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October 6, 2012 3:35 PM
I have been using a nutritional scale along with MFP but I wish they would work better together. The advantage of the nutritional scale is the speed and convenience. If I am making a smoothie for example, I can throw in whatever ingredients I feel like and the scale tots it up the nutritional values for me. It is usually much faster to enter the codes on the scale than to look up each ingredient in MFP and manually enter the weights. The problem is when I want to enter the total into MFP afterwards. I know I can do a quick add, but it only allows me to add calories. I am also tracking protein, fats and carbs so just calories alone doesn't cut it for me. So my workaround is to create a new food EVERY time I have a shake (or a breakfast, salad, dinner and any other meal with multiple and variable ingredients). As MFP will not accept the same name for a food twice I need to enter each one with the date. So I will have a "breakfast 6/10/12" today and a "breakfast 7/10/12" tomorrow. Of course I could keep the recipe the same and just add the same thing every day, but I like variety. What would be good for me is if I could do a quick add that includes other nutritional data besides calories so I do not have to add a new food every time. I now have hundreds of 'new foods' which I will sooner or later have to delete.

An even better solution would be if MFP and a scale manufacturer would get together and produce a scale that would talk to MFP via Bluetooth. Then it would be just a case of selecting the food item in MFP and the software would check the reading on the scale and log the nutritional values automatically. Here is golden opportunity for somebody to create a new product with a ready market. Is that too much to ask?
November 4, 2012 12:54 PM
Seascape, I agree....I don't yet have a scale but am about to buy one. Makes much more sense for ease, and obviously more accurate. I love MFP as a tool, but also want to track nutrients as well as calories, and was reading the forums to see if there was a way to easily enter the data-so thanks for your post!

Moderators? How about it? Do you think you could add the basic nutrients to the 'quick add' feature?

As to a 'connected' food scale, I was wondering about that also and found this:

They say this is the first wireless food scale.They have a trial version of their app for Android and I played with it a little but it is nowhere near as robust as MFP, very limited listings for foods and seemed pretty inaccurate, as well, though perhaps I was using it wrong- it is not live unless you have the scale, also.
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November 4, 2012 11:06 PM
When I do things like this I call it a meal not a recipe
I put everything I ever use in the "meal"
Next time I select the meal and it populates a big list of normal ingredients
Then I delete the things not in today's meal (easier than the other way around)

Not perfect but faster than adding everything one at a time


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