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June 4, 2012 9:02 AM
So I am worried about gaining weight because I eat too little calories.
I am doing the body by vi shake, one for morning one for lunch.
Snacks such as pickles or pretzels throughout the day,
and then a normal supper. After putting in my meals in myfitness pal
over these last couple days, I've realized I don't even eat 1000 calories in a day.
I know this is bad....but with the shakes, random snacks, and supper I feel full.
I don't want to push myself to eat more...but I don't want to gain weight.
I have been excercising every day for an hour, even if just walking.
There are also some foods I eat that taste too good to be true, but when I put them
in myfitnesspal I am within my calorie limit by far.

For example:
last night I made my own personal pizza
with a taco shell, tomato paste, 7 slices of pepporoni and a little bit of cheese

it tastes so good...but could it possibly be not that bad for me?
Please help...


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