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TOPIC: Want Hourly balance to tell me how much I can eat

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October 4, 2012 11:24 AM
On an average day, I eat a variety of foods during the day and many days enter everything at the end of the day. If I have eaten too much along the way or lost track, my balance will be negative (ate more calories than I burned) and the result is I will gain some weight that day. What would really be cool is if at any point in time, I knew how much food I could eat on an hour to hour basis.

The program could start by looking at my total calories allowed for a day then divide that by the number of hours in the day (or perhaps just hours when I am awake) and then based on what I put in the system, tell me how much I can eat at that time based on my plan. So for example if my plan allows me 1800 calories a day, divide 1800 calories by 24 hours = 75 calories per hour . So if I wake up at 7:am a number shows up on my computer or phone that I can eat 7X75 or 525 calories. (maybe should have a maximum value) After eating a breakfast of 400 calories I have 125 left so I know I can have that snack when i get to work. Then two hours later I know I can have that 100 calorie snack etc. Lots of options to include reducing a budget by an upcoming event like a meal.

Thanks for the consideration

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