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July 3, 2012 4:00 AM
It took 6 months to lose my latest kg. I had lost 31 kg already which took 2 years to do. I started April 2010.

Here's a little bit about me:

5 foot 2 - SW 91.3 kg CW 59.2 kg
Has taken 27 months to lose
Exercise vigorously, heavy weights, intense sport
Eat at a small deficit (Between 1800 - 2300 calories)
Eat clean 99% of the time, no processed crap

I have lost a lot of centimetres and body fat in the past 6 months but the scale didn't budge and I wasnt too concerned with this because I was becoming thinner and thinner. People kept commenting that I was losing so much weight. I also took regular photos and was encouraged by my great progress. So motiviation was always there and I kept chipping away at it. People also thought I looked like I weighed 55 kg when I actually was fluctuating between 60 - 62 for the past 6 months.

Then all of a sudden the scale decides to move. lol I couldn't believe it. I had broken through the 50 kg range barrier!

Its confusing though - Why all of a sudden did my scale weight move again. I guess it takes time for the body weight to shift. I'm really not fussed with what number I end up on the scale. Its funny because when this happened just last week I bumped into a work colleague who I hadnt seen in a couple of months and she noticed that I'd lost heaps more weight. She said she weighs 58 kg but I weigh more than her and yet im so much thinner than her and she couldn't understand that. I didnt go into details with her I just said I exercise a lot and talked about the foods I eat.

Her diet isnt the best and she is sedentary btw. So I look thinner than her because I am more compact. Muscle takes up less space than fat. Its denser and pulls everything in. (I didnt go into such detail with her as I didnt want to think I was offending her)

The scale weight isn't the be all and end all for me as I'm concentrating on LBM, body composition, measurement although it would be nice if I were about 57 kg just so that I could feel a little bit lighter on my feet I'm thinking. I'm quite a solid kind of a build and would like to lean down a bit more through the waist. But maybe thats just my natural body shape so I need to take that into account when being realistic about my end goal weight.

The scale number will end up where it wants to at the end. I'll just keep doing what ive been doing and it'll take care of itself. I just have some fat on my tummy that I want to get rid of and at the pace I'm going it might be another 6 - 12 months before I get there. I dont mind that this whole journey will take me 3 years as I'm more likely to maintain once I get there because i've done it so slowly.

I like to eat at a small deficit so that I have plenty of fuel for my sports peformance and it helps me to become stronger in the gym and retain my muscle. I have lots of energy to accomplish all of this! I also know that if I were to go any lower than 57 kilos it wouldn't look healthy for me. I am nicely toned at my current weight. Any lower than the high 50's for me would be hard to maintain as well. I like to eat the amount i'm eating but if I weighed to little i'd most likely have to eat less and I dont like the idea of that.

It might be just a matter of keeping on working on my body composition from here on in. I'll see what happens and what the scale decides to do lol. Its exciting cos atm in the gym i'm starting to see the muscle definition in my arms as the fat is melting away. Next it will come off my tummy.

Wow I didnt mean to write so much. Its kind of funny that the scale weight can take 6 months to drop when you have just a few kgs left to lose. I wonder why all of a sudden it moved hmmm.

Anyone have any stories to tell?
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February 3, 2013 4:34 AM
this was really encouraging to read thankyou
February 9, 2013 4:15 AM
Your welcome! :)


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