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October 15, 2012 7:59 AM
My heart rate monitor requries you to enter all of your vital statistics like gender, height, weight, age, activity level, etc. Once you enter all of these, the HRM does not start indicating calories burned until you exceed your baseline calorie burn, i.e. I can wear it all day long sitting at my desk and at the end of the day it will indicate zero calories burned.

When I lift, the HRM typically says that in 45 minutes I have burned roughly 270 calories, which is approximately what the databases say it should be. However, it takes longer for my heartrate to come down when I lift than when I do cardio. This gets prolonged even more if I have to walk a couple of blocks to get lunch after working out. By the time the HRM stops tracking calories and my body is back to its baseline state, the HRM says I have burned about 430 calories.

So the question is: Which number to I take credit for, the 270 burned during the actual workout or the 430 calories that were burned total?
October 15, 2012 8:12 AM
I tend to understate the calories that I burn working out to ensure that I dont overeat. I would go with the 270. The number of calories that you burned while exercising for 45 minutes.
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