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TOPIC: My Husband Thinks I'll Start Dressing in Skimpy Clothes

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June 27, 2012 6:27 AM
Last night my husband told me that he thinks that after I lose all this weight, I'll start dressing provocatively. I do look forward to wearing bikinis again but other than that, I've never been one to show a lot of skin, even back when I was skinny. He knew me back then so he should know that I'm not like that. What's with the negative behavior?
June 27, 2012 6:55 AM
He may just be worried that once you're thin again, you'll leave him for a new guy. The best bet is to reinforce your love for him. Show him lots of affection and kind words. His negativity is from fear of losing you as you lose.

My husband was the same way at first. I started making comments about how he's the only one for me and how he's loved me through thick and thin and his attitude changed. Now, he can't wait for me to get to buy new clothes(I'm not a skimpy dresser either), so he can "show off his hot wife." He always tells me how beautiful I am, so it's not that he doesn't think I'm hot now. He just knows my own self-confidence will rise as I feel better about my health and size. :)

In the end, recognize his negative attitude for what it is and shower him with compliments and love...


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