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July 17, 2012 4:46 PM
hey my name is stephanie. i am a cheater right now. my doctor told me about this site 2 years ago and i lost 25lbs. this past 6 months have been very difficult since i lost the 2 closest people of my life, i finished massage therapy school and my husband and i have had a rocky relationship since he was in the military and just got out so money is also an issue. needless to say its all back on. i recently found out i am semi-allergic to dairy..meaning when i dont eat any dairy my allergies completely go away. when i eat dairy i sneeze a lot, stuffy nose, etc. i am a vegetarian and recently took a health class on "how to eat" and portions and reading ingredients however its making me crazy sometimes to the point where i freak out so bad i binge. i have lost weight on here before so i know i can do this however when did it before i ate lots of bread, cheese, crackers, bagels, etc. recently every time i log in though i change my goal or my weight loss per week so ive figured out how to cheat i guess. when i think about cutting cals i freak out. i can work out and before i did cardio for an hour a day but now i work 2 jobs and dont have that time anymore. no kids tho so bless your heart if you have kids i couldnt do all this.

sorry for the book but im generally healthy (i also only drink pop, coffee, etc) and im not sure how to lose the weight this time. any advice?


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