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TOPIC: Spreadsheet for Weekly Calorie Deficit?

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August 8, 2012 2:47 PM

I have been using MFP for a while for calorie counting. I went through the Nutrition Goal setup and it says I need to eat 1,420 calories a day (putting me at a 1,000 calorie deficit). When I exercise though, it increases my allowed calories. Some days, I am extra hungry and eat over my allowed calories and other days I am just not as hungry and eat under.

On the days that I eat over the allowed calories, I feel guilty. But I started wondering if it was possible to track calories in vs calorie deficit on a weekly basis instead of a daily basis?

Is there a simple calculation I could use on the spreadsheet like:
Total calories eaten - calories burned from exercise = total net

I am thinking that if I total my total net by the end of the week, then it should have a 7,000 weekly deficit from my weekly TDEE total of 19,110? So my weekly net should be something like 12,110? Resulting in a 2lb weight loss?

Am I over thinking this? I tried running the reports on here and I didn't see anything that showed weekly totals unless I was missing something? Am I even doing this math right? I feel like I should be able to wrap my brain around this but for some reason I feel really stupid!! Is it even possible to lose weight based off of weekly calculations instead of daily? Thank you in advance for any help – it’s much appreciated!!

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