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TOPIC: Changing amounts when tracking food!

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June 15, 2012 8:00 AM
Is there some way to change the amounts of a food?? Or do I have to add as a completely new food???? The other day I had to add one item several times to get the correct amount. My snack section looked pretty funny!!!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
June 15, 2012 8:07 AM
User entered foods are limited to one serving type... IE ounces... or grams... or cups.... or packages... or slices etc
these are marked with a * in the online food diary when searching to add the food.
if there is not a * on the line of the item it is either MFP supplied or something you yourself have added to the database.

If the given serving size is the right type (ie you had 45 grams) and the serving size as listed is 100 grams you have a couple possible options, as long as the measurement type is the one you want to use you can use the food.
Click the serving size area and see what options are there, could be 100 grams, could have 1gram option, could have a 900gram option (depending on package size of the original item) IF the 1 gram option is there you log 45 servings of 1 gram to track your 45 grams... if 100 grams is your only option you log 0.45 servings of 100 grams to log 100...

use the decimal equivalent of whatever fraction you use. As the fractions itself don't work online.


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