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June 4, 2012 7:36 AM
I need some advice on my weekend habits. I eat great and exercise all week and boom I ruin it all over the weekend. I'm an adult and can't blame anyone but myself but its my boyfriends fault. Every thusday we have the "we are going to eat healthy, it is important to me" talk and it never works. He is an amazing cook and he brings out my inner fat kid. I really want him to get on board with me for his sake and mine. Any suggestions???
June 4, 2012 7:44 AM
If you know you are about to eat a "bad" meal, log the food before you eat it. That way you know how much you can eat before you blow your day. Enjoy the food, but be strong and realize that you don't have to eat it all - sometimes just a small taste is all you need to satisfy your curiosity.

btw, interesting quote - "I'm an adult and can't blame anyone but myself but its my boyfriends fault" =]
June 4, 2012 7:46 AM
My boyfriend is terrible on the weekends when it comes to food and where we eat out. Which means, I work extra hard those days, burn as many calories as I can, drink plenty of fluids, and don't step on the scale until Thursday. I guarantee you didn't gain much over the weekend, if anything, but you may be retaining a lot of sodium.
June 4, 2012 7:49 AM
Very good advice, log ahead, increase exercises. The thing is this is not a diet, its a lifestyle you are trying to nurture, so smaller portions of the indulgent food and you'll be fine. I eat a big salad first - when I know the main is naughty - so I am too full to over indulge?

Even if the loving boyfriend cooks it, decline - he will get the message more clearly? Actions speak volumes.

And you do not have to eat the same thing, I often will make a variations of my husbands meal. Hardly a day goes by that something about his meal and mine are varied, whether its the main, the side vegs, salad toppings.
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June 4, 2012 8:01 AM
great advice thanks. Im gonna put it all to good use this weekend
June 4, 2012 8:25 AM

great advice thanks. Im gonna put it all to good use this weekend

You go girl, I know you can do it. Just stand up for yourself. And the advices already given are great! Work out extra, you can probably "earn" a few calories during week too.

Like the Weight Watcher program. They can "save up points" during the week. They have like a certain amount to use each week, if you save during the week, you can "afford" to eat more during the weekend. It should work the same with cal count in the long run. Eat 100 less each day during the week, then you have like 500 extra during weekends. If you workout extra you will have even more ;)

I kind of think like that, I haven't lost so many pounds, but I've lost 2.5 inches around my waist over the 2 weeks I've been in the "MFP program" (aka counting calories). So I think it'll work. Maybe not the optimal way, but maybe one solution.
June 4, 2012 8:26 AM
If you have to, plan your meals & cook them so you are ready for the entire weekend! I have a similar roadblock. We go to my m-i-ls for dinner Sundays, she is "old school" and does not believe in healthy anything. I will eat the main eentree or meat, and bring my own HUGE salad!!


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