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June 18, 2012 2:16 PM
Hi. Can anyone tell me why my iPhone app does not sync to my iPad app( I usually use the iPad but sometimes when I'm out I track on the phone)
June 20, 2012 9:28 PM
Your data should sync automatically when the exact same username and password are used in both places, and there is a valid internet connection. Will you please double-check that you are using the same username in both places?

On the website, you can verify the username by looking above the "Food" tab.

On any of our apps, you can go to the "More" page of the app, then tap "Edit Profile." The "username" field will show the account the app is currently syncing with. It must exactly match the account you are using online.

If you find that you are using different usernames, there is not a way to merge two accounts. Please choose the account that has the most useful data, and log in to that account in all areas.

On our iPad, iPhone, or Android app, you may also see "Local Account" in the username field. If this is the case, the more page should show the options "backup to" Please tap this item and see which options best suits your needs. If the bulk of the data you wish to use is on your device, you'll want to create a new account so that the app's data can be saved online. If you have more useful data in the username you're using on our site, you should sign in to that account on your app. If you have any questions about how best to proceed, please let us know.

If your usernames do match exactly, and you are still finding that information is not syncing, Android, iPad, and iPhone users should look at the More page of the app again, to see if the first item on that page says "all local items synced," or if some number of unsynced changes are indicated. Please let us know what you find. If you find that unsynched changes are indicated, a first step is to tap that item, then tap the "sync now" button on the following screen. Please let us know if you have unsynched changes that cannot be resolved by this method.

If these directions do not help you to resolve your issue, please contact us at

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