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June 2, 2012 12:50 PM
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Eh. The scales stupid. LoL. 1.8lbs isn't anything more than a few more glasses of h20 and one of your hardcore S90 workouts. You'll be good to go by Friday. Keep pushing ahead! You've got it down to a science!

I'm down 7ish pounds. Still up from when I jumped on the eat more path but clothes fit fine again and scales moving so that's what counts.

I do seem to have caught that bug you were battling last week. So it's either a run or weights...weights if the meds don't kick in so I can breath. LoL. We'll see when DH gets back which one it is! Gotta get it in.

I've got 2 weeks until the 5k so I should opt for the run and it's decent outside. But we'll know how it is with a cold!!
June 4, 2012 8:25 AM
HOLY CRAP!! You are down 7 pounds!!! That is amazing. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Congrats.

Yeah the 1.8lbs wasn't bad but honestly I am not sure if that was judging too soon since my weight was even higher the last few days even though I have been good with food (except for too many potato chips on Sat). No biggy other than the fact that I really want to leave for this trip COMFORTABLY under 130lb so that I hopefully stay right under while on vacation. I am starting to this this is a pipe dream though since I was at 130 this morning (more like 129 if I was watching my sodium) which is alittle higher than my Friday weigh in. So when I weigh in on Wed before I leave it might not be as good as I was hoping. Oh well not going to stress about it. I am doing all I can do so their is no need to get my panties in a twist over it. haha

My weekend was crazy. We are in the process of selling my car on craigslist and looking at new cars. So this whole weekend was full of detailing and washing my car, picture taking and posting, answering calls and meeting people to show the car, and making appointments to test drive new cars. I honestly didn't think we would get as much interest as we have on my car so we are sort of running around like chickens with our head cut off since the car is being sold tomorrow and we leave the next day for our trip and even though we were not planning on taking my car on the trip, we are coming back Sunday night which is the day before my husband starts his new job and my daughter has her first day in daycare so needless to say being a car short come Monday would stink!! So we are trying to get our ducks in a row to buy the new car tonight or tomorrow.

That was why my weekend workout were so messed up. Because we were doing all these things during Josie's nap times (when I usually work out on the weekends) I had to workout when I was caring for her. So Saturday was the core workout video which was horrible since working out on the floor isn't a good idea with a 18 month old. The cardio is fine (jumping jack and running in place was good for Josie since she was trying to do it with me) but once I got on the ground to do core stuff she was climbing all over me. And as soon as I would pick up any weights she would want me to hand them to her and would throw an absolute fit when I wouldn't give them to her (gotta love the toddler years). I brought out 2 workouts mats because I know she would want to lay on mine when I was trying to workout. I thought I was so smart thinking whatever mat she sits on I would just use the other one. HAHA. My daughter proceeds to lay on the one mat then cover herself up with the other!! So that was not exactly a killer workout. So I was smarter on Sunday and just took her for a run. That run once again proved how much I dislike running. I would lift weights any day over that but it is nice to get a good workout in while the baby is happy laugh And boy she likes the run. When I get going and the wind is in her hair (what little she has) she screeches with excitement.

That stinks that you have a bug!!! Its so frustating when you know your workouts and everything are going to be off for at least a few days to get yourself back on track. I hope you are feeling better pronto!! I did all weights when I had my cold since I just couldn't make it through cardio but at least I was still able to workout most days.

Yeah look our thread rolled over tongue
June 4, 2012 8:49 AM
Man you have a lot going on! Phew! That sounds like a whirl wind of a weekend. I had to giggle because DH and I looked outside at all the rain this weekend (cancelling all baseball games) and said to each other- let's make it a lazy weekend before the madness of packing and camping begins! And that's just what we did-besides work outs and cooking/prepping meals..we just hang out. So to see all you accomplished makes me giggle. laugh You were a busy girl. I do think it was awesome that you found a quick way to adapt instead of throwing in the towel when Josie got the best of the core workout. That's awesome that you took her with you, even if running DEFINITELY DOES SUCK!! I felt terrible because my oldest just stared at me out the window when I left for the gym. I knew I needed a hard workout in but felt terrible!! So we went for a mini 'run' after I got back. His exact words when I asked if he wanted to 'run with me'... "I do need to get a little workout in for these muscles!" laugh I ended up carrying my youngest most of the time so needless to say it was more of a squat/walk. LoL.

Definitely keep pushing forward this weekend but when you go on vacation just be proud of all you accomplished since having Josie. You've made tremendous progress bouncing back from new Mama to hottie tottie mama in no time! It's worth celebrating yourself!!

And yep, 7lbs. and I'm pushing through another hard core week so I can feel good heading into vacation too. We'll see if the scale keeps dipping but I'm just glad I bounced back from that initial gain so even if I can get myself back to where I was by 30th birthday. I'll feel better about the process. IF really helps me focus in on eating and making it count. So I'm trying to stick with it. It's funny because we've got food prepped to take with us camping and there's family food...and then there's Mama food. I wish I could go into it and not worry but even 4 days will throw me off course. If I were closer to goal, I probably wouldn't worry but my birthday is the 'main goal' so I've got to keep it narrowed in.

Good luck with the new car!! Hope you find something tonight and get it all tied up before heading out. Enjoy yourself!!! And have fun with the family!!smile
June 5, 2012 8:53 AM
Well things took a hilarious and frantic turn after I wrote you yesterday. At about 11:30 my husband calls me and tells me not to take a lunch that the buyer wanted to buy the car today and I needed to meet up with them to sign the title and pick up my husband. Ok, no problem. So as I am heading to god knows where to meet them with all with the documents I get a call from my brother. He negotiated the deal on the new car we wanted and he got it the lowest price possible and wanted to know if we are interested. Ok I tell him I will have to check with my husband to make sure the price was ok and I would call him back as soon as we were done selling my own car.

Well the sale of my car went smoothly but it was very much like a drug deal (I can only assume). We met in the bank parking lot (in sort of a not so awesome area, but whatever). She came with the cash (which was $11,000 so we aren't talking chump change) and we had all the documents and keys. We were both sort of sizing each other up before handing over the valuables. I started doing the paperwork while Mike took the cash into the bank to deposit it (and ensure it wasn't counterfeit) and as soon as Mike got the go ahead that the money was good we handed over the title and got out of dodge. haha

As I was driving Mike back to our house so I could get back to work, I got another call from my brother. Basically saying that he needs to know if we are interested in getting the new car because the incentives on the deal run out at midnight that night and we had to take delivery on the car that day in order to get that price. Well we wanted that car and we didn't want to have to pay an extra $1,000 for buying in the very next day but we were paying cash for the new car and I didn't have that much in our checking so I am frantically calling to transfer the money and see when it would be available in our account. In the meantime, I am also online filling out all the forms stating that we sold my old car so that we are not held liable for anything the new owner does in the car before the title transfers to her name (parking tickets, toll violations, robbing banks, etc). Doing all this while back at work mind you. And the funny thing is we are buying this new car sight unseen. Yes we drove the same model and we saw pictures of this one but we had not actually seen this one in person. But no time to worry about that! The car was delivered to us last night at home in time for me to cut a check and sign all the paper work and then it was over. haha Thankfully the car was better than what we hoped and I love it already so our leap of faith was worth it but let me tell you, yesterday was STRESSFUL! explode

OK so enough car talk and back to weight talk (because you can never have enough of that laugh) So, I was going to weigh in tomorrow and take pictures before we left (just in case I got nutzo on the trip and screw my S90 results since I will only have one week left after I return to finish the program). I am doing well today eating all my low sodium food, drinking all my water, etc. Then I get a call from my husband (starting to love this morning random calls) saying that his parents want to take us out to dinner tonight before we leave. I have to say at first I was REALLY annoyed. I am in anal retentive diet mode and I wanted to have a good weigh in before I left and there is no way no matter what I ate I would get an accurate reading because of all the sodium in everything and basically any normal restaurant. I am sort of embarrassed to say it but I was totally put out that it was messing up my whole plan. laugh Then I had to take a step back and get out of the tunnel vision of weigh ins and tell myself it is ok. Life continues even if you are dieting and you just have to make allowances. It would be crazy to turn down dinner with family because you want an accurate weigh in. Sooo now I am over it. There will just be no weigh in or pictures before I go tomorrow. I will just do my best not to go completely off track while I am gone (Wed-Sun) and then work like a fiend when I get home. And when S90 is over I just live with the results even if they are off. No biggie. It is so easy to get wrapped up in all the nose to the grindstone stuff. I even had a slight panic attack thinking I will be over 130 when I get back and I have to just talk myself off the ledge a little. Sometimes I think I am a nutjob with all this stuff!! ohwell I have to keep reminding myself to look at the big picture and that being 125 instead of 130 isn't worth my sanity. laugh
June 5, 2012 2:23 PM
Well I am off the board until I get back Monday. Here is to me keeping things in moderation on the trip drinker Have a good weekend!
June 11, 2012 12:07 PM
I'm BAAACCCCKKKK laugh And as expected I was way over the beam on vacation so my pants are feeling really tight right now. Back to the grind. Not sure if I will be weighing in or not on Friday since I know I will need more time to undo the damage and I don't want to get discouraged. How was your weigh in on Friday? I still can't get over the 7 pounds!!!
June 12, 2012 5:57 AM
Hey- I am going to keep this short and sweet. I have been ill essentially all weekend. It was a great time, the kids had a blast but I am sick as a dog. I am actually at work but going to head home again. Doctor said either one hell of a flu bug or possibly colitis. Either way, I feel like ****!

I just wanted to stop in and say that I hope you had a blast and that I saw you were up and at it today! Great job. Bounce back and all will be well with the world!!
June 12, 2012 12:17 PM
Oh no! Take care of yourself and feel better soon. I will be here plugging along when you get back wink
June 13, 2012 5:48 AM
Of course you are plugging away! You are Jennie the MACHINE!! happy

I'm back at work. Definitely not 100% but sick days are few and far between and I need to reserve them for kids being sick not Mama. So here I am...ugh. I'm hoping the meds keep working. It's been up and down. I'll feel better for a couple hours, think I'm over it and then BAM- back on the floor in the fetal position I go. It's ridiculous. I'm hoping she's wrong about the colitis and praying it's just a super flu bug. I don't understand colitis outside of the fact that potentially you have it forever and you have 'flare ups' on and off. I don't have time for that crap. All I know is this has my eating all over the place. mad And I'm bloated beyond belief. At this point, I'm looking about 3 months pregnant. She tells me it's a symptom but it's one that needs to go away!

Anyways! How was vacation? How is Dh liking the new job? Looks like you are back in action. Atta girl! No rest for the wicked! laugh

I have that 5k on Saturday. The thought of it has me wanting to puke as it is. I haven't worked out since last Thursday and that was a strength day since I assumed I'd be able to run throughout vacation. I attempted one day and about lost my breakfast. It wasn't pretty! sick At this point, it looks like I'll go into the race with fresh legs and that's about as optimistic as it gets! laugh
June 13, 2012 12:44 PM
Oh no, do you think you will still be able to run in the 5K? I am wishing you a miraculous recovery flowerforyou Well vacation was fun but I went totally nuts. I am mean completely. I ate and drank until I felt sick, and I did that at every meal!!! It was fun but boy I am paying the consequences. I haven't been on the scale but my clothes were feeling really tight (how does this happen in 5 days??) I am not sure if I am going to weigh in or not on Friday. I think I might just want to give it alittle more time since if it is still way up I know I will be discouraged. I think I might be better off just letting it be for now. grumble But you never know. I might have a last minute change of heart, get on the scale and then be really mad I did. haha

Anything fun planned for Father's Day?
June 14, 2012 6:45 AM
Thanks for the well wishes. I am going to call the Dr. again in a little bit. The meds she gave me last 1 week for 1 and 2 for another but I want to know if I'm supposed to feel better by now or not. I am going to participate in the 5k regardless. I pray I don't need to walk it but I will be there one way or another.

How is getting back on track going? (PS I just had to go peek at what the H your profile pic that is awful!!!) Clothes feeling any better? It does suck that 5 days is enough to derail...hell, 1 and I swear I'm back to step one. But you have your process and you'll get back down.

What are you doing now? Sticking with S90 again or switching it up? A little BeFit maybe?

We will just be doing a little pamper dad at home day on Sunday. He just bought a bar for our house (ironic, since we don't drink) so I got him a beer stein with the kids picture on it and they picked out a book called "I love you, Daddy' since he's the best story reading ever!! I'm sure it'll just be a quiet day at home after being gone all last weekend.

I hadn't but decided to peek at the scale last night. Which I shouldn't have since I'm bloated to no avail. I'm up 2lbs. But I'm sure once I get the ability to workout again I can get back on a downward trend. It's been weird sleeping in the past few days and still being as exhausted as when I wake up at 5am to workout. much for sexy by 30. Lol.explode
June 14, 2012 12:13 PM
Life so often gets in the way doesn't it? There will be no official weigh in tomorrow. The clothes are getting better but not back to normal and I haven't watched me sodium at all today. Add to the fact that my cut up foot is keep me from working out means I need alittle more time so I don't make myself feel bad. Next Friday I will be weighing in, measuring and taking pictures though regardless since it is the end of S90.

I am going to try to do the BeFit and see how I like it. I think it is alittle more cardio based that S90 or P90x but that is ok since I think I need alittle more cardio to get this excess off my butt!

I have to say I wasn't thrilled about my car but I was ok with thinking that insurance will cover it and make it good as new. Then my brother (who is in the car business) says the damage is so bad there is no way they can just pop out the dents and they will have to disassemble the whole car to hammer out the dents including CUT the roof off. Then repaint the whole thing. Now I am beside myself. Between this, dealing with Josie's first week at daycare, and feeling like I am not making progress in my weight loss, I am not a happy camper. I am just ready to end this week!!
June 15, 2012 5:40 AM
Let me start by saying HOLY SH*T on the car front. That is some massive damage. That's crazy! Your poor beautiful new car! I'm sure they will get it back to new and that's the positive. But for now that absolutely stinks!! angry

Great job getting up and getting that KB workout in. Excellent job. How is the foot? Did you have to modify to accommodate the injury?

I ended up with a no weigh in this morning as well. Not on purpose, but quite frankly I'm okay with it. After trying to get some physical activity in by walking the dogs, I came home and we had zero water. No shower? Um...I'm a 2 shower a day girl. I need a shower. Luckily, my girlfriend let me run down and use hers. But in the midst of packing up to run down there, I didn't think to weigh in. No biggie...I can still tell I'm quite bloated and don't mind waiting another week for an official weigh in.

I'm still iffy about tomorrow. I'm going to participate, but I woke up this morning knowing there wasn't a chance of working out yet. Something is still off. Tomorrow will be the suck it up day but given how I'm still feeling- I figured it better to reserve what energy I have for tomorrow. I can't remember the last time I went a week without hitting some type of workout! The race just might kill me!! blushing
June 15, 2012 2:04 PM
I am sorry you are not feeling 100%. I hate it when those bugs slow you down for days (sometimes every weeks). No the foot isn't feeling that much better so I went to the doctor at my husband's dire urging. I knew there wasn't much that could be done unless there was something obvious they could pull out but to humor him I went ahead and went to the doctor today. As expected, the didn't really do much. They say the point of entry, all the bruising and the swelling. The didn't think it was infected (which I didn't either) but they couldn't tell if there was something still in there or if it was just a soft tissue injury that was going to take time to heal itself. So they sent me for an xray just to eliminate the possibility of there being something obvious in there but they said glass might not show up but wood would. (we aren't sure if I stepped on glass or yard debris). They were surprised with all the icing and advil the swelling wasn't getting any better but if nothing show on the xray we are going to give it more time and then they are going to send me to some sort of specialist if we aren't seeing improvement. So good times.

As for my car.......well it just sucks. I assumed all hail damage is just popped out. Boy was I wrong. Apparently with really deep dents like this they have to pull the car apart (and possibly cut off the roof) to hammer out all the dents from the opposite side. Then the have to repaint and reassemble the whole car. Basically if my car was alittle less expensive or alittle older it would likely be totaled out because the cost of doing all this (plus replacing all the glass, replacing the "frame" around the windows, replacing the taillights, etc) would be more than 60-70% of the car's value. We are REALLY REALLY hoping that the damage is so sever and the amount it would be devalued after this is high enough to get the car totalled out since the car has 157 miles on it and basically would not be in the best condition after all is said and done and it would have to be reported to show up on any carfax. Ugggh so annoying. If you want to see some real nice pictures of it check out this album:

Good luck at the race, feel better, have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day! laugh
June 17, 2012 6:42 PM
WOW. I checked out the face book pictures. That's insane. We don't get a lot of extreme weather...mostly rough winters. But a few months ago, we got hit by hail- I thought my sister's car looked rough. She had to get her hood popped back, and a side door- it looked bad. But now that I see yours it was so minor! I mean, completely inconvenient for her but not a complete overhaul. That's terrible. Wow. I am sorry!! It truly does suck!! grumble

On a good race went awesome. 32:52 was my time. I realize that isn't overly impressive. I was just glad to 1) FINISH 2) to see a time that was less than what I expected not more!! The kids made neon signs that said 'Run supee fast" (my youngest misses his R's so DH wrote it out how he said it!laugh ) and my oldest had one that said 'Go Mom go' and he drew his own stick figure of me (complete with boobs and all LOL!) It was awesome having them watch. The race was essentially a loop so I saw them at the start, midpoint and then we looped back around to finish at the start line. Thus they got to see mom attempt to sprint to the finish. It felt great and I'm already looking for the next. There was definitely something different about running WITH People. Alot more fun and I had a lot more to give so to speak than I typically feel when I go at it alone!

I also spent today prepping tons of food since today was a crap day. Know I have to get on bar all week for a good Friday weigh in. Saturday's eats were fine but something about feeling 100% + BBQ- I took it a little too far!! Grr...why do we do this?!

HOw is the foot? Swelling down?
June 18, 2012 1:45 PM
That sounds awesome. I am so glad you were able to finish the race and that I was a great time. It is a faster time then mine and I wasn't recovering from being sick! Yeah the cars were not cool. We lost out on a lot ot Father's Day because we had to come racing home to meet the insurance adjuster for our cars. Mike's car was totaled (I posted more pics on that Facebook album if you want to see how bad his looked laugh) Which we completed expected but they were claiming my car only had like $5k of damage. Which was total crap, so the car is getting towed tonight to our body shop to see what the real damage is. I was told insurance companies usually quote damage like this at 50% of the actual cost to try to get out cheap with the people who just pocket the $ and don't actually fix the car. So once the body shop gets involved they negotiate directly with the insurance company and get alot more $ since they are having to actually fix the real damage.

I am late getting on because I spent half the day at my house with the adjuster for the home owner's insurance. That was the big one. We have to get a roofer out ASAP just for emergency repairs this week, then the roof needs to be replaced when they are able to get to it. We are also replacing a fence, a shed, patio furniture, Josie's swing and sandbox, Mike's BBQ, all the gutters, some downspouts and they are repainting the side of the house and the porch. So we should be good on the house. It is more of just a pain in the butt to get this all done. My new car is the big problem but we shall see what happens with that.

My foot is about the same. Sore and swollen. And I am so mad I have still not heard back from my Dr. about the Xray I had taken on Friday. If I ice it and take enough advil I can work out on it but I try to be care which is why I was doing KB this morning. Now since Josie is in daycare and we are switching up her nap times, it looks like the only way I am going to get in a good workout on the weekends is jogging (since she can come with me). I think I am sort of adjusting. I will take jogging outside with her anyday over no workout at all so that might just be the way it has to be. laugh Its not really running though. I just jog until I want to stop, then walk then when my heart rate has fallen too low, I start to jog again. And so on and so forth. haha

Now as for dieting I am not too thrilled. I did sneak on the scale on Friday (but didn't post) and I was up 2.5 pounds. ok but then that is also on top of the 1.8 pounds I was up the week before I left for the trip. So I was over 131 (I never wanted to see over 130 again!) So overall I am up almost 4 pounds total. Which while it doesn't sound so bad I can definately feel it in my clothes. It is nuts how things are getting tighter with just 4 pounds! (I do wear tigher clothes thoughlaugh ) So I wasn't upset on Friday since it was to be expected plus I wasn't watching my sodium and I hadn't worked out since I hurt my food. Ok well then I did so so over the weekend. Between a 30th birthday party and Father's Day I just plain overate. I didn't binge or gorge but I overate and I can't be doing that when I am 4 pounds up (and that is 4 pounds of real weight not water weight). So I am annoyed with myself since I feel like I just can't get back into the groove to get this weight off. It is even harder now since my husband is finally on the bandwagon and has lost alot of weight just in the past 2 weeks (even when we were on vacation). I know it is because it is easy to lose weight when you are 300+ pounds and I am so happy for him but it just makes the funk even worse. It would just be so nice to see the scale at something under 130 on Friday but I am not sure that is going to happen from this weekend. No matter what I am still recording the weight on Friday but I am sure it will be up from before I left my trip grumble
June 19, 2012 5:38 AM
I cannot even imagine..even after looking at some of the photos! Is this your first 'bad weather' experience living in Texas? That's crazy. I don't know if it's imagination or what, but I swear the weather is more extreme the past year or so. Like I said earlier (and nothing comparable to the damage to your home and cars!), but we have pretty mild weather here in PA aside from FOREVER long winters and the occasional ridiculous snow storm. But the past year, it seems like random storms have been hitting us. My parents trampoline and gazebo, along with some roof and siding (and my sister's car that I mentioned but that was hail) have been totaled due to ridiculous wind storms. Within weeks of each other. I don't know if me getting old and just paying more attention to 'old people' stuff...but I swear things with the weather are more extreme lately than ever. I do hope everything gets settled...and the insurance covers the damage. It's always a struggle dealing with insurance companies!

And your foot to boot! I give you props for getting up and going at it though. That takes dedication. I'm impressed!

I feel you on the weight, I'm still hovering around 156-157 which is up 5lbs from pre-calorie increase. I've been too hungry to drop it down below 1750. I'm going to go into my diary today and adjust it down 100 calories to see if that helps. My consistency over the past couple of weeks is the sticking point for me. Holidays are hard but summer time weekends can be just as destructive! I'd love to be able to suck it up all weekend and 'diet' my butt off and be able to enjoy a little 'lax' weekend time. But, as we know, that doesn't seem to be the case. Even with a 1500 calorie allotment, if I don't stay on par through the weekend- I'm up the following week.

I am hoping that this added steady state cardio helps with fat loss. I know the intervals and HIIT are supposed to be the 'go to' thing but I've done that and haven't seen a decrease in belly fat. I'm sure it's a 'user error' but with actually enjoying...okay enjoying is too strong of a word! But with actually wanting to get out there and run lately...I'm hoping that a step in a different direction will help with the loss + the continued strength training. I just keep trying to keep myself in check. The doctor even gave me a run around about losing more weight. I've known her for years and I wanted to slap her when she said, "I wouldn't recommend you lose anymore weight given your height and body type". Yes, dear Doc. I am at a healthy weight but that doesn't make it my 'happy weight'!! It'll come eventually because we'll just keep plugging away.

I have to tell you, I had this 'duh' moment. I get so darn excited about new methods and trying all kinds of things. Then I think about the progress you've made. Your consistency and dedication is what I feel is the key I'm missing. P90x, Turbo Fire, Leangains, high calorie, low calorie. My friggin' body probably doesn't know what the hell I"m trying to accomplish. I've just got to work the Jennie method and stick with it day in and day out. Yes there are ups and downs...but trying 100 different things hasn't gotten me the results I'm looking for. I've just got to stick with this method through the summer and then think about re-evaluating when my gym membership comes up. That's my plan man!
June 19, 2012 2:29 PM
Haha I am just too poor and lazy to try anything new laugh however I will be switching it up after this round of S90 (which ends on Friday) since I know I am not getting the burn I used to. I could increase the weights more but I want to try this youtube one first and see if I like it. If not I might go for round 3 of S90 laugh I would love to do p90x but the workouts are just way too long for me. I need to be done finished in like 45-50 minutes therefore I can take a quick shower and be done in an hour. I think I totally screwed up my S90 results though since I am up a total of 4 pounds since my lowest weight which was right before Memorial Day. So if I kept losing weight my results would have been like 7-8 pounds down for this round. Instead because of the last 3 weeks I am looking at only seeing 2 pounds difference. Grrrrr!!! So annoyed with myself. I am still taking pictures and measurements, it just stinks that I am finishing out that way.

My foot is still messed up but I am working with it since it shall not sideline me! Waiting for the specialist referral and will be trying to soak it in Epson salt in the meantime.

As for the total house damage here is where we are at per the insurance adjuster:

Roof needs emergency repairs then full replacement including possibly replacing the decking
All gutters and guards need to be replaced
Some downspouts need to be replaced
The one fence needs to be replaced
The shed needs to be replaced
The one side of the house and the porch need to be repainted
The AC vent cover needs to be replaced
All patio furniture needs to be replaced
Mike's grill needs to be replaced
Josie's swing and sandbox also are being replaced
Outside solar lights need to be replaced
The birdfeeder also did not survive and needs to be replaced as well (that was just sort of funny)

As for the cars:

Mike's is totaled and we are suiting up for a possible battle royale with my car since Progressive is claiming there is only $5k damage (showing under natural light, haha) to my new car with a whopping 162 miles on it. It is at our body shop for a real estimate.

Fun times. And yes, it isn't just you. The insurance adjuster says in the last 2 years they have seen a major increase in severe weather. So we have apparently pissed off mother nature. Hail is not uncommon in Texas but we are talking pea to quarter size not softball size! There was even reports of grapefruit size hail that storm. Crazy!!!
June 20, 2012 7:36 AM
That is quite the extensive list. Holy cow. Insane what a storm can do to a residence. Yikes! I sure hope it gets worked out quickly for you. I'm hoping that you come out on top with the battle royale!

I've seen a bunch of posts on the BeFit topic. Lots of people joining it. Some saying they add in because the cardio is limited. I looked it over quick at lunch one day. Looks nice and concise though. Anything is worth a shot really. You can always cancel it out and move on (or back to S90!) Heck, Ed just completed what his 3rd round of Insanity!! Not suggesting that for you - just saying sometimes even a little break and then diving back into our 'go to' program is enough of a break.

I've got some massive leg DOMS. My legs were already a little iffy after the runs but leg day yesterday killed them. I couldn't even complete all of the DB walking lunges because they were shaking so friggin' bad. And this morning I woke up, rolled out of bed, and said hello to the soreness. laugh I thought about a run later but it might turn in to an upper body day all things considered!!

Again today, mad props for getting the workout done with the sore foot. Whens the specialist? Did I miss that update? Such a pain when you are working so hard! Especially when it's something elusive!! Bad enough having an injury, worse not knowing how best to treat it to recover 100%. Keep icing it. Hopefully whatever it is works its way out soon with the soaks!
June 20, 2012 1:20 PM
No word back from the Dr. about a specialist yet so I am going to continue soaking in the meantime. We are switching me over to my husband's insurance so I can't make appointment quite yet if I want his insurance to cover it. So I am soaking, icing and hoping it just pops out while I am waiting laugh

I forgot to ask: were you sore after the 5K?

Sorry it is so short today but I have alot going on at work today and I had to go "discuss" the issue of my daughter being bitten 2x in one week by the same kid at daycare with the owner. Thankfully in the end I got what I wanted and the kid is being pulled from her class. Squeaky wheel gets the oil laugh
June 20, 2012 6:08 PM
Busy day lady. Yikes for poor girl! That's always a precarious situation. Luckily, we've only had a couple incidents of pushing. But the biting thing, a coworker is presently dealing with and I can only imagine how upset it had you! Let alone her! Not a good start for her. Hopefully things start settling down for you and your family!

Sore? Well, my legs were a bit tired for the remainder of the day but it wasn't nearly as bad as I figured. HOWEVER!!! We went shopping in the afternoon and to get the kids their faux hawks. I started getting 'cramps' in my hip flexor. It was terrible. I looked like a spaz when one would hit. LoL. It entertained DH. For sure!

Today was a good day. Eats and workout. Started off with a walk (thanks DOMS) which was enjoyable because my Mama went. However, I was feeling better tonight so I got TF HIIT 30 minutes in. Defintely going to bed feeling good about the day! PLUS...DH gave me an early birthday present of a foam roller....AH-MAZING!!!! You so need to get one. It's awesome and painfully delicious as Chalean would say!
June 21, 2012 1:35 PM
Yeah the biting thing was bad since it was 2x in her first week of daycare and the second time it was unprovoked and on her FACE! But I talked to the owner and the kid is getting pulled from her room so I am happy. I saw your post about your babysitter. I am so sorry to hear that! I can't imagine how stressful that situation is but I have no doubt you will find someone fantastic in the next 2 weeks happy

As for you not being sore after the 5K you were clearly better trained than I was. I was sore for days after, particularly my abs! It was crazy but like I said I just jumped right in and didn't train and you know of my love of running. laugh

What do you do with a foam roller? I see them and I don't get what to do with it! haha What day is your actual birthday?

Well I finished S90 today which was nice. I am ready to move on but I am not necessarily thrilled about the pics and the measurements/weight since I know they don't reflect all the work I did the last three months. I am going to still be up from before Galveston (but down from last week). I didn't record my weight last week but I knew it was a fluke and would be coming down and particularly I didn't want to see a loss this week show up on MFP if I was still higher than I was before I left for vacay (since it isn't really a loss) but now I am not sure what I am going to do. I always tell other people that a loss is a loss and it doesn't matter that it is a bit of a rebound so I think it is time to live what I preach so who knows. I might edit my weigh to include last weeks weight (131.2lb) on MFP so it will be accurate but I am not looking forward to seeing all the "way to gos!" and "how are you still losing?" especially if I am still 130 or higher. Then I will just be bitter. haha What would you do?
June 21, 2012 5:17 PM
I just always put a note as the first comment mentioning this is what do they call it...a rebound loss? You know what I mean!!

I'm having a craptastic day. Did you see my facepage comment? Not a single inch or pound lost since Insanity. I have been bouncing between 152 and 156 for over a year. What am I missing Jennie? I cannot believe you have to work this hard to maintain this body. I started remeasuring foods. Yes, I still eat oreos if they fit in my calories. Yes, I have a bad day on the weekend. But enough to derail an entire year? I'm rambling. I just feel like this is 'it' for my body and I'm fighting it everyday to force is beyond it's comfort zone. I don't want to switch everything up again but is it really that different from what I've been doing without seeing results? DH swears I look better but the measurements, scales and pictures don't lie. Why do I come on MFP to pout?! blushing

Anyways...I'll be back in the AM with a better attitude.
June 22, 2012 5:50 AM
I'm back to ranting again aren't I? How do you stay on this board with me? LoL. laugh

I am going to spend my lunch doing some research, even though DH says part of my problem may be that I take this way too seriously. I am convinced 1) I must have more weight to go than I have convinced myself because a small deficit does not seem to achieve my goals so I'm wondering if I need a larger deficit until I start to lose some of this weight 2) Carbs are not my friend 3) Even things that some people may typically be able to have as daily treats aren't going to be allowable for me (ie. a couple oreos or some peanut butter.

I've been trying to go into this with the mentality that I want to be able to sustain this long term. I can, obviously because I have been for over a year. But I am apparently merely in maintenance mode. So I'm going to take a look at my diary over the past year and see what sticks out as things I haven't been able to let go. And I'm going to go full on diet mode for a while.

I'm not nearly as upset as I was yesterday. After having some time to process with DH, I know it's just a matter of pushing harder and further. It's frustrating as hell but it's either settle or reconfigure and I'm too tired of being grumpy about this to not push it up a notch.

If you have any suggestions about my diet, let me know. I know it has to come down to that. Granted the workouts help and keep me healthy but losing weight can be done without workouts. Those keep me sane and keep me feeling more like I'm working on fitness and not just dieting. But what it comes down to is taking a hard look at what I eat and how to fix it.

How did your weigh in go? I am at 156lbs. Which obviously is still up. I may have wanted to turn 30 looking killer but I will turn my 30th year into a killer year come hell or high water!

How is your foot also? And any word on the insurance or cars?
June 22, 2012 7:32 AM
I am so sorry about your plateau. I know how much it sucks and I have never had it go on as long as you. I do know the complete frustration of wonder what I am doing wrong. It is one thing to be were I am right now were I went crazy on vacation and now I am dealing with the consequences, but it is complete different thing when you are working your hardest and not seeing results. I wish I had some more advice but I completely empathize with your situation. You never know if you should go harder (which we have the instincts to do) or if our bodies have just had enough and we need to give it a break. In my experience it is 90% diet so killing myself even harder at the gym just causes me more burn out but everyone is different. I find keeping my carbs to 40% or less very helpful and it seems like you have also noticed that as well. The only real advice I have (from personal experience) is not to throw in the towel because you know you will put weight back on and be in a worse situation. I have been guilty of the "anger eating" where I am so ticked that I haven't lost weight from dieting that I just eat everything I want to get even with my body. laugh And of course reality sets in a few days after and I am worse off than when I started.

I completely get being upset about this not being the body you have to work so hard to maintain. I looked at myself last night when taking pictures and was annoyed since I wasn't thrilled with that I saw. I was really put out that for as hard as I have worked for 18 months, I should have to "perfect body" haha. But I have to keep it in perspective since I am much happier with this body than I was at 180lbs and it is worth all the work in the world to say this size than to go back to where I was. So I have to keep reminding myself that to stay on track. If I have to work my ass off everyday to stay this size, yeah it sucks but I will do it to keep from going back. That is just my cross to bear. Really this is the only thing that keeps me going. haha Feel free to moan and complain all you want. It is part of the dieting process laugh

My weigh in was ok. I was 129.8lb so I am under 130 (yea!) but still over a pound up since Galveston and a total of 3 pounds up since May mad I did check my measurements and they clearly showed the 3 pounds since my waist was up 1.5" and my hips were up 1". That was the most shocking. Shows that at this size, all slip ups have their consequences. angry

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