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TOPIC: When dieting do you basically just starve

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July 15, 2012 5:58 AM



Please dont feed the troll

Let the troll starve. :)

Yup.. have to agree on the troll thing.. they have also started a topic on how its unfair to not be allowed surgery at 50lbs overweight??

The OP is either a troll, has an eating disorder, or is actually kodacdigitalcamera come back to haunt us.
July 15, 2012 5:59 AM
I eat 5 or 6 times a day. Never starve here.
July 15, 2012 5:59 AM
Eat healthy, in moderation, and have consistent activity and you will lose weight and be fit! I don't diet, what I eat is a way of life. But 1000 calories is too little. If you are active, it should be much more. On my slowest days, I'm at 1600 calories,
July 15, 2012 6:00 AM

The OP is either a troll, has an eating disorder, or is actually kodacdigitalcamera come back to haunt us.

Yep, wouldn't be surprised
July 15, 2012 6:07 AM
If you change your lifestyle to a healthy, balanced one including lots of "super-foods" that are high in fiber, lean protein, low in fat, etc -- and get some exercise each day, you won't starve and your body will start to change for the better. Once you make this your lifestyle and embrace the changes with passion to live a healthier life -- you will crave the healthy stuff, feel satisfied will the right calories range (for me it's 1300-1500 per day) and feel antsy if you're not getting the exercise.

It's amazing, but true -- it requires some dedication (not starvation or deprivation) to get to that point, but if you come at it with a PLAN, you're more likely to get there. I highly suggest professionals, if you can: nutritionists, physicians, personal training pros, etc. These professionals are worth the expense if you can afford it, are serious about making the changes and want to get the right info from the start. You can also find weight loss help at most hospitals and sometimes community or senior centers -- they have free workshops on nutrition and exercise plans -- walking groups, etc.
July 15, 2012 6:10 AM
Nope never starved for one day while losing 310 lbs. as a matter of fact the more weight that I have lost the more I have been eating.. I started this journey eating 2500 calories a day 3 years ago... Today I average 3200-3400 calories a day and am still losing weight... So no starving yourself will get you no where.... Best of Luck..
July 15, 2012 6:11 AM
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July 15, 2012 6:17 AM
I do agree that its a troll. However the answers have been lovely and have helped me, a non troll. So thank you to everyone being nice regardless :-)

And a big raspberry to the troll. The nice people here are nice anyway, and even if you are not helped, others are.
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July 15, 2012 6:53 AM
you should be eating at least 1200 calories a day because less than that and your body will start holding onto every calorie from what you eat because it thinks you are strving to death. and yes, dieting you won't feel as full as you would if you ate what you want when you want in the quantities you want. you shouldn't feel starving all the time though. in the beginning it's an adjustment, to feel satisfied with less food, but as you go along your stomach will shrink and your tastes will change and it will become better.
July 15, 2012 1:46 PM
I never starve myself. If Im hungry, I eat something. The trick is in what and how much, and making sure there are always things that will satisfy me around. trick at all, just sensible choices.
July 15, 2012 1:50 PM
So.. Eat more then a 1000 calories?

I eat 1500-2000 calories day.. lost/maintain just fine and I am never hungry.. unless it's time to eat!
July 15, 2012 2:04 PM

If you're eating less than 1200 calories you might as well just give up and go back to eating like you used to. That would be better than starving yourself- and potentially developing an eating disorder.

There is a common but widespread MISCONCEPTION that you have to starve yourself to lose weight. This simply isn't true. I have lost almost 115lbs, and am eating 2000 calories a day - and still losing weight. Granted, it's getting harder because I only have about 20 more pounds to lose, but when I eat less, I don't lose.

If you are doing it right, and doing something that leads to lasting weight loss, then you are not starving. you're doing yo-yo dieting, and diets don't work. period. They may work in the immediate time, but you will gain the weight back and have to go back to dieting again, and what's the point of that??? Just my opinion....

congrats on the weight loss and I agree with the calorie intake, I am trying to lose some weight also and am making my target for 1 to 2 pounds week. I have found that drinking water does help, lots of water and balancing your vitamins also, I eat lots of veggies have 2 low calorie snacks and 3 balanced meals staying at the calorie intake for my exercise level and so far going well.
July 15, 2012 3:16 PM
If you are starving... you're doing it wrong.
July 15, 2012 3:47 PM
Obvious troll is obvious.

Good game, OP.
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July 15, 2012 3:50 PM
Agree with everyone else, you should be eating at least 1,200 cal a day your body at rest will burn alot of calories, if you dont eat enough you will go into starvation mode! PAck in the protien that will keep you feeling full!!
July 15, 2012 3:50 PM
No, do NOT starve yourself! And you should be eating at least 1,000 calories if not 1,200. The best way to eat enough calories to feel full is eat the right calories AND increase your exercise. Believe me you can feel full even though you are cutting back on calorie intake and reducing the unhealthy foods. Keep going, you will see. :)
July 15, 2012 3:52 PM

Please dont feed the troll

But the troll is starving! Somebody get them a sandwich!
July 16, 2012 1:23 AM
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July 16, 2012 1:23 AM
get a life.. she is not a troll..
July 16, 2012 1:26 AM
No quite the opposite for me. I find myself just eating a random banana, or an extra piece of grilled chicken just so I can meet around my calorie goal or else I'd be way under. Just watch what your putting in your mouth if you waste 300 calories just on chips and if your drinking your calories then of course your going to still be hungry.
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July 16, 2012 1:27 AM

get a life.. she is not a troll..

"rhinowithonehorn has deactivated their account."
July 16, 2012 1:30 AM

I mean even if u eat do u just basically still feel hungry because u cant eat enough to feel full. I can not feel full without eating at least about 1000 calories.

During my weightloss I was on 1200 calories per day. No, I did not starve, nor did I feel hungry mainly because I would go over on my protein.


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