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February 15, 2013 3:03 PM
Hi, my name is Greg. I am 38, weigh in at 340 lbs and I am 6'2" tall. I am married and have 6 daughters that keep me wore out. I work in construction as a plumber so my days are never the same, except for that I am up at 4 am everyday. I am starting p90x on Monday and have been logging and changing my nutrition this week.
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February 17, 2013 11:19 PM
Hello all.
Dave here. I am 34, 5'11" and currently weight of 317lbs. I have been a member MFP for about 2.5 years. I did not become serious about losing weight until I watched the first episode of Biggest loser in January. I dont know what happen but it lite a fire under for butt and I have been motivated since then. I have currently lost a total of 25 lbs. for 1/7 - 2/14. i am happy about my weight loss so far. i was just logging my calories and working out to My Fitness Coach on the Wii, but I need something that would give me a better workout. My Fitness coach was not cutting it. My wife talked me in to P90X and i started it on 2/14. I was not sure I was going to be able to do it because of my size, but I tried it and I CAN. Of course at my weight, i am not able to do some of the exercises so i have been modifying them. I am still pleased with how i am doing.

Here is a little bit about my past and the current in my life. i was a very active kid all though high school. I weighed about 180lbs I played sports all the time. My favorite sports were basketball and soccer. I never played on the school team, but I played with friends and at church. i started to gain weight after high school and then when i got married 20 and it all went down hill from there with my weight. My wife is a good cook when we ate at home :), but with our busy lives we ate out a lot ( mainly fast food). In 2004 i was up to 250lbs and i keep getting heavier and heavier until in 2010 i was up to 320ish. i started to diet and i was walking on the treadmill. I got down to 273lbs and in july of 2011 i stop and started back to my old ways. When i weighed on 1\7\2013 I weighed 342lbs. I work in a factory full time, i drive a fork truck, so i dont get much exercise at work. I also go to school part time for Computer Networking.

My goal is to get down to 200lbs and see where i am at then. I am in my sister's wedding in september of this year. My goal is to get as close as i can to my goal weight by then. I have 7 months, that is 2 rounds of P90x and a month. With some of the success stories i have seen, it is total possible to get to my goal weight by then. I dont only want to lose weight for the wedding, i HAVE to lose weight for my family!! I have my wife and 2 boys 12 and 9. I have to much to live for and i need to be a role model for them. Plus they will be starting to play sports in school soon and i want to keep up with them practicing at home.

I want to say thank you to SimonKurth for message he sent my about this group. I think this group will help me a lot.

I have enjoyed reading some of your introductions, Still have a lot more to read. I will do my best to bring all that i can to this group. I want to thank you in advance for the support you all will give me. Together we can do this and meet our goals!

Enough talk. BRING IT!!!! X

February 18, 2013 12:17 AM
P.S. I forgot to mention that I work Midnight. So my days are different. I start my next day at 4pm. So for instance today, my Monday started at 4pm on Sunday and will stop at 4 pm on Monday. So if you see me complete my day at 8am it is because I am going to bed until 4pm. Just a FYI...
February 18, 2013 11:32 AM
Awesome intro mate! You will be successful if you want it. Lets do this!! You've gone and motivated me some more with that intro.
February 19, 2013 5:03 AM
Hi everyone! my name is yvette and i'm 34 years old---i'm a mommy of one and am totally in love with my little boy. i'm a runner and run weekly, but nothing has me feeling more worn out like insanity. i just ran a marathon this past november, and, believe it or not, i actually gained a little weight from the training and carbing. so, i'm looking to get toned, burn fat and get as lean as possible, and make my running times faster than ever.

i'm on my 3rd week of insanity and it's still the hardest thing i've ever done. lately my calorie burns have been high that i am eating anywhere between 1500-2000; therefore, i don't know if i'm seeing that much of a difference in my body, which makes me sad. i don't weigh myself, as i dont want to get fixated on the number...rather i want to place my focus on how my clothes feel and my running performance. i find that if i don't eat at that calorie level i don't have the energy to run 6-8 miles a day plus insanity, sometimes burning over 1,000 calories a day. i definitely am feeling stronger and my runs are getting faster, but it wouldn't hurt to look like some of the girls in Shawn T's video.

i'm going to keep going at this until i reach where i feel i have reached a fitness level that is equivalent to some of the women on shawn t's video. i want to be able to run a marathon at 4 hours and half marathon pace of sub 8 min miles...i know i can do this. just have to keep plugging away! 3 weeks is still early.
February 19, 2013 9:26 AM
Hi Everyone...My name is Starleng. I'm 41, married, mother of one, and a bonus mom to one. I will posting the following day due to working out at night and I don't get on the computer after I leave work. I really want to loose bulk. I don't care if I weight the same. I just want to be healthy and look good. :)

I'm doing P90X and am ready to finish it this time. I just finished 31/90. I also workout at lunch 4/5 days a week doing a variety of things (zumba, kickboxing, elliptical, & treadmill).
February 19, 2013 1:12 PM

Hi Everyone...My name is Starleng. I'm 41, married, mother of one, and a bonus mom to one. I will posting the following day due to working out at night and I don't get on the computer after I leave work. I really want to loose bulk. I don't care if I weight the same. I just want to be healthy and look good. :)

I'm doing P90X and am ready to finish it this time. I just finished 31/90. I also workout at lunch 4/5 days a week doing a variety of things (zumba, kickboxing, elliptical, & treadmill).

Starleng!!! Welcome! This is a great group of motivators and you will fit in well! Looks like you have an awesome drive to succeed. You will be a great inspiration for all! I believe in you!
February 19, 2013 5:18 PM
Hi Everyone!
Im Angel, Mom to 3 kids (4,8,&11) and step-mom to 2 (7 &9), I currently am a stay at home mom, because I was laid off in Jan.cry So I have decided to take this home time to do something about my outlook of myself! Changing the image in the mirror is important to me.. Im looking to loose anywhere from 20-30lbs, get toned (want to be able to see my abs), and eat better than I used to.. I started my journey in January but really got serious in mid January. Step 1 : Change the way I eat!!! so far so good ( well to the best of my ability) Working on kids and hubby's habits as they make it harder for me... The kids are more optimistic than my husband..Purchased P90X at the beginning of Febuary, got it in the mail, on 2/13 also got the Brazil Butt Lift set too, it came in on 2/15. Started on 2/18/13. So heres to my journey of being a better, happier, healthier me. I look forward to learning from all of you whom have been here and done it already.

Step 2: Start a training program & Stick with it!

Oh Yeah! My Bad Im 29 ( turn 30 next month 3/22) Current weight 136, Goal weight 110-115, Height 5'2"
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February 19, 2013 8:32 PM
Greetings all
My name is Trevor, I am 43 years old. Last year at this time I was 230lbs and started to think about making some lifestyle choices. I was skinny most of my life but i quit smoking and put on close to 70 lbs over the last three years. April 2012 I started a diet and exercise plan. Basically I just logged my calories into MFP, suck to my calorie goal and I lost 50 lbs in 4 months. When I first started I could hardly run 1/2 a block so I started doing a 30 min walk everyday. Eventually I progressed to add jogging and weight lifting. There has been a big change in the last 10 months.

Once I went off the diet, I kept up with the exercise and tried to eat smart. I didn't really track my food religiously during maintenance but since my weight never varied I was happy as my fitness level kept improving. I still had a bit of flab around the midsection so I decided to try p90x to see if that will help get rid of the last bit of fudge.

I started p90x Jan 1 and I have stuck to the program and nutritional plan pretty closely, at least my calorie goal and macros. I did some modification to the program. I found that the yoga disc was very hard for my as I am not very flexible so I sub in stretch X on the yoga days. So far I like the program and I find that I am improving and increasing intensity a bit more each week.

Here's to bringing it every workout
February 20, 2013 8:02 AM
Hi everyone! My name is Charlsie and I'm 28. I have a 5 and 1/2 month old baby at home and feel like I have NO time for anything. I have tried P90X in the past (actually 3 times), but the longest I lasted was 5 weeks. I'm currently on Week 4 of my 4th attempt. I have missed a few days of late, but hopefully this will be the motivation I need.

I have managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight fairly easily, as I only gained 23 lbs during pregnancy. My goal is to lose another 12 lbs, and to tone and get fit.

Height: 5'3"
Current weight :147.5
Goal weight: 135
February 20, 2013 10:46 AM
Hello all,

first off it was great to get to read everyone's post it is good to know your not alone. My name is Michael and I am 27 almost 28. My whole life I have always been into some form of sports and always in decent shape. In college I was real into martial arts Taekwondo in particular and I got really slim 145lbs. Well school got tough I had to take 22 hours a semester to catch up and I had to quit my extra activities. Well after I graduated I got a job sitting at a desk 12-14 hours a day drinking nothing but soft drinks my weight got all the way up to 225. One year ago I met my Fiancee in Argintina she is from Brazil where it is a part of the culture to get in shape once you've met your soul mate exact opposite to what most of us do here in America. So I realized it was time to stop making the bad choices, get into shape for her and for myself so I would feel better. After a year of healthier eating I have managed to get down to 195. thats still 50 lbs heavier than when I was in lean TKD form. So now I want to get into good shape not just loose weight. When I was 145 I wasn't doing any strength exercises just Plyo style TKD work outs. So I don't have a target weight in mind per say, maybe around the 160 area, but just to be fit.

I look forward to hearing from everyone and getting and giving some motivation. I have been getting lots of hypothetical motivation from friends around me the most common thing I hear is "yea I am totally gonna start working out I need to get in shape", well going to and doing are two different things. I am in my second week of p90x and I am doing better already and have lost 3 lbs so far. My over all goal is to get back into martial arts but I want to get into shape before I eat a kick to the face from bad cardio in sparring. It has been like 3 years since I have been working out regularly. Ready to bring it, no more excuses. If you don't work hard today tomorrow will never be what you want it to be.
February 20, 2013 2:59 PM
I'm Dave, 41, father of two daughters (20 & 11). Husband to a very supportive wife.

Have always been physically active one way or another. Being in shape has been elusive at times. My biggest challenge is being consistent. I enjoy organized racing as a motivation to to be fit. If I have a race in the near future, then training is easier. I've done several triathlons, and running races up to a personal goal of completing a marathon before I die (although they almost both happened on the same day). Recently I've gotten into Cyclocross racing and getting ready for next season is my current motivation. I'd like to get my weight down into the 160's, so I have about 40lbs. to go.
February 22, 2013 6:53 AM
Hello fellow P90xers and Insanitys!

I'm Kelley, originally from Canada now living in North Carolina. I'm 5'2" and current weight 195. My highest weight was 215 and that was just a short time ago in November 2012. My ultimate goal would to get down to 140-150, which still sounds like a lot for someone my height but I have dense muscle mass and very dense bones (as per a bone density test) for a female.

Prior to moving to North Carolina, I was playing hockey 4-5 times a week. And even though my eating habits were not great, the weight stayed off because of all the exercise.

Fast forward 13 years and here I am almost 41, fat and unfit. I don't know what finally clicked for me to change my life. It might have been my doctor telling me that even though I don't have health issues now, it would only be a matter of time if I stayed weighing 215. None the less, I knew I had to do something.

A co-worker offered her copy of P90x and I jumped at the chance. I knew about the structured program and that it was very challenging but got you into shape. A have a friend who has joined me in the workouts and we faithfully meet at my house everyday to work out. We're in our 7th week and still going strong ... or stronger perhaps is a better way of putting it! A couple of weeks ago I added the Mayo Clinic's Beginning 5K training schedule which I'm integrating with P90x by running and using an elliptical in addition to the daily P90x schedule. Once my friend and I are finished with P90x, we're moving onto Insanity.

I've set a couple of fitness goals for myself to help me stay motivated. The first is to run in a 5K in April and then to do a Kayakalon (a triathlon but with kayaking instead of swimming) in early May.

In addition to exercise, I've changed my eating dramatically. At the moment, I'm doing a juice cleanse and will be consuming a predominately vegetarian diet after. I'm doing this for a couple reasons. First, I've finally figured out that I am gluten intolerant. I've suffered from horrible sinus, ear and throat infections all my life. Since changing to a whole foods diet, I have not allergy issues and finally feel like I can breathe again. Second, there is empirical proof that a whole foods diet is tremendously beneficial to overall health and longevity.

Thanks for reading and best of luck on your personal journey! And remember, "do your best and forget the rest!"
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February 27, 2013 6:05 AM
Hello everyone! My name is Ashley. I began my journey with P90X on January 2nd as part of my New Year's resolution. I have been doing the Classic schedule. Today is day 54-Plyometrics. The program has given both my husband and I tremendous results! We are already planning another round! happy I look forward to sharing my continued success with you all! Have a great day bigsmile
February 27, 2013 10:26 AM
Hi everyone,

I will be starting P90X on about March 8. This will be my second time, though my first go I only made it to day 60, then I switched to training for a 15K (well, I was supposed to do a half marathon, but never quite made it!). I saw great results and am hoping this time around I can make it to day 90.

I eat as "clean" as possible and fairly close to paleo, but my weakness is chocolate. I have recently made some "clean" chocolate treats, so that is helping...

Anyway, my goal is to firm up. I've lost a good amount of weight and have gone down several clothes sizes, but I'm still a little wiggly! I'd be happy to lose another 10 pounds, but definition and firmness is what I'm looking for!

My biggest concern is finding the time to fit the program in and staying motivated to do it each day. I also can't give up a few of my classes at the gym, so I will be doing a bit above the P90X program - or work those into my non-weight days.

Looking forward to the support!

February 28, 2013 1:57 PM

My name is Tatyanaa or Taty and I am a sophomore at OSU. Yuupp, GO BUCKS! But currently I am taking the max credit hours so nooo bucks lol.

Okay I am starting P90x doubles tonight. I mean really, Im starting C210K in the morning and P90x tonight, At the end of 4 weeks I will still be running so Im not sure if i'll add another dvd in....but I probably will ad AbRipperX. I just turned 19 years old and have come from 250 pounds down to 165-173.

I used to play basketball in HS so its mind over matter for me. I used to have practice for 3 hours then come home and catch my dad at the end of his p90x workout and do it with him. He's only 40 now, my mom is 39. I have a brother and a sister, and my boyfriend's family adopted me lol, so I gained 3 older sisters and another younger brother and 2 nieces and 2 nephews. My boyfriends in the Air Force so we pretty much stick together.

I just got diagnosed with Graves Disease in November. I was inches away from thyroid storm but was still hospitilized because my resting HR was 170. Im a goof and as soon as I started feeling better I stopped taking my on Sunday my HR was 168. I called my doctor and she asked if I was okay and I got told to lay down and get more labs done. Of course my levels were crazy elevated so I got a higher dose. I feel so much better but will take my medicine this time. She wants it lowered back to 15mg a day in 2 weeks because my body adapts so quick to things. (I was born when my mom was 7 months pregnant-8.5 weeks early. My medical file is long as Idk what, but we thought all my issues were over when I started HS.)

Sooo now that's over. You will see A LOT of typos. I spend a lot of time on my school work and my health so by the time I get here I am famished. Can barely see the screen lol.

Okay so starting weight is 167
End of March:158
End of April: 149
End of May: 140
Goal Weight: 135

Like I said, my body adapts quickly. I will be cleaning out my pantry so that's 5 pounds right there. 8 pounds a month is resonable to me. And Ill probably hit that 135 over the summer when im training my sister and neices for cheerleading. I have to lead by example. We will also be frequenting 6 flags great america....yup!
March 2, 2013 10:42 AM
Hey everyone, I'm Kristina! I am starting the P90X Lean program today, and I am super excited! I'm 5'3" and currently 183lbs... so, I've gotten kinda chunky over the past 2 years. Between a combination of a lack of exercise, sporadically overindulgent eating and drinking habits, and an anti-depressant medication, I gained about 50 lbs in about 2 years. I have had a bad track record with sticking to work outs and diets, so here I am to try it again! I'm hoping that the P90X system will provide enough daily structure with workouts and diet that I can follow it easily. And I'm really glad to see a support group here so that can help with my accountability!

SO, here we go again! Wish me luck! :)
March 2, 2013 3:30 PM
Hello all!

I am a 43 year old mother of 11(I lost 2 in the womb) and finally arrived at a place where I am done having children. I love my kids and spend every day with them as I home school. Been married to the most remarkable man for almost 24 years. We have a happy and lively home. My kids range from 22 years-18 months. My oldest daughter and I started P90X before I got pregnant the last time and then I had to stop. I tell this remarkable tale because I got pregnant 18 months after my husband's vasectomy. We proved to be the first unsuccessful vasectomy for the doctor. There is no dispute who the daddy is and since all of my children look like their dad, it may be disputed who the mom is! ;)

Back to the reason for the post. My daughter and I are on our 2nd month of P90X. We didn't do much dieting the first month but the last two weeks we have tried to follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan. I combo of Atkins/Sugar Busters and eating the right kind of foods at the right times while eating every 3 hours. I started at 189 and weighed in yesterday at 182.6. I will post my before and 30 day pics later. I started this latest quest for health due to not getting any younger and wanting to be the healthiest that I can for my kids. I would be lying if I said that I have followed P90 completely. I have weak ankles and knees and Saturdays we go to the park with the kids and play football/frisbee for a few hours and so we skip our Saturday workout. Also, we have only done one yoga because it is too strenuous on my joints. One last thing, we have misplaced our plyometrics and so we have replaced that with either cardio X or kenpo. We are loving it but are extremely sore. We are 5 weeks in and start our 6th week on Monday.

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better! Happy and healthy journey to all!
March 5, 2013 8:15 PM
Hi Everyone,
My name is Shannon. I just turned 35 years old and am married with 2 children, aged 12 and 15. I am a short 5 feet tall and weigh 150 lbs. My goal is to get into a healthy weight range for my height and the number 113 lbs would be my final goal. But instead of concentrating on that #, I really just want to concentrate on changing the way my body looks and feels. I have a goal to have a 30 inch waist and to be able to see all of my muscles when flexed.
Basically,the reason I chose P90x is that I am just feeling old and crappy and I'm tired of the fad diets and losing the same 10 lbs over and over again. I am still young, and it's time that I start to feel it again.
I just finished my first week of P90x and am loving how I feel every time I complete a workout. I have been following a lower carb/high protein diet, but am switching over to the fat burner 50/30/30 Shawn suggested. I'll be eating off of the plan in the handbook.
My husband is about to be deployed for the first time. He leaves in 3 weeks and will be gone for the next 8 months and i would love to have a total body transformation while he is gone.
Looking forward to reading all of your stories and to be sharing this experience with everyone!!
March 5, 2013 8:33 PM
that was supposed to say 50/30/20 laugh
March 12, 2013 10:17 AM
Hey all! My name is Emily, I'm 25 years old, new mother to a little boy and ready to get this baby weight off. A little of my history, I played volleyball for 9 years, always had up and down weight but was healthy. In 2007 I got diagnosed with Cancer. Through the treatments I gained a bit of weight. I was cleared and clean in 2009 and have been in remission since. My husband and I wanted to start a family and after ok from the Dr's we started to try - we got pregnant quickly but lost the baby. This happened again, again and again, making our loss a total of 4 babies. Through all of this my hormones were wildly messed up and I gained 50lbs in only a year! After our 4th loss I couldn't get pregnant anymore and found myself at an all time high weight of almost 200lbs. I started seeing infertility specialists and get started on medicines which did not help the weight but I started counting calories and exercising as much as I could and slowly lost 15lbs. Right after that celebration I found out I was pregnant!! The pregnancy got off to a scary and rough start. I was taken out of work and placed on bed rest. It was a very long 9 months but in the end I have a healthy, beautiful baby boy. I sadly gained 50lbs during pregnancy but can say I'm glad I've lost those 50lbs! However, I do NOT look the same and am still riding the 200lb mark. I REALLY want to lose at LEAST 20lbs before June 19 (my lil guys 1st birthday). This is when the Drs will start me on some more rounds of meds so we can try for baby #2 but I'm hoping if I drop the weight I may not need the help. ANYHOW - I am on week 3 of P90X and very faithful with it but my diet is my current downfall. I may not be perfect in this group as daily life takes its tolls and I don't always have a computer to check in on but I will try my best and hope to find some amazing support here to help me get my health back - as well as my confidence!
March 12, 2013 8:04 PM
Hey everyone! I'm salma, I'm 35 and I'm also a cancer survivor. After kicking cancer's butt I feel I need to have a positive change in my life. I let work and life get in the way of taking care of myself, and I have decided to make a change. My goal is to shed at least 30 lbs. This is the weight I gained after having a child, working sleepless nights, and cancer treatment with steroids and what not. I have tried many diets on and off, and would have some success but the weight comes right back on. I am determined to change my body and my lifestyle, I've got the eating part under control so far and I am seeing some results following a clean eating plan mixed with 17 day diet ideas. Now I want to incorporate exercise and gain some strength, as I do feel very blah ! I'm on day 2 of P90x and I'm already feeling sore in area's I forgot existed, which is awesome! I can't wait for the 90 days to be over to see how far I can go!
Wish me luck, and good luck to everyone!!
March 13, 2013 12:13 PM
Excited to be here! I'm Christine, I'm not new to MFP or to hard circuit training (just finished up 30 Day Shred last month, lost two pants sizes and almost 30 pounds!) and am looking to mix up my routine after hitting my first weight loss plateau. I also am a new runner, training for what I hope will be a FULL marathon next year! Running my first 5k on Sunday with the hope of finishing in under 40 minutes. I LOVE plyometric/circuit training for cross training. It helps my running performance like nothing else, and I love the intensity of it! I started out as a really athletic child/teen, but struggled with obesity and weight (topped out at 230lb), and then later, eating disordered behavior(dropped 110lb in a little under 2 years by unhealthy means). I had just barely started on my journey of recovery from ED and substance abuse when I became pregnant with my amazing son. The pregnancy was really hard, and I gained back 90lb of the 110 I had worked to lose(albeit unhealthily). I became depressed, my relationship with my fiancee was suffering and I just didn't like who I was becoming. I finally said enough was enough when a friend of a friend started a journey of his own and got me inspired to try again. This time the right way. Since November I have been on MFP, finally ready to give myself the love and respect I deserve by working towards being HEALTHY, FIT, and STRONG, and be the woman I have always been meant to be! I'm excited to have INSANITY be a part of that journey!
I love love love new friends, feel free to add me. I also low carb because of medical reasons, and am willing to share lots of yummy recipes for anyone out there on a similar path!
March 13, 2013 4:28 PM
Hello!!! My name is Alyssa, I've been on MFP since jan of 2011!!! That's right-780 days straight to be exact!!! I had my 3rd baby on Christmas say of 2010 and wanted to get back to my ore pregnancy state. Read about this site in a Parents magazine and decided to try it. I did lose my last 15 lbs from this. I decided to go farther and try more strenuous workouts to maintain weight but tone up even more. 30 day shred was my 1st one then moved on to p90x. Completed that and decided to do another round of it. After 2 rounds I have also done p90x2, a 3rd round of p90x then, a hybrid of p90x and x2 then asylum vol 2. Currently doing a hybrid of p90x and insanity. My husband does the workouts with me also which helps to keep us on track:) I'm 30 years old married with 3 kids. I am a nurse who works 3rd shift. Since working 3rd shift for past 3 years my energy levels have dramatically dropped and I'm always tired it seems. I love my coffee !!!! I do admit my food choices are also still not the greatest too and that is one spot to keep working on. Glad to be a part of the group and read all the info:)
March 14, 2013 7:11 AM
Hello Everyone! Phil here, I have been on MFP since April of 2012. I have been on and off the P90X workout since then. I have lost a total of 32 pounds since last year. I am looking to really complete the P90X journey so i can feel good that i accomplished something on my own. I have 2 children and expecting my 3rd in Sept. The winter was my downfall due to not being able to get outside and run around and keep motivated. SO here I am ready to kill it this time and just need that support to keep me going.

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