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June 12, 2012 9:31 AM
maybe add vacuuming as a exercise option, also add a seperate option with a list of fitness DVDs that are on the market for exercise logging in , maybe an option to delete most frequent foods that I haven't used for ages on my iPhone app instead of going to a computer to do it? , able to colour code things or change design and colours of website! also when u can copy a meal to another day maybe u can have the option of just adding a single item from that meal not the whole meal for example if I have crisps and chocolate bar in my snacks I only want to add the chocolate bar to another day? #justsaying
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June 12, 2012 9:48 AM
Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry, expecting "every" workout video to be available is a bit much when they are variations on the same thing..

P90, Insanity, 30 Day Shred - others I haven't mentioned - if they involve both cardio and strength training that's "circuit training"

Samsone's "walk to fit" is logged as "walking" as is an hour on the treadmill (unless pace makes jogging, running a better choice)

if your video is just strength then strength training is there as an option, aerobics...

zumba / jazzercize etc are "dancing" which is available.

Just because they give something a "new name" for a different order of doing a workout doesn't change that it's the same "basic motions"

but if you must have different workout videos you CAN add them yourself to your own list. Search for the exercise and underneath the search results box it says "can't find what you're looking for? add to the database" (should say add to YOUR database as items entered here don't get added to the general / shared database)

If you logged a bar under snacks that you want to log on another day... IF it's been used "recently" it's on your recent list, view the recent list, check the box beside the bar you want to add and click add to diary.
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