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TOPIC: Pepperoni, cheese, 3 egg omelet (185 calories)

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September 29, 2012 12:06 PM
I made this a few min ago and thoought it was good im gonna post it lol. What i made and what it should be are 2 diff things. i just didnt have the certain materials but should still taste good

Whats needed:
3 whole eggs
Borden Dairy - Fat-Free American Sharp Cheese Singles, 1 slice
10 slices of turkey pepperoni (1 serving is 16 slices)
Smart Balance - Whipped Butter Spread/Low Sodium, 1 tbsp (or whatever you want but i dont recommend using regular butter because its loaded with calories and fat.) You can use anything to make the pan non stick i just had butter.
Crack all 3 eggs into a bowl. Take a metal spoon and scoop up the yolk. hold it above the bowl like 3-4 inch holding it steady. After about 10 seconds all the white will slip off the yolk back into the bowl and you will be left with only th yolk in spoon if done correctly. Throw away the yolk. Do this to all 3 eggs till you only have the whites left.
Incase you dont know how to make a omelet
For everyone else that knows hoe to cook a Omelet you can sip the next paragraph
Put stove on medium to high. put your non stick pan on
give a min to heat up then put your butter in it, or non stick substance.
let it melt and move it all over the pan.
give the eggs a quick mix and put in pan making sure to tilt pan to make the omelet wider if you want.
as it cooks it turns white and use a spatula(bad spelling sorry) to make sure its not sticking.
Once its almost fully white and all raw ness is gone you need to be quick and have everything ready
Put 1/2 a slice of cheese right to the left of the middle of the omelet topped with the pepperoni and then then other 1/2 of slice.
then carefully flip the eggs in 1/2 evenly. give about 1 min more of cooking or less just to let the pepperoni heat up and cheese melt. then slide onto plate and enjoy.

This link will show you What i cooked. :( VS the healthier better alternative that i would of cooked IF i had the right ingredients. But ive had turkey pepperoni and i dont see much of a diffrence.


Incase that doesnt work:

<a href=";current=3eggwhitepepporoniandcheeseomlet.png" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

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