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TOPIC: include name/ingredients info in about-to-add page

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October 3, 2012 3:11 PM
I've made a recipe. I have eaten the recipe again. I (have to) search it out again in My Recipes. I go to it to tell it how many servings... the page I view does not include the name of the item, or any info about the ingredients except the nutritional value. Thus, if I get distracted and put my device down / walk away from the computer, when I come back I have no clues about where I was in the process.

Could the name of the item be included as a header? In general, that would be useful. If a list of ingredients could be also, that would be awesome - help one to know if one needs to adjust for a particular instance.

Example... name, My Tuna Salad. Quick ingredient list, tuna, mayo, celery. Oh, I didn't have celery today so I chopped up a carrot, let me check on that...


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