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May 5, 2012 10:35 AM




well there are some things that are "one size fits all" such as muscle hypertrophy rep ranges vs rep ranges for strength... you WILL build more skeletal muscle doing a higher rep range of 6-12 then you will doing 1-5 reps.. its relative heavyness if you want to build muscle, and muscle is the key to your success.. sets til failure got me results quick with short rest intervals 6-12 reps.

I do agree with the biological aspects but it honestly depends on the person's goals. Like I said before, I just want to maintain muscle and lose fat. I do body resistance exercises which has been sufficient for maintaining my muscle while losing 17 pounds of fat.

OH (not related to your post), and most people come from different situations. There is a HUGE difference between someone that has been sedentary all their life and someone that has been athlete all their life that let themselves go.

wuts do you mean by the last comment tho? you can always learn how to lift weights or do calisthenics.

true. but personally most of MY muscle mass came from competitive swimming and when I gained weight the muscle never went away. I just had to learn how to eat healthy to lose the fat on top of the muscle. I wasn't out of shape long enough for my muscle to waste away. those that are sedentary their whole life probably don't develop this muscle mass.

I guess I'm trying to say that those that are in sports all their life have a higher chance of having a base amount of muscle and fitness than those that have never been active. but like I said before, that is very variable.

So which is it.... are you genetically gifted, or an athlete that doesn't need to lift because you already have enough LBM? People advise others to lift weights so they can gain muscle. They probably need too. You don't. So why do you care about advice that doesn't apply to you?
May 5, 2012 11:14 AM




I'm a newbie and really thought of leaving this site just for all the negative crap I have seen here......I came for motivation and support ~ not stuff like this on a recent thread:


quit whining aND GET BUSY!

strip and look in the what you see?

if yes...then keep doing what you are doing.

if no.....log off the computer and go get sweaty.

How is any of that negative? It's mostly all correct.

Yeah, everyone is motivated differently, I like a little tough love. Say to me "hag get yo ass off the damn couch!" and give me a good game will motivate me more than coddling. Saying to me "awe, come on now put the ice cream down and think about moving around a little bit" will do nothing for me. They're not trying to be rude, they're trying to help you.

I never give unsolicited advice, but if you ask a question I'll give you the best answer I have and the best advice I can give. It's not really my fault if the best answer I have and best advice I can give isn't what you want to hear.

I get tired when people can't take a joke, not everything has to require a stern face. In my normal life I have a personality, I joke and have fun and people get upset when you bring this onto the interwebz. Relax and be prepared for normal discourse.

Tough love works for some and not others. "To each his own"
From the sounds of this person he needed encouragement and support.

I think people need to understand that "encouragement and support" comes in many different forms, while we can debate physiology all day I think that where we can that where we are ALL different is in psychology. Again, this is encouragement and support to me. That's why you have the capability to choose your friends. When you go on the boards you get encouragement the way people encourage, then from there you select the friends that you share commonalities, like what you're looking for in a cheerleader. If you don't like the kick in the pants, then you pick the other people. The wonderful thing about having so many people on here is that, just like in real life, you find people who have similar interest and are driven similarly. The other side of the coin is that there are people who are the EXACT opposite of you. One is not right, one is not wrong, they are just each different . . . you can pick your friends, you can pick your wedgie, but you can't pick your . . . oh, yes you can pick your experience.


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