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August 7, 2012 9:39 AM
I'm going to list various things and you say something about that thing/fill in the it ? :)

Me (yourself):

Oddest thing about me:

Best thing about me:

My biggest flaw:

I hate:

I love:

I want:

I regret:









Fast Food:

Fancy Restaurants:



Working out:



August 7, 2012 9:43 AM
Me (yourself): i am jessie

Oddest thing about me: i have a terribly perverted sense of humor

Best thing about me: i can make people laugh

My biggest flaw: mood swings!

I hate: tequila yuck

I love: whiskey yummy!

I want: a new phone

I regret: nothing

Arrogance: ya probably

Selflessness: for my kids

Annoying: my kids.. for damn sure lol

Awesome: my life

Creative: in hs

Music: country and or rock

Cooking: excellent cook it is a damn shame

Baking: love it

Fast Food: wendys

Fancy Restaurants: claim jumpers

BBQ: fun

Holidays: dont celebrate

Working out: daily

Cardio: plyometrics, p90x, kenpo karate

Gyms: none

Caffeine: daily!!
August 7, 2012 9:47 AM
Me (yourself):

Oddest thing about me:

Best thing about me:

My biggest flaw: Self Confidence

I hate: Liars

I love: Walks on the Beach

I want: This Nightmare to End

I regret: No Comment....

Arrogance: Sucks

Selflessness: For the last 13 years.

Annoying: Two Faced People

Awesome: My Best Friend

Creative: Me!

Music: Hip Hop

Cooking: Love It

Baking: Fattening

Fast Food: In N out

Fancy Restaurants: Sometimes a Splurge is Nice

BBQ: Fun on a Nice Day with Family

Holidays: Day off of Work!

Working out: Oh Yeah, Stress Reliever!

Cardio: Miss Spinning!

Gyms: Expensive and No Time!

Caffeine: Mmmm.. Starbucks Frap!
August 7, 2012 9:51 AM

I'm going to list various things and you say something about that thing/fill in the it ? :)

Me (yourself): am a lover love!

Oddest thing about me: I don't like chocolate or avocados.

Best thing about me: I'm incredibly loyal and honest.

My biggest flaw: I am impatient. REALLY impatient.

I hate: stupid people.

I love: salmon.

I want: to marry the love of my life.

I regret: not running track in high school.

Arrogance: is the most unattractive quality EVER!

Selflessness: can turn good people into doormats.

Annoying: when people drive slow in the fast lane.

Awesome: sooo many youtube singers.

Creative: the opposite of myself--I am really analytical and numbers oriented.

Music: brings me great joy, especially country.

Cooking: one of my many talents.

Baking: cheesecakes must be BAKED!

Fast Food: can be yummy. Especially Wendy's frostys

Fancy Restaurants: are awesome when someone else is paying for it.

BBQ: makes everything taste better--love bbq'd veggies.

Holidays: are usually just another day for me.

Working out: makes me feel great.

Cardio: love to run more than anything else.

Gyms: are great when they're not packed.

Caffeine: i think I'm immune to it but i still drink my coffee every day :)
August 7, 2012 9:52 AM
Me (yourself):

Oddest thing about me: I absolutely love hippos.

Best thing about me: I will do anything for anyone

My biggest flaw: I can be over emotional

I hate: getting up early

I love: my boyfriend

I want: to graduate with good grades

I regret: spending too much money rather than saving

Arrogance: not arrogant at all

Selflessness: I try

Annoying: my roommate's boyfriend

Awesome: lifting

Creative: i love painting

Music: any form of rock

Cooking: i love cooking! Culinary science major

Baking: Not my best

Fast Food: Taco Bell

Fancy Restaurants: Maggianos

BBQ: Beer Brats!

Holidays: Halloween

Working out: Lift heavy. I <3 deadlift

Cardio: running

Gyms: school rec center

Caffeine: black coffee with no sugar
August 7, 2012 9:52 AM
Oddest thing about me: My sense of humor.

Best thing about me: My shiny, bald head.

My biggest flaw: Too hard on myself.

I hate: Mushrooms.

I love: Flaming Hot Cheetos.


I regret: Not paying more attention in college.

Arrogance: Sucks.

Selflessness: I try.

Annoying: My wife would say yes.

Awesome: Sometimes.

Creative: I prefer fiendishly gifted.

Music: Rock!

Cooking: Love to!

Baking:Good at it!

Fast Food: Subway is pretty much it.

Fancy Restaurants: Every once in a blue moon.


Holidays: Halloween is my favorite!

Working out: Running and lifting.

Cardio: Running!

Gyms: 24 Hour Fitness.

Caffeine Copious amounts of coffee daily!
August 7, 2012 9:54 AM
Me (yourself): Amber

Oddest thing about me: that there is nothing odd??? tongue

Best thing about me: I'm awesome.

My biggest flaw: Telling people just what I think.

I hate: fake people

I love: My family

I want: to be healthy

I regret: lost friendships... only one.

Arrogance: ?

Selflessness: should be more popular

Annoying: mosquitoes.

Awesome: the best way to feel

Creative: I try!!

Music: ALL of it

Cooking: on the grill...

Baking: love to do it, never do though.

Fast Food: isn't all bad.

Fancy Restaurants: what's that now???

BBQ: mine's broke. cry

Holidays: family and friends!

Working out: something every day!

Cardio: Just dance!

Gyms: not one around for more than 30 miles

Caffeine: my vice for sure!
August 7, 2012 9:58 AM
Me (yourself): Ich bin Nerple

Oddest thing about me: Birthmark, Social Awkwardness

Best thing about me: Sweet Sweet Dance Moves

My biggest flaw: I'm a Judgemental Prick

I hate: the New York Yankees and Montreal Canadians

I love: Vanilla Ice and Bel Biv Devoe

I want: to dance

I regret: nothing

Arrogance: Yes please

Selflessness: I share cookies

Annoying: I'm highly annoying!

Awesome: Check

Creative: No

Music: Alternative and Rock

Cooking: Minimal

Baking: Jordan Marsh's Blueberry Muffin recipe. I'm not supposed to have blueberries but I am willing to die for those.

Fast Food: Subway and Pizza (Local Joints)

Fancy Restaurants: Not worth dressing up for

BBQ: Beef

Holidays: Thanksgiving

Working out: Daily

Cardio: Bike

Gyms: Planet Fitness

Caffeine: Only Coke
August 7, 2012 10:00 AM
Me (yourself): April

Oddest thing about me: Sometimes I make random noises for no reason at all. :)

Best thing about me: I'm a nice girl.. for the most part :D

My biggest flaw: I trust people too easily.

I hate: Bees and anything that can sting me!

I love: My kids. They're the best thing to ever happen to me.

I want: Something to eat but I don't feel like cooking.

I regret: Eating too much during my last two pregnancies. Really screwed my body up!

Arrogance: is NOT sexy

Selflessness: is great

Annoying: I can be

Awesome: Of course

Creative: Not really.

Music: Mainly rock and a little bit of rap (Eminem)

Cooking: I'm getting better at it.. I cook all the time now. When I first got married I didn't even know how to boil an egg so i've come a long way.

Baking: LOVE it! especially during the holiday season.

Fast Food: No thanks.. but if I have to get fast food and had no other choice, It'd either be Tim Hortons, Subway or Taco Bell.

Fancy Restaurants: Nah...

BBQ: Love BBQ chicken.

Holidays: Halloween and Christmas ...and Thanksgiving because of the delicious food!

Working out: 4 -5 days a week

Cardio: TurboJam or TurboFire

Gyms: Nope

Caffeine: 0 calorie Monster or Rip It
August 7, 2012 10:00 AM
Why do I love doing these? Reminds me of high school kinda. :) Cute!

Me (yourself): Freak!

Oddest thing about me: My mind

Best thing about me: I'm very sweethearted

My biggest flaw: Fat rolls!

I hate: Violence

I love: Al Jourgensen

I want: More coffee

I regret: Everyone I hurt

Arrogance: Grosses me out

Selflessness: is purity

Annoying: Allergies

Awesome: Commitment

Creative: Poetry, writing, composing music

Music: 90s Industrial, shoegazer, grunge, alternative

Cooking: Mostly vegetarian

Baking: Grandmas recipes esp at Xmas

Fast Food: Eww

Fancy Restaurants: Italian first then steakhouse

BBQ: Chicken! Hawaiian style

Holidays: Pagan

Working out: Makes me strong

Cardio: Kickboxing

Gyms: Scary

Caffeine: More please
August 7, 2012 10:02 AM
Me (yourself): Jessica

Oddest thing about me: I have preminitions in dreams...weird I know.

Best thing about me: My wonderful eyes ( Though my man says my voice...

My biggest flaw: I have a few. I bite my nails, and I do gossip a lot.

I hate: The word See-You-Next-Tuesday, and when people call african american's the N word.

I love: my daughter, and probably him too..

I want: to be with him all the time.

I regret: nothing

Arrogance: Ugh! Please no.

Selflessness: Already have a badge for that.

Annoying: Horrible spellers! Like can't spell simple words.

Awesome: is me!

Creative: Is wonderful

Music: Country

Cooking: Give me anything and I can cook it.

Baking: Cakes!

Fast Food: Right now Chipotle ( Burrito for lunch!)

Fancy Restaurants: I'd rather stay at home, but if I had to choose Saito's Japanese Steak House

BBQ: Shrimp!

Holidays: Turkey Day or Christmas

Working out: Is fun

Cardio: Steppers!

Gyms: I love them!

Caffeine: Mountain Dew!
August 7, 2012 10:03 AM
Heck why not

Oddest thing about me: Dislocated lisfrank Joint that has not healed=a screwed up foot

Best thing about me: I would never cheat on a spouse/partner/etc. No matter what the temptation or reason

My biggest flaw: I do not trust people enough to get to know them.

I hate:LIARS

I love: My family

I want: To get school over with.

I regret: Nothing.

Arrogance: I know I'm a charming guy when given the chance.

Selflessness: I like ME time. A BUNCH.

Annoying: Being annoying is a game for me.

Awesome: ME

Creative: NO!!!!!!!!

Music: Everything. Lately sirius/XM Octane

Cooking: I like to, but only new/exciting things....Just cooking a meal=work not fun

Baking: NO

Fast Food: Mcdonalds grilled honey mustard snack wrap

Fancy Restaurants: Have no preference. Usually try to pick one out for our annual anniversary mini vacation

BBQ:Best in the world?=small mom/pop shop in Benton Harbor MI

Holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving. Because we finally started having our own little family dinners/celebrations-instead of going to our parents.

Working out: Yes

Cardio: Running with the boys

Gyms:At school-we get charged for it anyhow-may as well use it

Caffeine: Much less than in the past. Usually from Dr Pepper 10 and that's it.
August 7, 2012 10:03 AM
I'm going to list various things and you say something about that thing/fill in the it ? :)

Oddest thing about me: My sense of humor

Best thing about me: I don't judge others

My biggest flaw: I am too hard on myself and it stresses me out

I hate: hateful people

I love: my boyfriend

I want: to go for a run but I just ate

I regret: eating

Arrogance: not at all

Selflessness: I give almost everything away

Annoying: nah

Awesome: sure

Creative: when I have to be

Music: I enjoy it

Cooking: I really enjoy it

Baking: I really really enjoy it

Fast Food: barf

Fancy Restaurants: all the time

BBQ: get inside of me

Holidays: stressful

Working out: addicted

Cardio: running, walking, the works

Gyms: my home

Caffeine: my addiction
August 7, 2012 10:05 AM
Me (yourself): Vanessa

Oddest thing about me: have a third nipple, dont ask for pics. it doesnt show up. just google it, thats what i have.

Best thing about me: i'm there for anyone that needs it.

My biggest flaw: i trust to easily.

I hate: my body

I love: my moles, freckles, and skintags, and my third nipple.

I want: to be toned.

I regret: letting my ex see that he got the best of me

Arrogance: is annoying.

Selflessness: I have it, everyone does at some time.

Annoying: my brother

Awesome: me. duh.

Creative: i can do a thing with my fingers.

Music: anything but screamo

Cooking: not really. i watch and learn, but fail. :P

Baking: brownies!

Fast Food: carbs. but get it rarely.

Fancy Restaurants: haa. old country buffet.

BBQ: chicken!

Holidays: christmas.

Working out: 100 workout, insanity, 30 day shred.

Cardio: bike or running.

Gyms: my living room

Caffeine: need it most of the time.
August 7, 2012 10:14 AM
Me (yourself): Darkskinned :p

Oddest thing about me: ambidextrous

Best thing about me: I'm awesome

My biggest flaw: height

I hate: the Yankees

I love: lasagna

I want: intercourse

I regret: this lunch

Arrogance: Yes

Selflessness: Yes

Annoying: Beliebers

Awesome: Me

Creative: Kanye

Music: Kanye

Cooking: Rachel Ray

Baking: Her

Fast Food: McDonalds

Fancy Restaurants: Olive Garden (judge me)

BBQ: My backyard

Holidays: Christmas

Working out: MWF and the weekend

Cardio: Elliptical

Gyms: Planet Fitness

Caffeine: I dont miss it
August 7, 2012 10:15 AM
Me (yourself): Unique

Oddest thing about me: My pinky toes

Best thing about me: I'm caring

My biggest flaw: Hot tempered

I hate: annoying people

I love: my daughter

I want: it all!

I regret: letting myself get unhealthy and large

Arrogance: is a turn off

Selflessness: is pure

Annoying: stupid people

Awesome: MFP

Creative: my daughter

Music: top 40

Cooking: Not my strong point

Baking: Only when I'm in the mood

Fast Food: Has more healthy choices now than it used to

Fancy Restaurants: Too expensive

BBQ: Sweet Baby Ray's

Holidays: Birthdays

Working out: is a good stress reliever

Cardio: running, Arc Trainer

Gyms: Snap Fitness

Caffeine: addiction
August 7, 2012 10:21 AM
Me: Brandi

Oddest thing about me: Tomboy who loves 5" heels

Best thing about me: My resilience

My biggest flaw: I'm a procrastinator

I hate: Ignorance

I love: Dogs

I want: To be sexy and fit

I regret: Nothing.

Arrogance: Can be sexy in small doses.

Selflessness: Even sexier.

Annoying: The genius that sits three cubicles down from me.

Awesome: Psh! I am! True story!

Creative: Me

Music: Random as ever. Metal, Alternative, Electronica, R&B, old school hip-hop

Cooking: Everyday! Love trying new recipes.

Baking: What I do best!

Fast Food: Portillo's! Chicagoans know!

Fancy Restaurants: Las Adas Latin Grill in Houston, Tx - miss home =(

BBQ: My mom's...Southerner's do it best!

Holidays: Christmas

Working out: Everyday

Cardio: TurboFire baby!

Gyms: Peak Fitness

Caffeine: Gotta have it!
August 7, 2012 10:23 AM
Me: Jamie

Oddest thing about me: My Tourettes like tendencies.

Best thing about me: my rationale

My biggest flaw: my patience or lack thereof

I hate: stupid people

I love: nerds

I want: true happiness

I regret: not trying as hard in school as I could have.

Arrogance: it happens.

Selflessness: that also happens.

Annoying: uneducated statements

Awesome: unabashed nerdiness

Creative: I'm not.

Music: Loves

Cooking: I get the job done.

Baking: Sometimes

Fast Food: Carl's Jr.

Fancy Restaurants: LOVE IT

BBQ: Chicken

Holidays: Christmas

Working out: ugh

Cardio: running

Gyms: I like 'em

Caffeine: Please, god.
August 7, 2012 10:32 AM
Me (yourself): I'm Jen

Oddest thing about me: My sense of humor

Best thing about me: My sense of humor

My biggest flaw: I can be hard on myself.

I hate: Negative people

I love: my pets

I want: to be healthy

I regret: Not trying harder to keep my weight off before...

Arrogance: is something that I can't stand in men.

Selflessness: is a rare trait

Annoying: people who can't drive

Awesome: Me :P

Creative: My job demands this.

Music: eclectic

Cooking: I never follow a recipe. I always make stuff up and am usually successful.

Baking: Love to bake (and then bring it to work so I dont eat it!!)

Fast Food: Hard to avoid

Fancy Restaurants: Fun every once in a while

BBQ: Fiance's Mom's ribs... delicious!!

Holidays: family time

Working out: must be done

Cardio: walking outside with my dog when it's nice.

Gyms: Planet Fitness, i really like my gym

Caffeine: avoid it
August 7, 2012 10:33 AM
Another distraction from work? But of course! (taking out the spaces - driving me kind of stabby)

Me (yourself): Sam
Oddest thing about me: that I'm a tax accountant/fin'l analyst (if you know me, you know this to be odd)
Best thing about me: my colorful language
My biggest flaw: can't seem to see that line
I hate: not much - too strong a word for me
I love: turtles
I want: a brownie
I regret: nothing
Arrogance: I always say there's a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Don't cross it.
Selflessness: Not a page in my book. Live selflessly.
Annoying: Something I'm called daily
Awesome: My friends list
Creative: my paintings
Cooking: I'd rather eat
Baking: I'd rather eat
Fast Food: I'd rather not eat
Fancy Restaurants: There's HOW MANY FORKS?!
BBQ: Where are the forks?!
Holidays: Polish traditions
Working out: try and make me stop
Cardio: Air drumming all over my trail runs
Gyms: Leaving snail trails
August 7, 2012 10:35 AM
Me: Rob

Oddest thing about me: My two front teeth have been knocked out more times than I can remember.

Best thing about me: I'm just a dang good guy.

My biggest flaw: I rely on the affirmation of others for happiness.

I hate: Lying - with a passion. This includes omission and passivity.

I love: Quality time talking with friends.

I want: A high paying job to offset 17 years of working in private non-profits, but don't really know what industry or avenue to take without going back to school right away.

I regret: Mistakes that led to divorce. All of the debt I've accumulated from ^^^ and going to a private college - bad way to start.

Arrogance: Is almost as bad as lying.

Selflessness: Is a beautiful virtue constantly demonstrated by one of my best friends.

Annoying: Littering and graffiti. People who have no respect for the community.

Awesome: My new friend.

Creative: I love to write, and I even though I'm terrible now, I'd really like to learn to draw, paint, and sculpt. Also, I've just realized in the last few years that I MUST create, even if just practical or work related things. I had never recognized the value I have for that.

Music: Pink Floyd; SRV; Classical; Bluegrass; some Flamenco. Genre is less important to me than the quality of the piece.

Cooking: I only really enjoy it when doing it for others.

Baking: I've made gingerbread houses before.


Fancy Restaurants: I do not frequent them, though I'd love to (need someone to go with).

BBQ: Yum! Short ribs.

Holidays: I can have fun at all of them, but I suppose family ones are my favs.

Working out: I dig it. Right now swimming, riding, and running in prep for a tri. Next week I start lifting again.

Cardio: Lost most of my weight walking on the incline treadmill.

Gyms: Mine is no nonsense, and I like it. However, I have to also go to a rec center to use the pool. That blows.

Caffeine: Not after 3:00 p.m. or I will stare at the ceiling till 4:00 a.m.
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August 7, 2012 10:43 AM
Me (yourself): MaryBeth, hiya!

Oddest thing about me: I really don't like children

Best thing about me: I really don't like children

My biggest flaw: I have no patience

I hate: People who state the obvious

I love: Peanut butter

I want: an IPad

I regret: not working out all these years

Arrogance: nope

Selflessness: yes

Annoying: sometimes

Awesome: always

Creative: not so much

Music: cant find any good music these days

Cooking: meh

Baking: boo

Fast Food: easy, but bad

Fancy Restaurants: nice

BBQ: love it

Holidays: love them!

Working out: trying

Cardio: sweaty grossness,but a necessary evil

Gyms: intimidating

Caffeine: necessary
August 7, 2012 10:45 AM
Me (yourself): I am Lauren

Oddest thing about me: i'm deaf.

Best thing about me: that i'm super intelligent and compassionate.

My biggest flaw: i am still working on my confidence and self esteem

I hate: that's a strong word...i hate a person or two, no names.

I love: my daughter and my life

I want: for nothing at the moment.

I regret: somethings but try not to.

Arrogance: nope

Selflessness: for my daughter, always for her.

Annoying: when i miss what's going on

Awesome: my friends, I have AWESOME friends, you know who you are.

Creative: yes

Music: eclectic.

Cooking: i am a wonderful cook

Baking: I do it in fits and spurts...i get bored.

Fast Food: never.

Fancy Restaurants: YES....i love to sit down to a wonderful meal and just visit.

BBQ: great times with good family

Holidays: love them for the time off

Working out: always, every day

Cardio: dance, walk and the running and dance

Gyms: not yet!! Looking at one to join now!

Caffeine: never
August 7, 2012 10:46 AM
Me (yourself): Steph

Oddest thing about me: I can't be late. Its impossible.

Best thing about me: I can laugh at myself

My biggest flaw: I care what people think of me (not just my looks)

I hate: people who make noise when they eat

I love: animals. Probably more than people...

I want: New running shoes!

I regret: Not starting this running program much sooner, like years ago sooner!

Arrogance: is not part of me

Selflessness: is definitely a part of me

Annoying: people who are late

Awesome: people who love me

Creative: music, it moves me. Literally.

Music: ALL

Cooking: Like to eat, so must cook! lol

Baking: I suck at this.

Fast Food: Mcdonalds. YUM.

Fancy Restaurants: Carrabas (its not that fancy but fancy enough)

BBQ: Uh, Sonnys for sure!

Holidays: Halloween, and then Christmas.

Working out: I wanna be a runner so doing the C25K program, and I LOVE IT

Cardio: Running!

Gyms: Little gym called DB Racquet Club

Caffeine: Diet COKE!
August 7, 2012 10:46 AM
Me (yourself): Jac

Oddest thing about me: I got nothing....If I think of something I'll update.

Best thing about me: My brain. Im pretty smart

My biggest flaw: I get into things gung ho - and then burn out. It's all or nothing for me always.

I hate: stupid people

I love: my family

I want: a 4door wrangler sooo bad

I regret:falling out of touch with some good friends

Arrogance: hmmm....arrogance vs confidence.....that's a real fine line.

Selflessness: Torn. I will go out of my way to help people but it has to be my idea.

Annoying: - That crazy frog

Awesome: - Me

Creative:I am not overly creative.....I am much more logic/mathematical driven.

Music: I love music....All types and I have tons.

Cooking: - I love cooking but usually work too late to. I can work a mean grill too.

Baking: - like Cooking.....Love to do it....Try not to too often because what I make is bad for me.

Fast Food: way too often. for the last two weeks I was eating it twice a day cause I hadn't gotten to the grocery store.

Fancy Restaurants: - Great for a special occation

BBQ: Carolina Style - Vinegar sauce - I make a mean barbecue....

Holidays: Love them all

Working out: yes please.......5-6 days a week. I feel better when I do.

Cardio: ugh....Only if I have to. Unless sports count

Gyms: I dont need frills.......but I would appreciate if my gym had dumbells higher than 75 lbs and a squat rack.

Caffeine: Yep. I drink way too much tea.

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