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October 8, 2012 8:08 AM
So, I had lost 6lbs. Then it was my birthday.

For about a week I've binged, or at least I haven't been calorie counting. I'm dreading weighing myself tomorrow, even though this is my second day of dieting after the week long binge.

Could I really have put on the whole 6lbs back after a week?

Feel like I let myself down.
October 8, 2012 8:23 AM
Don't worry about that!
Get back on track...log your food.
Set goals which you can attain this week.
Make improvements every week!
Don't set goal that are too hard for you...that's discouraging.
Find your TDEE this will tell you the number of cals you can eat and maintain your weight.
Try to eat less than TDEE,
If you have a day where you want to eat more, eat up to TDEE.

When you set goals that are not too hard, but that make you improve, get stronger, drop off bad habits, make you more beautiful and leaner.....then you can be happy with yourself and see progress you can keep!
October 8, 2012 8:28 AM
Don't be so harsh on yourself. Life happens and with life comes special events and celebrations where we naturally eat more. I've had a stuffing my face weekend, meal out Friday evening and a family party yesterday.

We all deserve treats sometimes and to be honest, I find I eat more when I try and be good all of the time. If you stick to 80% good, 20% naughty you won't go far wrong.

And remember, slow weight loss is healthier and you are much more likely to keep the weight off as your healthy eating becomes the norm,
October 8, 2012 8:42 AM
It certainly is possible; I can put on 6 pounds in a day! Most of it is usually water from too much sodium (chips!).

Each person who has developed bad habits starts low on the learning curve to developing good health habits. Keep working at it. If you really want it, you can do this!

I'm finally learning to let a slip-up be a single slip-up instead of turning it into a binge that lasts hours/days/weeks/months/years. For example, I took a few extra bites while putting away leftovers last night. I could have turned that into snacking continually while watching Netflix; six weeks ago I would have. Instead I stopped myself and let the two or three extra bites be only that and nothing more. You can do this, too.

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