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April 27, 2012 1:23 AM
Now I have a question about hot weather. Right now I am stationed in the Middle East and the tempatures right now are in the 120's. A lot of the troops and other people stationed here say that you will lose a lot of weight here during the summer because of the heat. To me this sounds like losing water weight. So in other words it is a false weight loss especially after you rehydrate. this got me thinking about how your body works to regulate the core tempature.

So the question I have is do you burn more calories in a hotter enviroment from your body tring to regulate the body tempature?
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April 27, 2012 2:27 AM
My first thought is that you need to use less (or no) calories to keep warm.
April 27, 2012 2:33 AM

Im too in the middle east, andf to be honest its harder to lose in this heat. YOur body doesnt burn so much cos its warm already. In colder weather you your body burns more to keep warm.

Mst ppl I know actually put ON weight when they 1st come out here.

Most imprtant thing is to keep well hydrated.
April 27, 2012 2:36 AM
Yes, you do burn more calories trying to regulate body temperature, but you're right much of the weight loss is simply water-weight. So long as you're increasing the amount of fluids you drink, you should be able to tell if the weight loss is real or not. In extreme cold, it can be necessary to raise calories, but in the heat it isn't really needed.

For yarwell, because the body needs to be kept at around 37 degrees Centigrade, it will be working to stay cooler.

Hope this helps
April 27, 2012 2:42 AM

In colder weather you your body burns more to keep warm.

You burn more if you're shivering, if you're exercising the difference is negligible.

To the OP, in hot climates you'll normally perspire more but you're right - it's water that's being lost not fat.
April 27, 2012 2:44 AM
I live half the year in Cairo and my weight goes down a couple of hundred grams per day while there even with zero exercise and fatty food. I don't regain on my return home either. It's a nice diet boost for me!
April 27, 2012 2:45 AM
you'll burn more if you exercise because your body has to work harder to keep going. but when it comes down to it, most of the 'weight'' you'll loose will be water, and chances are if its hot you'll drink more to replace it. a litre of water = 1kg in weight.


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