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TOPIC: How many calories burned just from living?

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April 16, 2012 6:15 PM
Hi, I am a stay at home wife/mommy of three. I cook, clean, etc. I do at least 30 minutes of cleaning per day in addition to laundry and mowing yard. How many calories do I burn just from breathing and existing? I am constantly moving and rarely sit down.

I have logged in all my housework and calories burned from that, but how many do I burn just from living?

Thank you.
April 16, 2012 6:17 PM
I have a Fitbit so have a rough idea of mine. I burn between 2300 and 2400 on my laziest day. I don't think there is really anyway to find out unless you have a Fitbit, BodyBugg or Body Media Fit.

Well yeah like they said below me, you can do one of the calculators. I found that I was burning more than they told me I was, and therefore eating too few calories.
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April 16, 2012 6:18 PM
Using a BMR calculator will tell you what your body burns doing nothing.
April 16, 2012 6:19 PM
Your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is what it takes to keep your body functioning.
Your TDEE is the amount of energy to do what you do a day
April 16, 2012 6:26 PM
Thank you for your answers. I found a calculator (I didn't realize MFP had one, LOL) It says I burn at least 1500, but that doesn't factor in what I do all day. I sit down when I take my kids to school and when I eat, otherwise I am constantly on the move which would mean I am actually burning more than 1500 in addition to my 1-2 mile walk per night.
April 16, 2012 6:34 PM
You should have to select lifestyle? Sedentary, Light, Moderate, etc?
That without the caloric deficit is your TDEE. (the calories your burn doing normal activities)
April 16, 2012 8:25 PM
I have a Polar heart rate monitor that tracks my calories burned during exercise. I recommend getting one anyway so you can know when you're in your "fat burn" and "cardiac training" zones. Wear it from the moment you get up until when you go to bed for a few days, and then you'll know for sure! Otherwise, make sure you select the appropriate lifestyle and MFP will estimate it for you.


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