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TOPIC: Has anyone used Digifit, Runkeeper, Endomondo, etc.?

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July 16, 2012 7:15 PM
Have any of you used any of the activity apps that can sync with fitbit such as Digifit, Runkeeper, or Endomondo? What do you think? I have used the GPS tracking on both Runkeeper and Endomondo and like both, but can't decide which I like better. But I don't have them sync over to fitbit. But now, I had a gift certificate and ended up using it to buy a heart rate monitor strap that can link with my phone through Endomondo or Digifit. I haven't used Digifit yet, so am curious what people think. I like Endomondo, but don't really love it so I am hoping I will like Digifit better. (If not I'll use the hrm strap with Endomondo unless something better comes along). Has any Digifit users noticed how different their heart rate, zones or calorie burn are in comparison to Polar's estimates (my several year old hrm is a Polar and I still plan to use it for swimming at the least.)
July 17, 2012 9:42 AM
I've been using RunKeeper and like it very much. However, I use my Polar FT-4 for heart rate monitoring and manually enter the average into RunKeeper after my workouts. My wife makes fun of me because before I run/walk/etc., I have to get my FitBit, RunKeeper, and the Polar all going.

Maybe I am a dork after all...
July 17, 2012 11:00 AM
I use iSmoothRun to track my runs and it syncs to RunKeeper. I have my FitBit syncing with RunKeeper, but it doesn't import the runs, it only exports data like sleep and steps to RunKeeper. I check my iSmoothRun calories burned against the FitBit activity calories burned to make sure everything is pretty close.
July 18, 2012 11:57 AM
Right now I have accounts on all three. I don't have my phone compatible hrm strap yet so can't compare how they work with it.

I am really intrigued with Digifit.If it works as I think it would be cool to have a graph of workout heart rate data online and it looks really slick how it interacts with fitbit. I manually entered yesterdays workout, but it doesn't let you manually enter the heart rate data so really little to no point in using it without a hrm that it can sync with. (It has GPS, but so do other apps). One thing I don't like from yesterday's experiment, is it automatically manually logs the activty to fitbit. I don't always manually log, I would have logged this workout so that was fine but I like how Endomondo and Runkeeper give you the option not to sync activity to fitbit. (But I rarely log walking or running so I never do, I just like to use the GPS mapping to compare and for a record of where I went).

I think if I ran more I would prefer Runkeeper. And I like how it syncs with so many other apps and services. Since my trusty hrm doesn't link to computers, I manually enter heart rate data. As near as I can tell, Runkeeper only lets you enter average heart rate for a workout. I probably haven't used it enough to see all the key features though. I was really interested in how Runkeeper syncs with some strength tracking apps but it only will sync over a small set of specific exercises even from those, if I am using it correctly.

I tend to dabble in a lot of different activities so I do like how Endomondo gives so many activity options. You can even use the GPS to track how far you walk playing golf or anything outside. It lets yiu manually enter average heart rate and maximum heart rate. But the calorie burn doesn't seem to use heart rate at all--just activity, distance, and bmr type stats.

I guess neither Runkeeper or Endomondo are that good for my indoor activities as I like to use exercise videos and online workouts a lot. It makes sense since a phone is really ideal for outdoor exercise where you might need it or want to listen to music. I'll have to see about Digifit when my hrm strap arrives.

I am not familar with iSmoothRun.
July 24, 2012 10:30 AM
I have Nike Plus but unfortunately the app that is supposed to move the info over hasn't been working. So I have just been manually entering my info.
July 27, 2012 8:00 AM
I'm new to the FitBit but have been using RunKeeper for a year now - I always run with my iPhone strapped to my arm and found that it worked much better at tracking my time, pace and distance than the Nike+ app. I also have a Garmin watch and find that it's tracking matches up pretty well with the RunKeeper data.
July 27, 2012 10:55 AM
My new bluetooth hrm strap arrived so I was able to test it with Endomondo and Digifit.

For the most part I am quite impressed. The only thing I am unsure of... So far, my digifit calorie burn was much lower than my Polar F11 calorie burn, which is usually much lower than any database numbers I've seen for activity on this site, fitbit site and several other sites. And in some cases lower than my fitbit even for activity I think the fitbit would under estimate like reistance training circuits. I need to explore the settings a little. Otherwise it is pretty cool to see the heart rate data at any point in the workout as opposed to just summary data. My burn on Endomondo was pretty much as expected with the addition of the heart rate data. I haven't tried with Runkeeper as it seems this particular device isn't supported by Runkeeper though it looks like there is a work around I haven't explored yet. The integration between fitbit and Digifit is pretty cool actually, including how it incorporates the fitbit activity to the digifit dashboard. If I can just figure out what is so different with the calorie burn, I think I would be quite happy with it. It isn't raw heart rate data that is different as my new hrm strap also links with my existing Polar and the readings are always within one beat of each other at any point where I compared. So it must be however they work out the calorie burn estimate that is different. I do think the digifit may exclude bmr while my Polar and fitibt both include it.
February 22, 2013 2:48 PM
I have found the same as far as digifit being lower and when I add in fitbits estimate of BMR it seems to be the same. I am new to these two apps and I can't tell yet if when it posts to fitbit automatically if fit bit takes this into account or not. When you record activities manually it seems to overwrite the total estimate including BMR and it seems like it works this way with endomondo so when it comes in from digifit does it know to leave the BMR estimate in for that time period. I need to tinker to figure this out but if you or anyone else has figured it out I'd love to know! So far I have paid to upgrade digifit but am not crazy about it...

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