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TOPIC: I'm curious - early twenty somethings ?

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July 25, 2012 8:25 AM
Im 27, but have lived on my own for the past 5 yrs. (I also have a 7yr old son, single mom)I recently moved back home to help pay for tuition ( out of pocket). Really you just need to focus on a budget.I have never really struggled to pay my bills. Everything i have i can say that i obtained it on my own. Never had a bf/ husband/ roommate living with me to help share some bills. My credit score is really good which in turn I get really good rates or 0% on large purchases. I guess i can say I have never been declined when applying for something. Here are a few Random things I did to help me get by and enjoy life.

1. Coupons, coupons, coupons.
2. When gas was at its all time high, I planned one day to run around and do all errands and chores.
3. If it was walking sistance I walked. ( grocery store, park, pick up son from school, etc and you're getting your excercise in)
4. Save Save Save ( for example if my check was $1108.45, i would dep the $1000 into checking acct for bills and the $108.45 into savings, didnt touch it and didnt think about it, before you knew it I had saved enough money for a down payment on my new car or had that emergency fund or when I was short on money for the monthly bills, I knew i had my little stash)
5. Ad comparison. Im that lady that takes all the weekly ads to walmart and the price match everything. ( this ties in with #1)
6. Garage Sales. You'd be surprised on how much junk you have that you can sell and get money for.
7. there are Apps that you can upload onto your phone that the merchants will scan straight from your phone and give you the discount.
8. Have you tried to refinance your car, the lower rate will get you lower payments.
9. Shop around on your insurance, cellphone provider etc you'd be surprised on how much money you can save by just shopping the competition. ( threaten that your going to leave and they WILL offer you something cheaper)
10. I got rid of my cable. With fulltime work, a son and workingout I rarely wathced tv. when i did I was usually watching the same shows. I eventually started to watch them on my laptop online. so i said scew it i dont need to pay $100 on something that i dont use anyways. dont miss it at all!
11. Do not pay your bills late, so much of your money goes on late fees. I work to hard formy money.

I dont want to clog up your page with my cheap idea. I guess I have been doin it a while so I have learned the tricks and trades. This in turn has let me live comfortable.
BTW, I work at a bank making $14.75 an hr. Not alot of money but I learned to budget. When i was living alone My rent was $750, and car payment was $400, insurance was $167 ( for my car and my moms truck, I paid both), student loans from the first time in school $200, cell phone $130 ( again for mine and my moms cell). Those were my biggest bills aside from all the small ones.
July 25, 2012 8:52 AM
I say live with your parents as long as you can! Save up money to go towards buying your own home and work on paying off all your debt before you leave. It may not sound ideal to stay with your parents, but once you have a mortgage, car payments, credit card debt, and so on, you'll wish you had.

Just my opinion.


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