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July 2, 2012 3:31 PM
I am usually not open and loud with things that make me proud but I am going to boast a bit.

Two, maybe three weeks ago, I was informed that Tammy, my Curves owner, was selling out. cry To say the least, I was devastated. She has been so inspiring through out the entire time I have been losing weight. I heart this woman! I came home so emotional with last months Women In Motion newsletter, aka Curves magazine, in hand. There is a section titled Why Curves and I had to get the emotions out. I wrote an email of not only my story of transformation (50 lbs lighter and 38.5 inches smaller), but also to thank Tammy so much. I wanted her in the spot light! Before she left, I had to let her and others know how much she meant to me. There are times I would have given up on everything without her words. After sending the email, I never even thought another thing of it.

This past Friday was Tammy's last day and we threw a party. I was so emotional that I couldn't stand to be there.

To the point! Today, I went in to workout, weighed in (almost 2 lbs lighter this week), finished my workout and spoke with the new owner. Super nice lady! While in conversation about the appearance changes she was making, I picked up the July/August edition of Women In Motion. There was too much to do to immediately read it. So I just threw it in my car. It finally made it to my kitchen table. In less than 1 hour of returning home, Tammy sends me a message that stated, "You are famous." She had just opened the newsletter and saw my story. Long story short, it was very emotional for the two of us. Apparently no one else had picked up this month's edition before Tammy and I! God's plan I assume.

My mind is so consumed with how much I already miss her. But knowing that ladies in 85 countries could see how they too can reach a goal even with just one person's help is a blessing.

Wish there was a direct link to view my article! ***You may or may not be able to view this link***
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*Side Note: Tammy is leaving to deal with health issues and surgeries. However, she has promised to return after recovery to workout with me! happy &&& I apologize for any misspellings, I am excited and in a hurry!*
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