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October 6, 2012 5:37 PM
When I edit wrong data in a member-submitted food item, the system just says "changes accepted", but then doesn't let me add it directly to my food diary from that same screen. I have to go back to the diary, search for the food all over again, and try to find my corrected item amidst a lot of other items with the identical name.

This is enough to make me stop using MFP and go back to FitDay, seriously. I think the whole "user submitted data" thing is a much bigger pain in the a$$ than it's worth, quite frankly. Just do what FitDay does and have a single, reliable food database with accurate data. Then if a user wants to add their own item, they can customize their own entry for their own use, and not share it with the community. Too much room for faulty data on the current MFP system.

Also, there seems to be no way to "favorite" a particular food, unless you add it to "my foods". And the system won't let me add an item to "my foods" if it detects there may be a duplicate in the database - however wrong that duplicate's data might be.

Food data is only as good as it's accuracy. If the accuracy cannot be controlled properly, then it's worthless. It's too time-consuming to correct people's wrong data and then try to go back and add that item to my Food Diary. And after all that work, there's no way to "favorite" that item to save work in the future.

Badly designed system, IMHO.
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