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September 24, 2012 9:51 PM
I don't know how the phone app works, but in the Food Diary on the website you are limited to tracking calories and up to five other nutrients.

I'd love to be able to be able to track more than five additional nutrients on the website display.

Or, barring that, I'd love to have a customizable report so that I could pick and choose which items that would print out on the report.
September 24, 2012 9:56 PM
Only problem is that lots of labels don't have every nutrient listed.
That would make your macros off.
September 24, 2012 10:17 PM
I don't see how having more than five items would make my macros off. That doesn't make any sense. I do realize that not all food labels have all nutrients listed. However, I enter some generic whole food items myself from the USDA Nutrient Database.

I currently track Calories (required by MFP) and 1) Carb (g), 2) Fat (g), 3) Protein (g), 4) Saturated Fat (g) and 5) Fiber (g).

Ideally, I'd like to also track Cholesterol, Sodium and Calcium.

Currently, if I want to see those items I first have to go into Food Diary Settings and delete one of the other nutrients before adding the missing nutrient that I want to observe.

It would be nice to have all of them available on the screen at the same time. Or, it would be nice to generate a customized report that included all of them.
September 24, 2012 11:17 PM
I see what you mean, now. I thought you meant you wanted to track stuff like chromium or B-12 or other category not listed.

Yeah, that's what I do.

I'm not super-interested in any ONE item.

I periodically rotate the different categories just to see something different.
September 25, 2012 8:09 AM
They just need to give us that use the website the "same" home screen / nutrient summary that is available on the apps. All of them I think though one lacks a screenshot in the tools > mobile > pick a platform and view the samples...

they hit one screen and the phones / mobile devices with their much smaller screen show all 17 trackable nutrient names, the goal amount for each for the day and where you are at with it, and if you're over or under based on what you've eaten so far.

Why a mobile device with its smaller screen restriction gets the full info and me on a computer with a much larger screen is limited to 5 choices I don't know. But it's a silly "limitation" or even sillier... app and website complement each other, I'm NOT buying a $500+ phone to get a screen that should have been on the computer first if it went anywhere.

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Obligatory sample of the screenshot from tools > mobile > blackberry
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October 9, 2012 2:12 PM
Agree whole heartedly. I would even argue that we should get more nutritional information both on the app AND web. Vitamins, omega3 fatty acids, etc.
October 9, 2012 4:12 PM
I love using the website to add to my food / exercise diary, but it does lack information since it's limited to 5 categories.

Food labels really need to be standardized by law in the US. As it stands, only the ingredients are required, in order of highest to lowest quantity, according to their weight. However if a nutrition label is provided, it will always list calories, total fat, sodium, carbohydrates and protein. In addition, usually all 15 nutrients are shown: calories, calories from fat, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

So based on this I understand why it's limited to 5 categories. However, those additional 15 nutrients can almost always be found (if not on the label, directly from the company via website or handout).

Along with the core 5; it's incredibly common that cholesterol and sugar are provided, if not the other 8 categories.

At the very least, we should be allotted 7 categories to our diary tables; however, I'd go as far as to ask, "Why limit it at all?" Let us choose additional categories to add from the core 5, say up to the 15 core categories.

Furthermore, let us add personal categories for less common nutrients like various vitamins. We don't need those to factor into our macros. They'd just be an addition to help us personally track other areas of our daily food intake. It seems to me that with the current table/database system this wouldn't be hard to implement either.

Personally if I could just have 7 columns that'd be enough for me. Calories, Total fat, Cholesterol, Sugar, Sodium, Fiber, Protein. That's my main concern areas.

Anyways, some sort of improvement to the food diary would be great.
October 9, 2012 4:35 PM
I agree, I'd really like to be able to track more nutrients on the website. Its frustrating to constantly have to change the settings to view different nutrients. I like that on the phone app I can see a daily summary of all of the normal nutrients on a food label, but it would also be nice to have a way to see which items were high in the different categories.

For example, I often have WAY more Vitamin A and Vitamin C than the daily goal. It would be nice to have an easy way to check what causes a significant difference like that rather than having to go to the phone app and scroll through each item to see their individual nutrient values.
February 1, 2013 5:03 PM

Only problem is that lots of labels don't have every nutrient listed.
That would make your macros off.

I'd be ok with "rough values" - and that could be made clear so that users recognize (that not all labels display every item).

Even rough numbers would help me tremendously!


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