husband. It was deer opening weekend and the boys had wanted to go with him and he was saying he could do that this year (first time) and I said that's great - but you (the boys) have to go to church (it's a school requirement) and Zach HAS to work on homework some of the time. I mean it's not like they hunt 24/7. but apparently I gave him too much of a list, so he cancelled and then told everybody they weren't going b/c I didn't want them to. asshat. When the boys asked me why I didn't want them to go - I explained what I had said, and they understood it wasn't 'my fault', but it still pisses me off - b/c I know that's also what he told his brother and step-dad - gah!!! Yep - that's right I'm so effing mean and unreasonable. dumbass

I did get the garden mostly picked up Friday - of course I ended up having to do most of it again - b/c the bags I had filled blew around when the wind picked and dumped their garbage all over - again. uh. It was almost 70 on Saturday and then below 30 on Sunday. Welcome to Nebraska weather! No snow - but a thunderstorm! don't know how much we got - but any is good.
November 12, 2012 8:08 AM
Yes Marla, how this thread just keeps going and going. We will know each other inside and out
pretty soon. You guys are beginning to be my best friends where I can vent and also share
good times. To good timesdrinker

JENNY: I hope you are feeling better after that fall. It sounds nasty. Feel better soon.

Yes we ordered the mattress on Saturday at City Mattress in Buffalo and it will be delivered this week some time.
I do have a busy week, so I hope I am home when they call.
I won't be gone all day its just short appts here and there. We ended up with a regular mattress which
is firm but has a pillow top and the coils are called pocket coils. We laid on it again in the store and I said,
Yes is the one! I have never laid around on so many beds lately.laugh laugh
I am so glad we have made a decision. My Dave is not a spontaneous person when it comes
to buying big things he loves to look around for the best deal and so on. smile

Yesterday was just a relaxing day and I took a day off of exercise.
Since we can talk about personal stuff I have experiencing hemmoroid problems these
last few days and been taking baths to calm things down plus using medication.
It has not been pleasant but things are getting better. Nasty thing to deal with. ohwell
So going on my bike was not an option since things get better. tongue

Today I just finished my walk and it is 66F outside but tomorrow it will be 35F, hard to believe.
The winds are picking up and will probably bring in the cold. So laundry day today and trying
to see the rest of my episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs DVD which I got from the library and have
to return tomorrow. I don't know if you have the system for your water/sewer that we have,
but we have a designated times of day which is considered high, medium, and low hours to do laundry,
dishwasher etc. My high time this month is between 7am to11am in the morning then it starts
with medium usage 12:00pm to 5:00pm. So I do my laundry today after 12:00pm.
I like that better than the summer which high usage is 7am to 11:am.
Its kind of a pain b/c it shows on your bill. So you have to be mindful of the time of day.
Weekends and holidays are low usage all the time.

Well gotta get going and draw my bath like the English. laugh Have a great day!!

Edited by Shirley61 On November 12, 2012 8:13 AM
November 12, 2012 9:20 AM
hunh - I'm sure there are high, low etc times - but as far as I know the charges are the same - or maybe they are different and they don't make it public knowledge.

and I hear you on the 'h's" I have been that way since I had the boys - have never fully gotten better. Darn ginormous Paden head babies! blushing noway
November 12, 2012 3:01 PM
You two are so funny! I too have problems with h's and have even gone in for a procedure one time to take care of it. Now there back! Hate 'em!

Shirley-when we bought our sleep number we were in the store for two hours laying on the beds and trying the remotes. I could have taken a nap they were so comfortable. Please continue to tell me every detail of your days as a retired person. I live through you!

Marla-so hubby didn't go hunting either? You didn't get the house to yourself at all? Bummer!!!!!!! I bet the boys were disappointed. Our weather is the same as NE, warm one day and cold and snowy the next. Today the high was 33 with snow flurries. I guess parts of the metro area had snow that stuck and also poor visibility this morning. Not us. My shoes that I bought slip on but aren't clogs. They have a back and are very comfortable to wear all day. Good arch support. Ariat brand are good shoes along with Dansko, Clark, Ramika, Wolky, and Born. Pay more but better made and provide support for our aging feet. I'm trying to invest in well made supportive shoes over a couple of years and get rid of the flats I have that have no support but are just cute. I can only wear those for short periods of time.

I don't have any bruises, just a scraped up elbow. Lucky me! I felt stupid more than anything. So much for a first or second impression with new friendsbigsmile

I see my endocrinologist tomorrow after work. She will do an A1c and see how I'm doing. I know my glucose levels have been good but my weight is not. I've gained a few due to my laziness in not consistently exercising. Such a battle!

My son in AK called today. Not sure he will be home for Christmas after all. He plans to continue fishing into the winter season. Not thrilled that he's doing thatgrumble

Well have a nice evening and I'll check in tomorrow.
November 13, 2012 8:14 AM
I luv the clarks shoes I have but they are both clog/mule things - AND a dansko pair - b/c I use to be able to wear those - haven't heard of Ariat - will have to look for those

so I had to the 'gum' dentist (peridontist sp?) yesterday - I have some gum tissue that recently wore/ripped away - just as my research led me to fear - I am going to have to have a bit of a gum graft done on it. I'm kind of nervous - it's a few weeks away - I have to use this rinse for awhile to 'calm' down the area since it is very red and inflammed right now. I'm not questioning the need to do it - gum doesn't grow back, the root and nerves are exposed and since it is my lower incisor I don't want to lose that tooth if I don't have to - just queasy about how it's going to feel. I don't have a super high threshold for pain - I'm always popping the advil!

this morning I went up to the high school that is in my district to do some interview prepping with a young lady in the FFA who is doing an interview competition for state - I think that sort of thing is really great. Those are truly real world things that kids need to know how to do. And until you actually do it (a few times) it's really hard to even know what to expect. I hope we were able to help and didn't scare her too much. I could tell she had never done any sort of interview. But she can get with a bit of work.

back to this funtown - later dears!
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November 13, 2012 9:47 AM
Beautiful sunny day! Makes a difference in the attitudebigsmile

Car repair for our 3rd car is going to be big, ugh! Why does this stuff always happen around the holidays? Power steering went out, needs two new tires due to alignment issues, and something else, can't remember.

Well time for lunch and I'm hungry so signing off.

Have a nice day!
November 13, 2012 11:33 AM
MARLA: good luck with your gums getting repaired.
JENNY: Yes I have had the "H"s repaired beore too but I think I will have to have
that done again. Its very annoying.

Another cleaning day today, the downstairs this time. I wanted it done so next week
I don't have to do laundry, clean and pack for the Thanksgiving day holiday in Michigan
with friends. So that is done now and I can relax. bigsmile
Before we leave for the holiday weekend Dave is going to paint the floor of the
partial basement where his desk is now and my shelves for extra food and such.
So we will be carting everything out to the garage so he can paint and it will
dry while we are gone. Then we can put everything back when we get home.
Also over the winter he is going to redo my shelves and make them more efficient
and maybe we will be getting rid of some of the stuff too. happy

Dave has a sailing club board meeting tonight so I will have some of the evening to
myself so I think I will go to Walmart and pick up a few things after dinner.

Tomorrow is my Pilates personal instructor lesson for a half hour which is good
because it always makes me feel good. The cleaning today will be my exercise.
Still waiting for the call on the new mattress to be delivered this week. ohwell

Have a good work day ladies.
Edited by Shirley61 On November 13, 2012 11:33 AM
November 14, 2012 6:26 AM
Nice plans for getting more organized Shirley:) I have some of that to do too. I need to make the time and prioritize.

Beautiful sunny day again. Work is low key today. I get to go observe a little girl at a daycare center and then write reports. I brought a healthy salad for lunch and an apple for a snackdrinker

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Feel good at Pilates Shirley!
November 14, 2012 11:54 AM
I had my 1/2 hour Pilates session today and I feel so good. I can't wait to start classes again in January. happy
After my session I went to visit my MIL and she already had company so I stayed and chatted a bit and she seems
very settled in the new apartment. She has a love seat now to go with her sofa and she is happy.happy
I told her if she needed anything just to call me. She was happy with that, she does need a flu shot but I told her
where the walk in clinic was so I guess she will drive herself.

Looks like the mattress is going to take longer to get here than I thought. Since its coming across the border
it takes about a week to go through customs brokers then they can deliver it. So I may be waiting longer than
expected. ohwell
The weather here is cold, cloudy and gray but no rain. happy

Today for dinner I am going to make Salmon cakes and just pulled the recipe off the computer called
All if any one is interested. I think i will also make Kale chips for a snack. So easy and so good.

Well back to ironing and watching a program we DVR'd.

Tomorrow morning is laser toe treatment.ohwell

Have a wonderful afternoon.

November 14, 2012 12:18 PM
Doing well with my eating today. Give me strength to continue into the eveningbigsmile

Going to see my financial adviser after work and pick up a prescription. Fun times!

Have a nice evening!
November 14, 2012 12:35 PM
ew - financial people - spend less (no coffee!!), save/invest more - yawn! I know, I know it's important. But frustrating.

Glad you are happy to be back pialtes Shirley - good for body, mind and spirit.

Car worked on today - $400 - plumber working in basement last two days - don't ask $$$$. Hello ulcer.

Happy that my hair day was yesterday (and yes I know with all those other bills, I shouldn't be spending on hair, but I basically refuse to come to work everyday looking like an old skunk) - sooo happy with hair zooshed up and smooth from the styling. Sigh.... too bad I can't make it look this nice everyday.

Just over a week till Thanksgiving - whoa buddy! My sister is having our family and her husbands family to knock it all out at once. It'll be close to 40 peeps. Crazy girl. Then she'll take off at like midnight for twelve to fourteen hours of black friday shopping. She's a freak. I love her, but she's a freak. Every year she asks if I'm going along. Uh, no. I like to sleep more than I like to save five bucks on something.

short week next week - off wednesday through sunday - should plan something to do with the boys on wednesday - maybe a movie? anything good in the theatre's for an 8/12/38 y/o?

trying to psych myself up to stop and look for pants on the way home - already losing that battle - thinking coffee and a dvd (a workout one) instead.

happy hump!
November 14, 2012 3:52 PM
Marla you look fantastic!!!!! You've been very disciplined with exercise and giving up your evening treats for the most part. Has paid off!!!!!!!!! You've had an expensive week too! Ugh! Know how it feels. You deserve new pants so get out and shop when you have timedrinker

Well finally home and time to relax. Should be exercising but no go tonight. I'm beat!

More tomorrow,
November 15, 2012 11:58 AM
today is pointing towards major suckage - there are 'consultants' in plant to tell us how to re-boot things and start making money - duh, I know don't pay consultants thousands of $$$$ - today they hit my team. They have decided we will be focusing shipping the top 45 number/parts. Out of THOUSANDS. 45 out of 5000. WT freakin' H is that going to help? We carry/make all those other numbers b/c customers want them. I guess that their thinking is we'll be able to ship the heck out of a couple things and be 100% on time, but uh - it's not going to make our unit money. And it would likely mean the end of most of my team. You don't really need a bunch of people to control inventory when there are only a couple of things. Thank you so much powers that be - while I don't luv my job - I need it and the thought that it may be gone during the holidays really sux.

I can't believe out business unit president will allow it - how will he service his customers without all parts able to ship promptly?

ah well - this too shall pass - or it won't and 'c'est la vie'....

I can't believe how suddenly (it seems) that I am noticing a difference. I have been working out for forever it feels like and just the last couple of weeks I feel like I am really seeing some results. I guess those couple of pounds really helped out.

Let's do this dear ones!

Oh - I went trolling for a few new buddies today too - I picked up a couple from others friends friends lists - I picked a couple of guys - I don't know why but I really like seeing guys make encouraging comments on my newsfeed. That's probably 'wrong' but I still like it.

Later - got some 'fun' (work) to do.
November 15, 2012 1:29 PM
WTG Marla! I have guy friends on here and have since the beginning. We all have similar battles with eating and exercising, they just lose fastercry

Hope your job is secure, wow! Hang in there!

I have knitting tonight and still working on the same projects I've been doing for awhileohwell

Time to go home and get revved for the evening so more later.

November 15, 2012 4:31 PM
MARLA: LOVE the new Pic, your look fabulous !!
I sure hope things work out for your job and nothing happens until after Christmas.
Its always the same, lets get rid of people before Christmas. Krikeee!! (Australian hope I spelled it right)laugh
JENNY: How is the battle of the bulge going for you? I feel like I am in quicksand and sinking lately. This month
really sucks the big one, no matter how much I exercise. I have been trying to eat less. Next week please
lose something. sad

Today was laser treatment day on the "F" shhh fungus toes. It went well and the doc takes pictures every time to
see how things are progressing. I think pretty good and my toes say thanks doc. drinker
So another $230 gone and next appt. will be in January and hopefully the last of it.

The good thing is the mattress will be delivered on Tuesday and since our friend works at the customs brokerage
he waived the $100 broker fee so we are taking them out for dinner tomorrow to say "Thanks".
Next week will be short work week for Dave and we are leaving Wednesday night for London, ON and then
Michigan on Thursday. So packing and getting things ready will be next week.

Going to watch some TV, Grey's Anatomy tonight. drinker
Have a good sleep ladies. yawn

November 16, 2012 5:42 AM
to sleep, perchance to dream....and not have had to get up at 0500 - awesome!
November 16, 2012 6:36 AM
Happy day off Marla! TGIF is all I can saydrinker

Shirley- I have the bulge but am not doing well with the battle. Losing it as of now...Not making much of an effort and am in a funk. Bear hibernation mode with laziness, etc.

I work next M and T and then am off the rest of the week. My son comes home from college Monday night so it will be nice to see him. Russ' brother who is a chef is having Thanksgiving at his place so we don't have to do much or clean the house if we don't want tobigsmile

At work so must do so...have a nice day!
November 16, 2012 12:10 PM
MARLA: You are becoming a digital fool now with all your new pictures. Love it !!drinker

Just got back from lunch with a friend at Olive Garden. I blasted the sodium out of the water.sad

Tonight is Twilight Part 2 and dinner at an Italian Restaurant with our close friends.
So sodium is not my friend today and if my doc saw it he would flip. noway

Have a great evening my friends, tomorrow is another day. bigsmile

November 16, 2012 12:22 PM
Shirley you are doing great with consistent exercise. Drink lots of water and flush the sodium out of your body. Have a good evening!
November 16, 2012 12:36 PM
lots of water Shirley -

glad to hear your son is coming home - bet it will be great having him there for the holiday - and NOT having to cook it AND having chefs prepare - WIN-WIN!

not super productive - but I did get a great workout in - man I just killed it today - treated myself to a couple slices of pizza - and it's already about time to go pick up the kids.

They have piano lessons tonight and then Zach is off to the 'jr high' lock in at church at 9 pm to 7:30 - so basically he'll be gone for tonight and most of tomorrow b/c he'll sleep all day!

Super short week next week for me too. Only Mon and Tues. Yeah buddy. Can't believe it's Thanksgiving already - the weather has been pretty nice for November - hard to get in the holiday groove.

Come on gal pals - you can keep doing this - you kept me in the game when I was so far out of it and I finally got back in - keep after it!!! flowerforyou drinker
November 17, 2012 7:02 AM
Great exercising Marla and Shirley!
Russ and I volunteered at a non-profit last night where we prepared and packed boxes of food for inner city families in need of good meals. Each box could feed 6 people 2 meals. They are distributed through churches throughout the twin cities.

Today I must color my hair and do a little cleaningsad Beautiful day out so a walk would be nice too.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

November 18, 2012 6:10 AM
morning sunshines!! have to start getting ready for church shortly - and the 8 y/o is in a mood - I think nobody slept enough Friday night - the 12 y/o slept for four or five hours in the afternoon - but he was up all night the lock in and it's time for everybody to be up getting ready and nobody is - ugh - it's going to be one of those morings.

I was so very unproductive yesterday - I did do some laundry and get groceries - but the rest of the day I just did and watched some of my dvr'd shows. So bad. I must do some actual work today - I have to work on this scholarship application with my nephew. My sister convinced me to 'work' for her doing these - and this one is due in a couple of days. Once I get going it should be ok - but I will have to sit down with him and talk about what he considers his 'top 10 achievements' in and out of 4-h and blah,blah.

I need to get the 12 y/o moving for sure so he can go help fill food baskets this morning during Sunday School - I think it will be a good experience for him

hope you all had great Satudays and will have peaceful Sunday - mwah!

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