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TOPIC: Silk (soy milk) VS Skim Milk

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May 18, 2012 7:35 AM
My dad recently started drinking SILK instead of his normal Skim Milk... after trying one of his flavored Silks (almond dark chocolate) I must say that it is pretty good! And we are a HUGE milk drinking family... but I wondered... what is the real benefits to switching to Soy Milk? And how many of you are Pro Silk and how many are pro Skim Milk (flavored or not)? THANKS!!
May 18, 2012 7:37 AM
I like the flavor of chocolate soy milk, but don't touch the stuff. Soy is *not* for boys.
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May 18, 2012 7:50 AM
I personally like coconut milk and almond milk.

I'm lactose intolerant,so I don't care much for milk. I'll drink soy milk at Starbucks but that's about it. Too much soy has health concerns linked to it as far as phytoestrogens and poor protein absorption (before anyone attacks this statement -- pay attention to the word "concerns").
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May 18, 2012 7:53 AM
I've never tried soy milk. No interest in it at all.
May 18, 2012 7:53 AM
I drink both. I keep unsweetened soy at home for me - no-one else in the house likes it. But if I'm out I'll happily have semi-skimmed dairy instead.

And I love the mini cartons of chocolate soy milk for post-strength-workout recovery.
May 18, 2012 7:55 AM
I like unsweetened soy milk, it's about the same calories as skim milk but much creamier in taste :)
May 18, 2012 7:55 AM
i dont really drink milk too much but when i have cereal i use unsweetended almond milk bc it has good nutrients and its not as thin as skim.
If I want something sweet ill have a glass of lite chocolate soy milk, but thats more of a dessert then a drink for me.

If i was actually thirsty Id rather have skim milk though.
Im assuming soy has more fat...but if it fits into your food plans then i guess whatever youd rather drink is fine(:
May 18, 2012 7:56 AM
I can't drink milk anymore, so ir has to be soy milk now. However, lately, I've been buying 8th Continent. Less expensive than Silk, and IMO, tastes better.
May 18, 2012 7:56 AM
Never tried soy milk and have no interest in trying it. We are also huge milk drinkers at our house. Go through probably 5 or so gallons a week. We drink skim and my 3 year old drinks whole.
May 18, 2012 7:57 AM
I switched to soy milk years ago because I don't like cow's milk. Never did, even as a child. We drank whole milk back then and I really hate that creamy texture. Skim milk is much better, but it still has more sugar and calories than soy and I like soy better so that's what I drink.

I don't know that one is healthier than the other though.
May 18, 2012 7:58 AM
We keep soy, almond, and dairy milk in the house at different times for different reasons. My Husband is all about dairy milk. Won't touch the other stuff. And my son prefers soy, but I prefer him to have almond because, whether or not its true, all the "concerns" about males and soy concern me. And, I like almond.

So we rotate soy and almond and generally have 2% dairy for my husband and for my son's cereal. but we rotate the soy and almond for drinking.

We also keep low fat chocolate dairy milk from time to time.

There is usually a good variety of "milk" at my house :)
May 18, 2012 7:59 AM
I've been using soymilk for...ten years? Maybe nine. For the past few I've been sticking with So Good omega 3 original. I'm not a fan of the vanilla ones, but chocolate is okay every once in a while.

I do use almond milk for my protein powder though. Soy on soy gets strangely thick and I can hold the cup upside-down over my head.
May 18, 2012 7:59 AM
You're a champ cause I've tried soy milk and nearly threw up in my mouth. I CAN do vanilla coconut milk or just simply skim fat free milk. Anything else, including any other type of cow milk with a higher percentage, I cannot do. D:
May 18, 2012 8:00 AM
Ever since reading Skinny B***tch I couldn't imagine why I, as an adult, was drinking the milk of another animal, ment for their babies. Since thinking about it that way I am too grossed out by cows milk. I like Rice Dream, almond milk and flavored soy milk is delicious.
May 18, 2012 8:00 AM
One of the benefits is that you body can more readily absorb calcium that is plant based rather than from an animal base. Amimal milk is more acidic and therefore you body cannot absorb it as well. So not only does it have more calcium, but you can absorb more of it.

Also, there are less calories than milk, at least in the Vanilla unsweetened flavor by Silk Almond milk and Diamond Almond Breeze, it is only 35 or 40 calories per cup where as skim milk is 86 calories per cup. I use it in my smoothies and enjoy it that way. I also have the Silk creamer for my coffee, but that is 20 calories per tablespoon, so I will probably go back to my sugar-free coffeemate creamer which is less calories.
May 18, 2012 8:03 AM
We always have soy and almond milk. I occasionally buy Lactaid, but usually not. My son is cow's milk protein intolerant, so he drinks soy. I prefer almond.

I am not the least bit concerned about the soy and men. My family, by and large, is mostly vegetarian with a big percentage of them being vegan. The men definitely eat a lot of soy... and it hasn't hindered our numbers: my grandmother passed away two years ago, leaving behind 139 grandchildren + great grandchildren with several having been born since then... my cousin (a vegetarian) and her husband have nine children. Hasn't hurt her hubby any...
May 18, 2012 8:03 AM
There are some concerns about soymilk. I've switched to almond milk...they have one with only 35 calories...great for smoothies.
May 18, 2012 8:06 AM
Try almond milk. I'm unsure about how good soy is for you, and almond milk is less calories anyway.
May 18, 2012 8:07 AM

Ever since reading Skinny B***tch I couldn't imagine why I, as an adult, was drinking the milk of another animal, ment for their babies. Since thinking about it that way I am too grossed out by cows milk. I like Rice Dream, almond milk and flavored soy milk is delicious.

same! you wouldn't feel a calf human breast milk so why do i drink cow milk? yuck.
May 18, 2012 8:07 AM
I'v tried the Silk, don't remember what kind, (purple carton). Did not like it at all, almost too sweet to drink. We drink 2% milk and stick with that.
May 18, 2012 8:07 AM

For any guys drinking or use soy for a protein. Just an FYI
May 18, 2012 8:09 AM
smile Switch to Almond milk.
Soy isnt something to drink on a regualr basis.
You should also try raw goats milk, its delish and doesnt have harmful ingredients!
May 18, 2012 8:10 AM
Personally, I prefer the taste and texture of soy and almond milk. I recently tried hazelnut which was very nice too. I don't really think soy is that dangerous unless you're having it in very large quantities.
May 18, 2012 8:11 AM
I was drinking Silk until I heard that it turns into estrogen in a guy, and makes your boobs grow! Not something I was hoping to accomplish... I now drink Almond breeze Almond milk and almond-coconut blend. No adverse effects from it, and it tastes really good. I only use it to mix with my whey protein.
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May 18, 2012 8:23 AM
I stick with soy, almond or coconut milk. I like unflavored soy for cooking, unsweetend almond for cereal and coconut for making hot cocoa. :D


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