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July 12, 2012 3:21 PM
I have recently attained my goal wt, but I was where you are. I was borderline diabetic and had high blood pressure, I had to do something. My best advice is to start slowly ,walking for 15 min a day(everyday) and then increase time, speed, difficulty. Use whatever guideline your doctor will give you for calories. There are many opinions on this and it can be confusing. Personally I ate 1200 cals a day and started with 15 mins walking on a treadmill.It was an aggressive approach and not easy to maintain 1200 cals, but I wanted the weight gone as quickly and safely as possible. You need support from family and friends.Get rid of tempting foods in the house in the beginning. The longer you stick with it and keep it routine the easier it is to change the bad habits into healthy ones.Log onto MFP everyday and add friends for motivation. Good Luck and God Bless!
July 12, 2012 3:25 PM
It is hard at first but you WILL feel motivated when you see those first pounds drop off. That's when it get's exciting. I'm pretty new too. you can look at most people's food journals to see what others are eating.
July 12, 2012 3:30 PM

I think this is how many of us get here, we love to eat. I do not plan to follow any specific diet, I plan on eating healthier and being concious of what I eat. I also do not buy junk food for the house, I do not need it and neither do my children. Also you do not need to cut food out of yor diet, you need to eat regularly just smarter. I snack all the time but it is on healthier foods. MFP has also been a big help. I do like to work out and even if you are not workig out make sure that you are doing something to move, even just going for a walk.

We are here for support!

All this.
I lost 14Ibs in 4 weeks just by cutting my chocolate and Crisp intake down by about 90%!
All other meals I ate as normal, if I fancied chocolate I bought the smallest bar in the shop, rather than the family size one I'd normally eat in one sitting...
I found that the taste was so much better as I wasn't chucking 2-3 bars down my neck each day, it became a treat and something to savour rather than a habitual boredom killer.

And I see you have a dog so just spend an extra 10 mins each day walking him/her as well and the weight will fall off!
July 12, 2012 3:59 PM

I really need to lose alot of weight but have a hard time because i love food and not thrilled about exercise. I could use support and any advice you can give to help me get started

Take it slowly. I think the biggest problem is that people expect results too fast. It takes time but if you do it in the right way, you can maintain it for the rest of your life. Eat good, exercise as much as you can, and enjoy life. Don't get too hard on yourself because that causes stress. You might find yourself wanting to give up but keep pushing, even if you have a bad day. Take it one day at a time and always remember that this is going to make you more healthier so do it for you. I love food too and hate exercise but small changes can make a huge difference in the end.
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July 13, 2012 5:43 AM

I love food too. But I managed to lose 30 lb over 8 months by eating moderate portions of healthy food, mostly home-cooked. Not diet, "low-cal", processed junk - real food. I'm now down 36 lb, wearing a size that I never dreamed was possible for me, and have been holding steady for months. You can gradually replace foods in your diet with healthier options, and enjoy it too.

Healthy food is important, but the other key factor here is exercise. Exercise will allow you to eat more and also make you feel better about yourself. I know it's hard to do. I used to hate to sweat. But I got over it. I used to think that I just wasn't one of those athletic types. But a funny thing happened: once I committed myself to doing regular exercise (fairly vigorous cardio and circuit training), I discovered that I liked the way my body was feeling as I got more fit. I had more energy, I felt strong, I felt sexy. It's so worth it.

You can do this. Feel free to add me if you'd like. :)

Great Post!! flowerforyou


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