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TOPIC: How much weight did you lose to drop a dress size?

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September 29, 2012 4:56 PM
How much did you have to lose before you went down a dress size? ?
September 29, 2012 6:16 PM
Starting at 5'8" 170, every 5 was a pant size. As far as dress sizes go, maybe its similar?
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September 29, 2012 6:22 PM
for me it was 7-8 lbs and i dropped a size.
September 29, 2012 7:04 PM
I had a lot of butt and belly so it took a good 10lbs per size. As I got closer to goal that changed to 5-7lbs.
September 29, 2012 7:49 PM
Around 8-10 lbs for me to drop a pants or dress size.
September 29, 2012 7:50 PM

I had a lot of butt and belly so it took a good 10lbs per size. As I got closer to goal that changed to 5-7lbs.

yup me too grumble
September 30, 2012 2:59 AM
Ive lost 18lbs so far and not changed in size,
My jeans don't even feel loose let alone needing a size smaller.
September 30, 2012 3:36 AM

Starting at 5'8" 170, every 5 was a pant size. As far as dress sizes go, maybe its similar?

I am 5'8" , starting weight 174, and I had a very similar experience - after the first 15 pounds, I dropped to a 12, then about the next 20 pounds dropped me to a 10, then about 5 dropped me to an 8... i hover between and 8 and a 6 size jeans. As I am maintaining my weight and exercising / staying active / moving more, everything seems roomier, but not "baggy".

Dresses are a totally different story. I have size 6,8, and 10. None are baggy, all are fitted, so who knows. I may be a dress size 10 and all jeans are now "vanity" sized. ebony___ it may just be the style of jeans you wear have more stretch or "easy fit" than other styles. If they are easier to zip up, take it as a NSV!
September 30, 2012 3:59 AM
I was told that it equates to 10lbs is a dress size BUT from personal experience (having lost 30lbs and only 1 dress size) it all depends on where you carry your weight and subsequently where you lose it from..

I'm hoping that when I'm 20lbs lighter at the end of the year I'll be in a size 16 :)
September 30, 2012 10:33 AM
i think the rule of thumb is about 10 pounds. good luck :)
September 30, 2012 10:35 AM
About a stone (14lbs) per dress size for me.
September 30, 2012 3:34 PM
I have always heard 10 pounds lost brings you down 1 clothing size. However, if you are "plus sized" you have to loose more weight to drop a size. I think some of it depends on how your weight is distributed, as well.
September 30, 2012 4:39 PM
It's definitely a lot more weight between sizes in the plus size world. I've lost 20 and my pants are barely looser in the waist, I'm guessing I won't get into a smaller size for another 20 at least. I don't expect anyone will notice I'm losing weight until I hit 50 off :(
September 30, 2012 4:42 PM
I've lost 25 lbs and dropped two dress sizes.
this time last year I was about 195 and a size 12
I'm about 170 now and wore a size 8 dress last week! (and in my current profile picture :))

edit: if you want to lose inches stop thinking about the number on the scale and start lifting weights.
strength training will help to build muscle, burn more fat which will then take up less space and your clothes will fit better.
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September 30, 2012 4:44 PM
Mine was about 25 pounds before I could comfortably fit into a smaller size.
September 30, 2012 4:46 PM
I'm 5'5. I started as a size 18/20 and am now comfortably 16 or 16/18 depending on the brand. (uk sizes) and I've lost 46lbs so far. It's only recently I've been getting more 16s than 18s so I'd say I'd dropped a size at around 30/40lbs lost?
September 30, 2012 4:47 PM
it really depends on where you start. It took about 25 lbs per size from above a 20 US sizes. Then about 15lbs from 20-18 and another 15lbs for me to get into a 16. The smaller my size gets, the less weight I have to drop to get into a smaller one
September 30, 2012 4:50 PM
For me, I started at 247 and was a size 20. Once I got down to about 225-230 I was in an 18 comfortably, and once I got to 210 I was in a 16 comfortably.... I am now 199, and my 16s are still fitting, but at the end of the day are really loose... I think once I get to 185/190 I will be squeezing into a 14... So for me, I average about every 15-20 pounds.... It's somewhat frustrating, but I have been told as I get smaller I will drop sizes with less pounds lost
September 30, 2012 4:57 PM
I've lost almost 50lb, and so far only gone down 1 dress size. It seemed that I was losing weight and not inches.
That combined with the bloating from a suspected gluten allergy, I would have thought I'd gone down two instead.
September 30, 2012 4:58 PM
took me 20


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