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May 21, 2012 5:59 AM
* Would like to be able to manage my own favorites list from the food diary screen - sometimes when I search I get multiple entries all of which an be different for the same item, if I scan a barcode I want to always use this one so being able to add it to my favorites would be great. Currently the site chooses your favorites for you, sometimes I've stuff on there I haven't even eaten.

* I recently decided to change my eating log pattern for the day instead of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks I changed this to Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner but my previous entries didn't hold the format, I've since changed back to the first format and my diary is all out of sync. Those entries from my re-vamp are now missing completely.

*On the food search list an item with a * is meant to mean that its been added by a user, however even after I've scanned a barcode to add it on to my diary, on trying to add this again via food search I always get starred items, are the barcoded items being added to the list or can we have these ones returned at the top and clearly marked.

*Would like the ability to search my own diary for foods I know I've eaten

*Would like the ability to just search from my favorites list

*Would like the option to log exercise but not subtract the calories from my daily goal - I'm working on a calorie goal which calculates in my routine daily exercise (5 days per week)

*Would like the MFP calculation to take in to account BMR - has an excellent calculator could this be replicated within MFP

*Could be clear if on the MFP calculation if the exercise goals are included in the calorie allowance - if they are included the option to log exercise but not subtract this from your allowance would be great, you would get an overall picture of what you did that week without having to modify they way your recording your food/exercise.

*To be able to copy any single item added to your diary to another meal time or day, currently you can only copy the whole meal to another day. i.e. if I have the same bread for breakfast can I just copy this to lunch.

*Would like the ability to view diary entries on and editable week by week basis instead of daily which include a summary of your exercises - this would give users a good view of which week was their best

*Would like a link to Endomondo for recorded exercise

But I absolutely adore MFP so sorry if this sounds like a massive list love

p.s. your android app rocks!


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