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June 15, 2012 5:19 AM
I just got one of these and was expecting it to sync with MFP just like the fitbit. However, it doesn't appear that it does. Is there something I need to do or is this functionality you all are going to add soon?
June 16, 2012 6:35 PM

We're definitely working on partnering with FitBit to incorporate the syncing of Weight data from MyFitnessPal to fitbit and vice versa in a future update. At the moment, the data points that do sync are:


Whenever you sync your Fitbit, we'll retrieve the actual calories burned that you've recorded up to that point in the day.

For whatever portion of the day that you have remaining, we'll use an estimate for your calorie burn based on the activity level that you selected when you initially signed up with MyFitnessPal.

If the total of your actual calories burned (from Fitbit) and your estimated calories burned for the remainder of the day are higher than our original estimate for the entire day (plus the total of the exercise calories you've logged), we'll adjust your net calorie goal accordingly.

The adjustment will be recorded as a cardiovascular exercise labeled "Fitbit Adjustment". This number will automatically adjust every time you sync your Fitbit so don't be surprised if it changes during the day.


Whenever you log food on MFP, it will automatically be posted to Fitbit, though on the Fitbit side it will show up as a meal summary (not individual foods). Your meal summaries will sync starting on the day you linked your two accounts. Historical meal data is not synced to


When you log your cardio exercise on MyFitnessPal, this information is synced to your FitBit account. It's important to enter the start time of your cardio exercise, so that the data collected by FitBit during your workout can be correctly reconciled with the exercise calories you are logging.


Water consumption logged at MyFitnessPal will sync to your FitBit account. This sync only works in one direction, so log your water consumption at MyFitnessPal only.


These items are synced to your MyFitnessPal account and can be viewed at by clicking "My Home" then "Check-In." You can review the synced data from previous days by clicking "Edit Previous Entries."
June 20, 2012 8:41 AM
Do you have an rough estimated timeline for the Fitbit Aria integration? ie; 1-3months. Or is ther epresently no projected timeline for this?

Also, I'm wondering if anyone is working on a food scale that can intregrate with calorie counting programs. I will ask fitbit the same.

Thanks for reposnding!
July 10, 2012 7:04 PM
I guess simply not responding at all is one way you can go about answering a question to which you may not have a good answer. I'll interpret your "answer" to mean that you have made no progress at all with integrating the Fitbit Aria into My Fitness Pal.
July 11, 2012 7:29 AM


We're definitely working on partnering with FitBit to incorporate the syncing of Weight data from MyFitnessPal to fitbit and vice versa in a future update.

One request.. allow us to opt-out of the weight sync but keep the steps sync. I like that I have an "official" weight recorded in MFP once a week (manually) but have the "every time I step on the scale" weights recorded in Fitbit.


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