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November 13, 2012 2:36 AM
Good morning my friends.

Barbie - I am going to look up those Bugaboots you mentioned! I get such cold feet on my walks.

I've already done my 'dad-talking-down-from-the-ledge' bit today. I can't believe how insecure and paranoid he is about absolutely everything. If only there was a magic cure, but he talks himself into all kinds of worries. He is totally obsessive about being ill. Every little burp or hiccup is a sign of cancer or heart attack in his mind. If he could stop obsessing and start enjoying his life more, we would all be happier. He's 81 and who knows how much time he has left with us, if only he would enjoy what he has left.

Sorry - rant over. I cricked my neck at work yesterday (climbing on my desk to reach something - stupid of me, but I'm impetuous sometimes) and it stopped me from sleeping well - always makes me grumpy.

Aggh, I've just discovered that I've lost one of my favourite earrings! They are platinum eiffel towers and I must have lost one on the way to work. Darn it!

Ok my friends, I'm going to try to be a better girl now and get on with the myriad tasks I have ahead today.

Be well. Be safe. Be happy.

Love to all.
Amanda x
November 13, 2012 3:21 AM
Good morning to all,

Just saw this posted on Facebook by MoneySavingMom and had to share.

Image not displayed

Have a great Tuesday!

November 13, 2012 4:17 AM
Good morning beautiful ladiesflowerforyou

JaneMartinsmile Enjoy those beautiful granddaughters this week!!! You`re right our blessings are our family and our friends, those that will stick with us through thick and thin!!!

Marysmile Good post for all the newbies!!!

Genealacesmile That`s interesting about freeze drying the rosemary, if I ever get enough I might try that, it`s got to be better than the dried stuff from the store!

Barbiesmile I love the gratitude to winter!!!! I have to admit I`m enjoying watching the leaves swirling to ground on my walks with Noel, she likes to chase them!

Amandasmile I hope things with your dad will get better, it`s just so sadcry ! Hope your neck is feeling better today...and hope you find your earring!!!

Lynnsmile It`s nice to see your smiling face on your profile pic!!! Great post!!!

It`s rainy here this morning and much cooler than it has beensad , means warmer clothes and a heavier coat for todayfrown . Hopefully it also means the pain in my shoulder will now go away since the cold front has come through, it has been a bear the past few daysangry . Noel is looking at me with those bright eyes and they look a little watery, must be time to go outsidelaugh . Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! Drink your waterdrinker drinker drinker and log your food!!!!

November 13, 2012 5:10 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Hope today is a Terrific Tuesday for all! I enjoyed the last hurrah of mild weather and rode the bike outside with DH. Today it is windy and rainy and the forecast is for the colder weather to stay with us now. DD#2 came home for DH to fix her car. We took her out to dinner and luckily for me they chose a place with good food options for me! I didn't get to plan for the week yet... Had a filling replaced yesterday and food choices in the house are limited. Thought I might make some soup....

Michele- Hope your tooth experience is done so you can get back to your busy bee routine! LOL
DeeDee- Take the shoes back! A reputable store should have no problem with this...If not put them on E-Bay!
Lynn- THANKS for the motivational quote! Sure needed to hear that!
jb- Please post the recipe for kidney bean and kale soup... sounds delish!
Meg- Feel better soon! Hopefully this is your "major" sickness for the year! LOL
Linda Sundance- WTG with your optimism about your injury! You are rocking the exercise anyway!
Liz- LOVE Dr. Oz!!! He has such charisma and great advice!
Amanda- Glad you had fun at your Gbabies party. Sorry your Dad is not enjoying the moment. Hang in there!
Jolene- Hope you are doing ok....Thinking of you.

To everyone else- I read all the posts I got behind on. Hope you continue to follow the yellow brick road!!!! One day at a time!

Take care,
November 13, 2012 5:14 AM
Bumping to read later...I am 66 and have been on here since March think. You look like a fantastic ole model. I have been in and out of 4 hspitals llol month of Oct., ut I ll try to read someitme this month. Tks for the message boards:)wink smile happy love flowerforyou glasses heart
November 13, 2012 6:29 AM
I was so happy to see your post because we're the same age. I thought I was the only one on MFP in the 70's! Welcome and hope to get to know you better. I'm also new to this group.
November 13, 2012 6:31 AM
I was actually replying to AnnasGrammie's post. Doesn't make sense without that reference. I'll BBL to talk have to get ready for golf girls brunch.
November 13, 2012 7:21 AM
Hi Everyone,happy

Don’t have a lot of time; I am actually supposed to be working. I am giving the illusion of being busy while I make a quick post. I’m sorry that I can’t reply to everyone. I have read your posts.wink

JaneMartin- So glad you get to spend time with your granddaughters. I know how precious that time is.

Lynn- I really like your post. So very true.flowerforyou

Amanda- I can relate to what you are going through. My mother is only 70 but everything that comes up is a sure “death sentence”! That is one of the reasons I didn’t want to tell her about my tests until we had a sure result, because she tends to “get out the elephant gun” on everything and I don’t want to live my life like that. Perhaps if your dad had a hobby or maybe a dog to help occupy his time and keep his mind off himself it would help (if he is able to do something like that).heart heart

DeeDee- I have had that same problem with shoes. I just usually have to take them back and get something else. I can’t wear anything with a high arch in it so I run into problems with shoes a lot. Just a note, I always look forward to your posts. They are amusing and uplifting…thanks for sharing.happy heart flowerforyou

Michele- I hope you are feeling much better. It does take a while for gums to heal. Be good to yourself.bigsmile

Meg- I hope you kick this thing soon. I know nurses don’t make good patients. My supervisor is a nurse and she never follows her own advice when she gets sick, lol. But she has a lot of input when I am!laugh laugh

Carolyn- thanks for thinking of me.flowerforyou heart I have been reading everyone, just didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to say lately.:

Nannabanana- Oh heavenly day! 4 hospitals…I will be praying for you and hope you feel better soon.noway

Suebdew-You look terrific for any age.happy

LindaSundance- I hope you are feeling better soon. There are some exercises for carpal tunnel. You can find them online at . I find them to be helpful and so did my husband; however we both had to have the surgery, eventually. I had it done on both hands six weeks apart about 15 years ago. flowerforyou

It was very cold this morning when I walked Jasmine and Eliza Janefrown . They didn’t seem to mind but I found the wind to be quite bracingnoway . I don’t really care for the cold without snowgrumble . Just seems pointless to me to endure the cold without something beautiful to show for itnoway grumble laugh

I love it when that wondrous white blanket envelopes the landscape.heart heart Everything lays in a quiet slumber. It’s so peaceful, so clean, like a new beginning. Of course, in Tennessee we usually get ice instead, lol.laugh

I ran across this and thought how it expresses what I feel, “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ~ Marcel Proust.
Just want you all to know how much I appreciate you, because you help make me happy. flowerforyou flowerforyou heart heart happy

Have a great day all.
November 13, 2012 7:36 AM
Hi all! I'm Linda & just started with mfp but have been trying to lose weight forever. I'm 62 years young, married & animal lover with 2 dogs & 6 cats. I live in a very small town in SW Iowa called Gravity.
I've been doing well with mfp & a trainer. Just trying to get a new habit formed to exercise/workout everyday.
Happy to be in this group of great sisters!!
November 13, 2012 7:37 AM
Good morning!

I've started a big pot of minestrone soup for dinner tonight, it sure smells good. In a few minutes I'll do yoga, push ups, crunches and weights, then call Mom, go grocery shopping, walk dogs, fix a big salad for lunch and go to work.

The end of the garden lettuce and tomatoes has finally come, so this morning I'll need to stock up at the store. I still have a few things to harvest, like beets, parsnips, broc, kale, brussels sprouts and cabbage. I'm hoping the cauliflower will get a chance to form heads.

Here's the Kale/Kidney Bean Soup recipe as requested flowerforyou

Kale & Kidney Bean Soup

2 cans low sodium chicken broth (4 cups)
1/2 bunch kale
2 oz bulk Italian sausage (or kielbasa, or sausage of your choice)
1 can red kidney beans or white cannellini kidney beans, drained and rinsed
Pinch oregano
1 bay leaf
Optional: 1/4 - 1/3 cup pasta sauce, tomato sauce or a bit of diced tomato

Remove stems and chop kale, then simmer in the broth with the beans, pasta sauce, oregano and bay leaf until kale is tender, about 30 min. Meanwhile, cook the sausage and add to soup. Garnish with parmesan cheese if desired.

The original recipe (from a friend) called for cannellini beans, kielbasa, did not include pasta sauce, and called for adding cooked tortellini at the end, which of course adds a ton of calories. I much prefer the Italian sausage to the kielbasa. Either way, it's a great soup!

Nutrition amounts will vary according to ingredients, but here's what mine came to:
2 cup serving = 173 cal, 28 carb, 9 fiber, 12 protein, 3 fat, 938 potassium, 600 sodium
(I prefer to use homemade chicken broth with much lower sodium!)

Time's up, I must get busy. May your Tuesday be Thoughful, Tranquil, Triumphant and Tasty!

smile jb
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November 13, 2012 8:11 AM
Good morning everyone! The storm rolled in with a vengeance last night – I thought we had another hurricane the way the wind was howling! It’s tapered off this morning, just dreary. It’s a good day to continue my quest to get my house scrubbed clean. Unfortunately, the weather also seems to have kicked up my elbow tendonitis a notch – it’s really sore. I took some ibuprofen – hopefully will start working soon.

Nothing terribly exciting to report here – DH is still in Germany so I’m going to try to take my sister out to dinner one night this week. She’s had a tough year and deserves some TLC.

Lila, about the calories/exercise thing: I would recommend eating a bit more if you’re not tracking the exercise or keeping your calories too low. I wore my HRM for several hours yesterday before I worked out (good intentions, late workout) and discovered I burn around 100 calories/hour just by sitting and typing. If I’m burning 2400 calories a day just by existing, any movement on top of that is going to push up my energy requirement. I keep my calorie “baseline” set at 1200, but if I work out (which I do most days) I really need to eat those calories too. I’m still working at a 1200 calorie deficit, which is plenty, but I don’t want to go below that or I risk either starvation (plateau) or failing because I’m just too hungry. I discovered while I was traveling last week and didn’t have access to my kitchen that I really do get hungry! I had thought I had my eating under control, but what I’ve really done is learned to listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored. It’s a great feeling, I tell ya!

Kathy, keep trying to have something healthy on hand. I keep cottage cheese in the fridge and try to remind myself when I’m reaching for a cookie (grr) that I’ll be fuller if I eat that. You can pick anything you like texture/type wise – an apple, some almonds, yogurt – I find I need to consider calorie and saltiness (I crave salt like crazy). I also find when I eat something sweet it’s too easy to start craving it all the time, so I just don’t.

Hi, Meg, and happy 20th to your daughter! That is a lot of emails – and unnecessary ones? You need a filter lol.

DeeDee, I love your picture! You really look great. I hope you get the shoe thing sorted out – I find if I’m really trying to adjust to new shoes it takes a while, but it might also be the surface of the track you’re on?

Sue, 27 pecan trees?!? That’s a lot of pecans! Do you sell them? How sad that your dad didn’t consider moving the clothes line rather than get rid of the horse. Have fun at your brunch!

Laura, sounds like a fabulous weekend.

Robin, Good luck with the exercise - maybe the puppies can pull you out the door more often? It really does help.

JaneM, good luck on your interview! You’re such a caring person, I’m sure you’ll do fine. I’m sorry the company is kind of jerking your DH around on his hours – that happened to my sister with the same company. I agree on the gratitude of having a job but hope he has time to keep looking for something better. I read that they’re changing their benefits structure yet again – grr.

BJMCQ, good for you for getting outside with your dog. You’re right, it doesn’t take long for it to become a little easier, then a lot easier, then reaching for more – and it’s a great feeling!

Michele, is the loop stitch to make it appear like something to hang the coaster with? If so, I would say it’s where you make a big loop with your thread/yarn, then anchor it down with a stitch at the base of the loop (on the coaster) – you can make more than one loop before anchoring if need be. I keep imagining how hard it must be for you to resist a lot of temptation with all the yummy baking goodies you have around!

JB, I’m so glad you’re enjoying yoga! I can’t believe what a difference it’s made in my overall strength and flexibility. You’re doing a great job adding in those various exercises, and they’ll all work at making you so much stronger and fit! So keep it up. Your lunch sounds yummy too – something about fall days and soup just go together smile.

Joann, if your family isn’t too crazy about the carrot soup you could try it with roasted pumpkin or butternut squash too – also yummy.

Chris, good luck with finding something for dinner. Sometimes we wind up eating popcorn on nights like that smile. Fortunately, we don’t often have to worry about feeding the kids, just ourselves.

Liz, most diet plans insist the single biggest factor in a successful diet is eating breakfast, and quick on the heels of that is eating a lot of protein because it will keep you full longer. I can’t eat eggs by themselves (need a carb to go with them), but I’ve been having protein shakes on my resistance days and oatmeal with raisins on my cardio days and it really does help.

MaryC, Thanks for your service, and for continuing the tradition from your father as well. It is sad to see a parent who has gotten lost in the quagmire of Alzheimer’s. It’s so sad.

Barbie, thanks for all the sage advice and support, as always smile.

Amanda, it’s very confusing for our older citizens – and I’m sure paranoia is a side-effect of that confusion. He may also be magnifying his already anxious nature. Poor guy. If we all did what was good for us, none of us would be here, right? smile. I hope your neck feels better – a warm, damp towel wrapped around your neck/shoulders might help (it helps me), as will those microwave wraps filled with corn. I hope you find your earring!

Lynn, great reminder!

DeeDee, back again – are you loving the warmer clothes? I always love getting out sweaters to wear (when I know I didn’t outgrow them over the summer laugh).

Carolyn, that’s great that you can still get out on the bike! I was looking forward to walking, but not in this rain. It might stop later today though.

Nanna – I hope your health continues to improve. Come back soon and often!

Jolene, lol at posting while trying to look like you’re working smile. Also about walking in the cold without snow. I agree about the wind too – I almost won’t go out if it’s windy but I force myself if it’s just cold. I agree about the snow blankets. Love the Proust quote!

LindaJ, (we have three Lindas now) welcome! I wonder if I almost drove through Gravity the other day – DH and I got lost on the way to the Omaha airport lol. Exercise is, imo, key. The more you strengthen your body the more it will respond to whatever else you try to do. I’m kind of obsessive about it these days wink.

JB, love your Thoughtful, Tranquil, Triumphant and Tasty Tuesday idea! I’m also a big soup fan – so in return, here’s a corn chowder recipe that’s fairly simple and tasty too (and meatless, of course):

Corn Chowder:
2 cans of corn or corn from 4 – 6 ears of corn or 1 bag frozen corn
1 onion, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
1 poblano chile, roasted, peeled and diced or (as I did) 1 finely minced jalapeno chile
1 red bell pepper, chopped (optional)
1 large white potato, diced into 1/2 “ cubes
1 sweet potato, diced into ½” cubes
¼ cup flour
1 -2 tbsp olive oil
1 ½ tsp sage
1 tsp cumin
1 quart veggie broth
2 cups low-fat milk
Saute together oil, onions and celery until wilted, add peppers and continue cooking. Sprinkle with flour, continue cooking for 1 – 2 minutes. Slowly add broth. Season with sage, cumin, salt and pepper, add the potatoes and corn and continue cooking until potatoes are soft but not mushy, about 40 minutes. Add the milk at the end just to heat. If you like your chowder a little thicker you could add some extra flour and oil with the sautéed veggies, but mine was delicious as written.

Well, that’s about it for today. I have kittehs curled at my feet (they missed me) and another pair of loose pants and a sweatshirt on today. It’s definitely a fireplace day. My NSV while I was out last week was discovering the clothes I had bought for my trip to France are way too big now. I put on a really cute blouse I had bought that I couldn’t even wear while I was there and it was too big. I felt like a bag lady when I had to go into the office in pants that were falling off. I can’t wait to do some shopping soon!


November 13, 2012 8:20 AM
Good Morning November ladies,

thank you for your posts of gratitude and shared stumbling blocks, don't we all have them? Barbie, I too am grateful for winter...I must be the only person who enjoys scraping off a car, because it is the closest thing left to playing in the snow...unfortunately we have a double car garage,for which hubby is so grateful.

I am also thankful for suggestions of walking boots for winter, because when it hits here, it really piles up....we are at the very end of a snow belt wind pattern and our street stays white for most of the winter...which is pretty to look at, but hard to walk on, .so I will look those up.

Perhaps you can extend advice, anyone: do you wear layers and a rain/snow shell when you walk? I always get too if any of you have suggestions, let me know.

Thanks to the exercise calorie advice, I could see discrepancies in the cals burned between the databases and the machines, and eating just enough does seem like a good idea to me...more day to day management than one solid standard.

I too think egg whites are a miracle food, and find that they really up the protein requirements without adding carbs or fat. I also use a protein supplement in a liquid form, which helps me reach calorie and protein goals without going over carbs.

Is anyone else out there what they call "carb-sensitive'? This is a kind of reaction to mostly grain carbs....

Today I am committed, with your help, to complete an indoor exercise, eat cleanly, and focus on my marking.

Have a good chilly winter day everyone!
November 13, 2012 8:59 AM
Good Morning All. I would like to join your group. I'm 59, my husband is 72 with parkinson's. We've committed to eating right and working out. We checked out our local gym yesterday and they have a trainer there that has a special program for parkinson's patients. We feel like this was meant to be as we only come here, Tubac, AZ in the winter/spring months. We are originally from Twisp, WA where we maintain an insurance agency year round. Our daughter helps us with the business so we can have this wonderful life style. I work the summer/autumn and she has time with her children and animals. All in all, it's a great fit for us both.

We are following the blood type diet; we are both O+. So using that food group and using a 40/40/20 diet plan we hope to peel off some fat and add some muscle. At our age, it's getting harder to do things and I know it's from lack of exercise. We check in today and have a consultation with the trainer to find out what our base line is. Great way to get a jumpstart and we are worth it.

Looking forward to being part of this group.
November 13, 2012 9:32 AM
Thanks for starting this. I've just rejoined.

Goal for November
Plan out what I'm going to eat each day and stick with it!
Be positive
November 13, 2012 9:43 AM
flowerforyou Happy Tuesday all you lovely ladies,

I've finally caught up from the weekend and now have no time to really respond...maybe tomorrowhuh

Joann-so sorry for your lossflowerforyou {{hugs}} coming your way.

Janehadji-off to Mexico again...glasses I'll wear my glasses so you can't see the green eyed monster behind the lenses. 9days away would be just heaven.

Viv & Cheryl- How are you doing on the 30DS? Viv I was surprised to read that you are moving on to Level 2....I haven't even looked at itblushing but maybe tonight I will. I had upped my weights and found that some of the exercises on Level 1 with heavier weights just aren't working so I have been mixing up the weights with the exercises some get #3 and some get #5. As for seeing changes in the body....about the only one I really see is in my arms ...little muscles are showing uplove

Hubby still hasn't heard anything about the promotion so we continue to wait. He's lost a couple more pounds and that's keeping him on his straight and narrow of losing and eating better. He helps with making lunches on days that he has to work so sometimes my lunch salad is already made for melove

So far I'm maintaining my weight loss and I'm thinking that it may be the exercise that helps...well that and continuing to eat better meals.wink I continue to watch Barbie & Amanda to keep this all in line as they are both the best of examples that I can Thank Youflowerforyou

My boss has returned from his hunting skunked so we won't be eating BBQ Elk burgers at the office this next year. The phone calls have increased so we can tell he's backsad and the increase in the work to I best get back to it.

Let's keep up our logging food, water (need to drink plenty to lose) and get in that exercisedrinker

November 13, 2012 10:02 AM
Happy Tuesday! Yesterday turned out to be something of a diet disaster, probably one of the worst days I've had on this journey so far. I ordered tilapia with spinach orzo at the restaurant. It was about 6 oz. of fish and a cup of the orzo with no sauce per se, but you could tell they had used butter. I was shocked when I got home and discovered I had eaten 1100 calories for lunch! grumble That threw me into the "well, I already blew today" mode, which I don't usually succumb to... not sure why yesterday was different. I did a little snacking (a few cashews, tangerines and a couple pieces of candy), then ate dinner at Bunko. I skipped the dessert and the wine, but had some buttery cornbread, chili and a few M&M's. All in all, about 700 calories over for the day. Today I'm fine again, but the "diet gremlins" sure got me yesterday!

Lila -- I hope you had a great day off! We're traveling in early December.

Meg -- 622 e-mails.... you must be popular! love

DeeDee -- I'll be interested to hear what everyone says about the shoes. My hubby has a toe that goes numb all the time when he walks, also. I can't get him to go to the doctor, so maybe we'll get some good ideas here.

Suebdew -- I'd say that only gaining 1/2 lb. on your vacation to Disney World was quite a success!

Michele -- I loved the story about the child who liked your cookies and your dirty floor. It's so true that the important things in life aren't how clean the house is, but how we interact with the people in our lives.

Liz -- When I went to one of those expensive diet places a few years ago, they really emphasized having protein in the morning. I usually eat Greek yogurt for breakfast instead of eggs, but it does keep me full until lunch time.

Mwheatcraft54 -- Welcome back from Phoenix! We missed you while you were gone. That's great that you could vacation and still lose weight! flowerforyou

Jane Martin -- Congratulations on a good interview! When will you know if you got the position? Keeping fingers crossed!

Genealace -- I found your post on how to freeze dry herbs really interesting, as I'd never thought about it before.

Amanda -- Don't you hate it when you lose just one of a favorite earring set? I always wish I could be modern enough to wear earrings that don't match, so that I could still use them, but I can't quite see the look on me.

Lynn -- Thanks for a wonderful quote. The little changes absolutely add up over time!
November 13, 2012 10:20 AM
Happy Tues.
waiting for Violet to come.Star the job Thurs eve.It`s a couple nights a week,for a few hours to start.
Thanks for the love and support.
Enjoy your day,will catch up later
November 13, 2012 10:27 AM
Enjoy your day everyone. It's chilly where I am. Heading to the gym. Every day is a blessing when you wake up and have some semblance of health, it makes it a FANTASTIC day and nothing can make it otherwise. :)
November 13, 2012 1:24 PM
Good afternoon beautiful ladiesflowerforyou

Carolynsmile I hated to see the warm go toofrown , it was so pleasant the last few days walking outside, today I had the big coat with the hood and gloves on. Good for DH and DD#2 to choose a place with good options for you!!! They exchanged my shoes today!

nannabannanasmile Hope you`re feeling better soonflowerforyou ! Pop back in and chat with us!!!

Jolenesmile Thank you for those kind words! You may not think you have anything interesting to say, but I bet we all would enjoy it! Pop in and say hello so we don`t worry about you!!!! I just love "pointless to endure the cold without something beautiful to show for it"!!!! Of course with can have the snow and I`ll take the cold! Love the quote by Proust!!!

ljoynes-Lindasmile Welcome to the group, come in often and chat with us!

Jbsmile YUM!!! Love the Tuesdays!!!!

Msmile YUM again!!! Looking forward to making the corn chowder!!! Isn`t it wonderful to put on clothes and wala...too big...I love it!!! Well most of the time, problem now is I don`t have very much to choose from and I`m tired of wearing the same thing all the time, and I really don`t want to buy too many things just yet. I have had to go buy new bras...againblushing , the band size keeps changing and they feel so uncomfortablesad , it feels like the straps are the only thing holding the girls up and they`ve started digging in my shouldersangry , it`s the first thing I want to take off when I walk in the door!!!

bjmcqsmile Yay for you commiting to getting your exercise in indoors!!! I have to do it too when the weather is icky!!!

Donica1953smile Welcome to the group!!! Sounds like you`ve got a good plan going!!!!

Skeezicks2smile Welcome back!!! Come in often and chat with us!

Laura80111smile You have a fabulous hubby!!! Boss got skunkedlaugh laugh laughtongue . .

Janehadjismile Wow, that`s a lot of calories for fish and orzonoway !!!! Diet gremlinsdevil , those nasty nasty little creatures!!! They lurk around my house too, whispering in my ear when I was sending cake home with DD and SIL, for me to keep some for myself, I just smacked it off my shoulder and told it to shut uplaugh !!! I just try to ignor them or drown them with hot tea!!! I exchanged the shoes today!!!

JaneMartinsmile Congrats, congrats, congrats for getting the jobflowerforyou !!!

Californiagirsmile Hope your day continues to be fantastic!!!!

I took the shoes back to the store today and another lady helped me, she told me the shoes were too small, and the other girl should have known that, she says she always goes up an entire size in those shoes, she put me in a size 9 and they work, I tried them out walking the dog and YAY no numb toes!!!! I also did a bit of shopping today for Christmas ornaments...I decided to redo the colors of my tree this year, it`s going to be gold and red with some white snowflakes and a few clear glass sprials, lots of gold foliage and beads and baubbles, now I`m ready to decorate, but I will wait till after Thanksgiving!!! Dog is dancing around I must go before I have a puddle on the floor!!!

November 13, 2012 2:32 PM
Feeling a lot better today...even more so as the day goes on. I don't know what hit yesterday but I am so glad it is now behind me. It was good for a 2 pound lose but I am betting I gain one back tomorrow. angry
November 13, 2012 3:08 PM
Good evening Ladies, I have had quite a day, my second day totally "on plan". I had my usual breakfast of oatmeal then a soft-boiled egg at 10:30 for snack, a big beautiful salad for lunch with 2 oz of chicken breast and vinegar and olive oil for dressing. Then I took my neighbor to the doctor and when we got back I was hungry, so I heated a cup of the Ginger Roasted Carrot Bisque and had that for a snack. Not sure what supper will be but I am sure it will be "on plan". I am excited to have two days behind me that I can be proud of. I hope you all have had a good day too.
November 13, 2012 5:30 PM

Perhaps you can extend advice, anyone: do you wear layers and a rain/snow shell when you walk? I always get too if any of you have suggestions, let me know.

I walk every morning at nearly the same time so I have been able to experiment with different configurations of clothing......I have in indoor/outdoor thermometer in my bathroom where I dress in my dog walking clothes tso i know the outdoor temperature before I get dressed........I have a different collection of layers topped by a water resistant coat with a hood......depending on the temperature I wear a different number of layers under the coat (silk undershirts, long sleeve cotton shirts, fleece hoodie,) and different mixtures of balaclava, one, two, or three wool hats, wool scarf......if I get too warm (sometimes it gets warmer as the sun comes up or because I'm especially active), I can take off the scarf and tie it around my waist, put my gloves in my pockets, or take off my hat and tuck it in the scarf tied around my waist. I also have two pairs of shoes for wet weather----one normal water resistant New Balance and more high top Columbia Bugaboots rated to keep you warm to -25 degrees....Warm feet make a big difference.

heart Barbie from NW Washington
November 13, 2012 5:50 PM
Yesterday was a sad, sad day here. I finished up the last of the red okra and the last of the purple potatoes. No more until the next farmer's market. <:(>

jb - does rosemary grow into a really big bush usually?

ChrisHenselma - I like to do my cooking on Sundays (or Saturdays, depending on my schedule) and then just heat it up, this way I don't even have to think about what it is I'm going to have. Hope you feel better fast.

Liz - fortunately, I only had one wisdom tooth removed. One never came in, but I still have two more on the left side of my mouth.

AnnasGrammie - welcome! You've come to the right place for encouragement, that's for sure.

We probably won't do any work on the landscaping today. It rained and we want the dirt to dry out so we don't track it on the concrete. Tomorrow is the general meeting for the Newcomers and then senior bowling. Did 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill backwards and then 30 minutes on the elliptical that is part of the AMT. That's very interesting machine. Really worked up a sweat!

genalace - these aren't ornaments, they are coasters. There's a bow at the top and two ornaments on either side.

barbie - I watched DWTS last night after I got home from mahjongg. I'm surprised that Shawn Johnson's partners let her do that dance, I didn't see practically any samba in it. And I'm no expert, that's for sure

Amanda - don't you just hate it when you lose an earring? I do, that's for sure.

Lynn - thanks for sharing

I'm thinking that I may go to mahjongg today. Mainly because this one gal is usually there having lunch, and I haven't seen her in a while. Which means -- I should get going.

nannabananna - welcome, glad you're feeling better.

jolene - I'm still leery of eating on the right side of my mouth. Especially since the stitches are still in.

Mini-rant ahead - there is that "mahjongg secret santa". Well, I went to mahjongg today mainly to see this one gal who is usually there, only she wasn't there. Anyway, while we were there the person who I have as a secret santa mentioned that she won't be at the secret santa reveal lunch. Now previously I'd suggested perhaps having it after the holiday since the question came in that we might not be abale to get a restaurant because of holiday parties (really?). Anyway, I was told that it's always been in the holiday season so they'd like to keep it that way (not even the week between Christmas and New Years). Well, it works for me in that the person I'm the secret santa for won't be there. I'll do it after the holiday, maybe take her out to lunch or something. Anyway, she was telling Pat all about her plans, when she was leaving, etc. So I asked Pat afterwards. Pat tells me that she really doesn't know, only that the person won't be at the lunch. I'm not real crazy about going out to lunch, there's just so much to do before the holidays. I think I'll have "unexpected guests". Don't really understand why Pat is this way, even Vince said that she's changed. She used to go to all of the general meetings, was activities coordinator, now she just runs canasta. Someone suggested that maybe we need to change the day from Tuesday to Monday and asked if that posed a problem. Pat said "we play canasta on Mondays", I just said to her "Newcomers only plays once a month", she told me "no, we've started a game". Never invited me or anything (really, not that I'd want to go, but it's the principle)

Linda - welcome!

jb - thanks for the recipe. Sounds really yummy.

M - get better fast! The loop stitch is supposed to be at the top of the ornament to make it look like an ornament. Hey, shoppping burns calories, so you'd better get with the shopping, girl!!! lol

bjmcq - what exactly is "carb sensitive"? How do you know that you are?

Donica - so glad you're here!

Laura - I'll keep everything crossed for hubby. Hope things work out for him real soon.

janehadji - I think the "diet gremlins" get to us all at one time or another. Glad you're better today. Isn't it just terrible sometimes how things are made. Why do they need all that butter? I had vegetables right before mahjongg today. They were in some sort of olive oil. It's amazing how much oil there was! To be honest, if it weren't for the vegetables, it wouldn't taste good at all. All that oil turned my stomach.

ChrisHanselma - glad you're better. Not a fun way to lose weight. I know I lost when I couldn't eat, but I had no problem putting it right back on.

DeeDee - so glad you got those shoes exchanged!

Welcome to any other newcomer that I may have missed.

Well, going to take a shower, maybe work on the coaster some and then get ready for tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great evening.

November 13, 2012 6:02 PM
Good Evening all,

Just finished catching up with all your posts!smile

DeeDee-Based on your description, your tree will look beautiful! Reminds me that I need to have DH help me get all my decorations out of the attic this weekend. My temp job ends after this week so I will have plenty of time to decorate. But, I will miss this job, I really enjoyed it!

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving already! How time flies!

Off to get in a little more exercise. Nighty Night!

November 13, 2012 6:15 PM
Happy Tuesday

What a great weekend. We had a barbeque at church because a visiting high school choir came and sang. I help to run that so I got in a lot of steps. The food was great, but I didn't over-eat.

Monday was a Welcome Home party at my house for my son. We had about 60 people, but it was an open house format so everyone did not come at once. I have a former student who is a chef. He did the "snacks." His idea of snacks is pretty elaborate! He used our new built in outdoor grill and the food was all set up outside. (It was in the upper 70s here...Perfect weather.) I ate plenty, but wore it off with the cleaning before and after and just general partying. It was great to have Matt and his wife and son here for the day. (They had to go back to Arizona today.)

So...I'm pretty tired today and actually came home from school earlier than usual. No exercising, but I will probably work with my weights a little and get some indoor walking done. (The neighbors probably think I'm nuts when they see me doing laps around my living room every night.)

I did read everyone's posts and enjoy them. Maybe one day I will learn to reply to each of them like so many of you do. It's wonderful!


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