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TOPIC: Macros for weight loss: HELP PLEASE!

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August 20, 2012 7:18 PM
Hey All!

I'm just coming back to MFP after a few month's hiatus (went on WWO and hated it, so now I came crawling back) - generally, I've lost a little bit of weight, but nothing significant. I know that I need to work on the fitness side of things a bit more, but I'm wondering what is a good setting is for my macros to get back on track?

I can't low carb... I need some carbs for brain fuel but I'm willing to eat healthy carbs and avoid the 'white' starches. I am trying to up my protein but I hate hard-boiled eggs so have tried protein shakes, cottage cheese, etc. I try to limit my fats to the 'good ones' within limits and make all of my own salad dressings without any oils (just vinegars and herbs) in order to save on some fat there. I do like fruit and will have at least one piece/day but this often spikes my carbs...

Basically, I know 'how' to eat but am struggling with getting the scale to move. It sounds cliche but I am large-framed and pretty muscular and know that I will most likely gain a bit at first with increased fitness, but if anyone can give suggestions on macros levels, it'd be much appreciated.

Here's my info:
Age: 26
CW: ~213
H: 5'6"
Size: 14/16 (L-XL)

August 20, 2012 7:32 PM
It does sound like you know the basics of what you should be doing, so that's a really good start. I'm no expert (just starting to get the scale to budge...finally), but based on stuff I've read here and elsewhere, I'm using a 40/30/30 (carbs/protein/fat) macronutrient ratio. I don't always hit my protein goal, but I try to get at least 110-120g protein every day. Also, I *love* carbs (none of the white stuff, though, and I get as many whole grains and veggies as my calorie goals allow...sometimes a little more, oops).

You might want to search the groups for the one called "Eat More to Weigh Less" - the basic idea is that weight loss doesn't need to involve drastic calorie restriction. I'm in that group and "New Rules of Lifting for Women" (following weightlifting plan in the book by the same name by Lou Schuler); this plan also discourages drastic restrictions and focuses on building lean, fat-burning muscle instead of spending hours doing cardio - great, especially if you're like me and *hate* running or spending mind-numbing hours on the bike or elliptical.

Also, the Scooby's Workshop website ( has some pretty nice tools for adjusting your calorie, fat loss/muscle-building, and macronutrient goals based on your weight, height, and activity level.

I'd say look at my diary to see what (attempting) 40/30/30 can look like, but I have it set so only my friends can see it. That said, you seem reasonable (wink), so you can feel free to add me if you'd like occasional encouragement bigsmile
June 28, 2013 11:38 AM
That is very helpful, I was trying to do 40/40/20 protein, carbs, fat. But it has been really hard for me to keep my carbs balanced. I'm going to check out those links and maybe switch to 40/30/30 :)
June 28, 2013 11:47 AM
I never counted macros when losing weight (lost a total of 65 pounds). I personally believe that pretty much the only thing that matters is calories in < calories out. Move more, eat less. Nothing else really matters.
June 28, 2013 11:52 AM
I try to break my food down this way according to what I am learning and it is a work in progress.

3 servings of lean dairy (skim milk, greek yogurt, hard cheeses)

At least 2 servings of fresh fruit
At least 3 servings of fresh or frozen veggies

6-8oz of lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey, sirloin, peanut butter, raw nuts or seeds)

"Good" sparingly (olive oil, canola oil, unsalted butter)

The rest are carbs....the macros varies from day to day. And I admit, I still eat "bad" carbs (i.e. white starches) because that is what is in my cupboards right now!!!! I can't sell them back, and I cannot afford to just give or throw them away so slowly but surely, I plan to start incorporating more whole grains to use as carbs. Which means to me, shopping at health food stores. They are a little more expensive....but I figure the money I used to use eating out everyday will balance itself out and I find the meals I make at home are more fulfilling anyway. And they don't take that long to prepare!!!! Rachel Ray has nothing on me!!!! lol

And of course I do treat myself every now and then....and this first month, along with exercising 6/x a week I lost about 9lbs. but everyone is different. You have to choose a plan that is best for you and that you can stick to FOR LIFE!!!! Not to mention, everything is a work in might find that you have to change up what you are doing down the day at a time...but I have learned quite a bit participating in these message boards!!!!


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