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TOPIC: My Fitbit adjustment changes the next day

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July 25, 2012 11:16 AM
Yesterday my fitbit adjustment was around 483 cal. But today when I checked back at yesterdays, my adjustment changed to 275 cal. It seems to do this everyday. I go to bed after midnight and check my daily adjustment, then when I check in the morning around 8am, my calorie burn for the previous day is always less (I know it will change the adjustment after added an exercise, but this is in addition to that). How am I suppose to know what the correct amount is? I didn't even log any additional exercise yesterday and it still adjusted. Other than this issue fitbit has been great, but now I don't know what number to trust and have no idea when or if I am reaching my calorie burn.

Does anyone have and idea of what's going on?
July 25, 2012 12:06 PM
Mine is doing the same thing, and also the walks that I used to get 200 cal burn is not calculating or transfering to MFP, this is not good. But I haven't had any progress with weight either. So I am sure they will come up with the fix cross my fingers...
July 25, 2012 5:40 PM
The adjustment in the day has some estimation involved, mfp recalculates it every time your accounts sync based on comparing what mfp expects you to burn to your total fitbit burn. You see an adjustment when you burn more than mfp expects. It does recalculate several times, and I suspect if it is able it does at the very end of the day. It could be you are less active in the evening and that causes the decrease. I notice it also seems to sync when I enter something on mfp or press done for the day, and it seems to again just after 12am.

How do you know what mfp expects you to burn? Really you need to look a couple places as it isn't in one place. Not counting your fitbit adjustment, your mfp burn is your "calories burned from normal activity" (found in your mfp goals page, it is what someone of your bmr and activity level is expected to burn) + any exercise you logged on mfp (as that is already counted). If your total fitbit calorie burn is more than that number, you should see an adjustment to correct your activity level. This works best for comparing completed days, as you are still burning calories until the end of the day just before 12am.

I think it helps me minimize disappearing adjustment if I make an effort to be active after dinner. I don't usually workout after dinner, just make a point to move about maybe walking in place on commercials when watching tv, doing some tidying on commercials, maybe some light movement and stretching, etc.

Also, with weight loss you burn fewer calories from the same activity so maybe that is related to some people's issues of seeing smaller adjustments than in the past. I don't think either mfp or fitbit drops you sharply with each pound, but it seems there are certain intervals of weight loss where the calorie burn drops more dramatically. Same with birthdays. I have noticed similar with my heart rate monitor, though hrm burn also decreases as fitness increases but fitbit burn doesn't necessarily.

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