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May 25, 2012 9:59 AM
I love that we can look at a visual progress report of our nutrition and fitness, but to be honest, I'm more of a number's based person. It would be great if along with the bar graph, you would also provide the average from that time frame in a number.

For example, lets say I would like to know my daily average calorie intake for the past 90days. I could pull up the graph and get the visual of ups and downs or constants, but I can't see the numbers. The only way I would be able to calculate that is if I went back and looked at every single diary I made for the past 90 days, add it up and then divide by 90. It would be way to time consuming.

It would be WAY easier if MPF could just pre-calculate that for me to be seen along with the normal report.

Also, how come on my phone app I can see a pie chart of my daily % breakdown between carbs, fats, and proteins, but I can't find that same pie chart here? Is it only a phone thing, or can someone tell me how to see that on the website?

Thank you!
May 26, 2012 10:03 PM
I agree!

I would like to be able to run the food diary report that has a total and average for my specified date range for caloriies, fat, sodium, etc. and also calculate and show the comparison to my goal total for the date range and average (which should be same as daily).

I would also like to see the fat, carb and protein intake in terms of # of calories in addition to grams and as % of total calories. I undersatnd if I achieve the daily goal grams my % should be good, in theory, but that is only if you are exatly right on the dot on the calorie intake. If you for some reason eat less calories one day but eat goal grams of fat, then the % of fat for your intake that day would be higher than the goal %. So shooting for the # of grams of fat per day doesn't always work like a charm. I hope that makes sense.

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