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October 6, 2012 10:10 AM
Good job on the changes made to the iPhone app. This is where I prefer to add foods to my diary -- unless I have to make a change to recipes or meals. That is done better on the website.

HOWEVER - the website screen to add the food from the DB to the diary should have the nutritional values shown on THAT screen so you can see them before you "ADD FOOD TO DIARY"

Will you please fix this?

Here is the background to this request:

The website works best to use MOST USED, RECENT, MY FOODS, MY MEALS, RECIPES tabs and never search the DB when adding a food. If you do search the DB, you can find multiple items matching a single food. Unfortunately, from that screen, you can't determine which is the right match because the values of the food in the DB are not shown like it does on your iPhone.

In the case of a multiple item match, you have to do this each time you want to add a food not found in those tabs:

1. click on "FOOD-Database" tabs
2. search the database for the food you want
3, review the facts of the multiple items
4, identify the one that matches your container
5 edit it in some way or just add a comment which adds it to "My Foods".

This wouldn't be necessary if that screen to add food from the DB to the diary would show the nutritional values,

(But then, maybe I'm burning more calories by going through all of this extra work.)laugh
October 9, 2012 10:31 PM
you don't "have" to go to the database each time, you can just pick from your food > food diary > pick a meal > click add to food and search for this "new to you" food item... from the resultant list when you pick a result it moves to the right to ask you how much to log.. but wait.. .you don't know if that's the one you want to use (nutrition info not confirmed) well that's PART of what moves to the right, immediately under the name of the food item you selected is "nutritional info" which is a clickable link... click it.. you'll see the info... though I do agree being able to SEE the nutritional info for an item should come up on the web just like it does on the phone, without having to go to the database to "see" it.... since there's no way to add straight to your diary from the database.


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