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TOPIC: family doesnt support me is it worth it?

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October 6, 2012 5:25 AM
Thank you everyone I don't know what to say other than that. Admit I was starting to tear up a bit. Its just what i needed to hear that i was not the only one with this problem. I posted this last night because i was having a hard time with my other half at a friends house who is alot smaller than me and all i could think about was why do you not care that i am trying to get smaller and pretryer when you comment on how good her ass looks on those new jeans? How come you don't say those things to me? Everyone is right its about health not looks and damn it i will get you to notice and i can sit back and say #### you when it does start to fall off. I needed to hear all of it and thank you again.
October 6, 2012 5:40 AM
This is about you not them. Do not give up and let them "win". It is a long hard journey but well worth it. Best of luck to you.
October 6, 2012 5:50 AM
Ignore them and just do it for yourself! They'll start taking notice when the results of your hard work start to show. When they see a difference and realize that you really are serious about getting healthy then they will probably show some support. If they don't, well keep doing it for yourself anyway.
You are welcome to add me if you want some more supportive friends on here :)
October 6, 2012 5:54 AM
You should be a positive image for others to get on the horse like you. Find some friends with similar goals/ interests and develop a support system. What matters to you isn't always going to be what everyone else cares so much about but you can always gain their support in helping you achieve what matters to you. And when they notice your accomplishments it will be that much more satisfying.

As a shorthand and less refined version: f*ck everyone else and do work.
October 6, 2012 6:01 AM
Is it worth it??? Of course it is! Isn't your health worth it?

Look at it this way: It's much easier and cheaper to be fit and healthy than it is to be obese and sick. I had an obesity-related health scare back in January and I said ENOUGH, there is no way I am going to keep running to the doctor every month and having to keep coming out of my pocket for medicine when all I have to do is STOP overeating and START exercising regularly.

You know and I know that your family is not going to want to pay for extra medicine, or take care of you if you become seriously ill due to being so fat. I have flat-out said that to so-called 'friends' and other people who wanted me to stay fat: Are you going to pay for diabetes medicine? hypertension medicine? sleep apnea treatments? and more? No? Then STFU because I don't want to pay for them either. I want to be healthy and if you don't want me to be healthy, you are obviously no friend of mine. I've been lucky that no one in my family has given me grief but if they had, I would have told them that too.
October 6, 2012 6:03 AM
All the more reason to prove yourself and better your self and your health
October 6, 2012 6:09 AM
Stop looking to others for validation. If the people around you feel quility about they're health. They can't give you the support you need. Change is scary for a lot of people.
Do this for yourself.
October 6, 2012 6:09 AM
Show them what you can accomplish. Be the one that's in better health. Be the one that they are envious of. In fact, they may be already- envious that you've gotten that motivation and they haven't.
October 6, 2012 6:09 AM
You are a nurse, you KNOW the reasons why you should do this! On top of that for your kids and most of all for yourself! Take charge and plow threw your doubts! Woo Hoo you go girl!!!
October 6, 2012 6:10 AM
This needs to be for YOU and YOU only, once you figure that out then everything will click. I tried many years to do this for others, but one day I woke up and just felt so horrible, I knew I needed to change and I knew it was me and me only who I needed to change for. My kids are my inspiration, and yes I wanted to be healthy for them, but this was something I ad to do for myself.

You can do it, don't's hard, but if I can do it, anyone can!!
October 6, 2012 6:15 AM
Don't give up for them, keep going for you! If you lack support at home, you just come here and we'll give you all the support you need. We're all in the same boat and we're gonna help you through it. :)
October 6, 2012 6:18 AM
Who cares what anyone thinks. You're doing this for you not them.
I had over 100 lbs to lose and started at the gym and I am positive that I looked horrible on the eliptical or treadmill but I just put in my head phones and did my thing. I am the only one doing it in my household as well but I just do my thing and that's how it is. No one is going to discourage me and keep me from being happy with myself.
You can do it, just ignore everyone else.
October 6, 2012 6:18 AM
You are worth it.....getting healthy and losing weight. I know it's hard but don't worry what others think this is for you not them!!smile Add me as a friend I'll be there anytime you need support.
October 6, 2012 6:20 AM
O my gosh, it is SO worth it. I am down 65 pounds so far...about half way to my first goal, and I feel SO much better now. I checked your profile, and your kids are 6 and 8? They don't know what to think yet. This will sound odd, but it made me think of when I started exercising in 2003 after a long time of no regular exercise. We had two 1-year old cats in our apartment...they looked at me like I was a crazy woman...almost like they were scared I'd lost my mind. Eventually, they got used to it. My son also acted strangely when I tried to exercise in the house when he was 3 or 4. He always got so excited that he wanted to do it too, but got in the way to the point that I couldn't do it at all. He is now 5 and, while I still have to remind him to stay out of mommy's way while I exercise, he sees it as pretty normal.

That being said, sometimes it is easier to exercise outside of the house. My sister also has a weight problem and had been living with my parents until this summer. She found it impossible to exercise while Mom was home because Mom is very critical and she felt that she was being belittled every time she tried. Personally, Mom didn't bother me so much when I lived there because I was that bull-headed to get healthy in spite of her. If you are in a rural area, get outside and walk. If you are in the city, there are probably gyms around too. Talk to the hubby and let him know why this is so important to you and that you need his support and that you both need to present a united front to the kids. Eventually, when they see how you are changing, they will probably want to get moving too.

When it comes to food, I struggle to find foods that are healthy for me and my husband and son will eat. So, our range of foods are currently limited. I also find that I make some different foods for them than what I eat...sometimes.

I also saw that you are a you KNOW that it is worth it...every bit of worth it!

Keep up the good a year, you will wonder how you could even have doubted yourself!
October 6, 2012 6:30 AM
Who are you doing it for them or yourself? I applaud you for taking the time to think of YOU cause at the end of the day that's all you REALLY have. The looks are of hidden envy...they wish they had the courage to make such a change. Them nay sayers can talk the talk but are they willing to walk the walk? Just remember it's gonna take time and hard work to get what you want in this life and it doesn't matter what it is. Stay focused, have patients but keep moving. It will pay off in the end. flowerforyou
You'll see & tell them hater's to "Bite Me" (You):mad
October 6, 2012 6:40 AM
Congratulations on being on MFP and doing something for yourself! Being a mother, I know how difficult it is to find the time but it's worth it; YOU'RE WORTH IT! Besides, does it really matter what others think as long as you know deep inside that what you are doing is exactly what you need? Give yourself a chance, don't give up. You'll feel and see a difference in no time! Good luck! :)
October 6, 2012 6:57 AM
DO NOT let them bring you down. This is not about them. It is about you and making yourself the person you want to be. My husband FINALLY decided to get on board with my after I lost 45 pounds. Guess he was worried some other guys were gonna start looking or something. Trust me I know how frustrating it can be when no one else is on the same path. I live with my parents, hubby and the kids. Mom and Dad weren't on track when I first started. They would go out for dessert or something and be like "You want something" My usual response was Hell no. Now they are also losing. It is just a matter of everyone else seeing your results. Then they will be so impressed and jealous at how good you look that that will join you. Do not get discouraged. IGNORE THEM. You got this!
October 6, 2012 6:59 AM
YOU are worth it!!! My family NEVER supported me, and still dont, to them i was and always will be fat! If i did loose a little weight it was laughed at and asked "how long will that last"? . YOU stand strong and believe in yourself and never give up, the only person you have to prove anything to is yourself ,nobody else, because guess what? THEY DONT MATTER! Dont let them determine YOUR self worth. Keep on going girl!! When negative comments come your way, just smile and nod . bigsmile No need to fight about it or explain because they want you to get upset and go stuff your face so they can say " i knew you would fail"......... So, you can do this girl and remember, this is all about you and your future YOU ARE WORTH IT flowerforyou
October 6, 2012 7:02 AM
worth it .... YES!

Family is gunna be there no matter what.

@ the end of the day do it for you! family will follow I bet ^^ just let them see what it does to you hun.
October 6, 2012 7:03 AM
There is nothing wrong with doing it alone. I do and it very helpful to use work out DVDs, Video Games, On-Demand, or on You-Tube. Do it for yourself!!! Your future and your health, this is not about them!! I wish you lots of luck :-)
October 6, 2012 7:06 AM
YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 6, 2012 7:06 AM
I lost over 120 pounds about 3 years ago. I ended up putting it all on because of pressures from the 'ones who loved me'. Your family can be your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss and keeping it off. Please remind yourself that you are doing this for yourself because it is IMPORTANT and YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Don't let anyone, even family, derail you from your goals. Keep at it and when you are a stronger person inside and out then you will see that.

I am now attempting to lose the over 130 pounds I put back on and am dealing with the same negative energy from the people around me. Rise above it! You can do it :-)
October 6, 2012 7:06 AM
sad No, NO NO, do not quit stick it out
October 6, 2012 7:09 AM
I am blint and honest ok?? Screw everone else!! You MUST change your lifestyle because you want to. It is not easy. I ALWAYS recommend "Forks over Knives". I have lost 50lbs as of today over 6 months or so. I do it for me!! It's ok to be slefish.

Message me if you would like more help and support.
October 6, 2012 7:09 AM
You can do it and might I suggest spending miminial time in such negative place or negative people flowerforyou


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