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April 10, 2012 2:02 AM
Does anyone out there have any experience of DDP Yoga? DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) is a former pro-wrestler who has developed his own system of yoga blended with other types of exercise. I'm kinda tempted, but before I drop $120 on the first pack of DVDs, I'm just looking to see if anyone has tried it. Sure, I've read the testimonials on the website, but I want YOUR opinions.
April 10, 2012 7:40 AM
There's a DDP Yoga?! This might be the thing I need to get me into yoga!

Let me know if it's any good!
April 11, 2012 4:19 PM
I've actually been doing it for quite awhile. I love it and the results I've gotten. I'd check out that's their community site. Awesome support system but if you want a bunch of opinions on it I'd check it out.
May 4, 2012 8:17 PM

Has anyone tried the DDP yoga??
May 4, 2012 8:24 PM
My friend Chad (5th before and after pic on the DDPYOGA website) studied with DDP while he was out here in Cali. DDP has since moved back to Atlanta.

Chad absolutely loved it and I am looking into buying it.

So, no I haven't tried it...but from a guy that has his pics on the site and is a personal friend who still's good stuff. If you pay for it in one payment it's $99.99 for the pack that has both level 1 & 2.

Hope this helps a bit.
June 4, 2012 6:20 PM
My husband recently ordered the DDP basic program and we have just started doing the beginner workouts. I have also started tracking my diet with myfitnesspal again. I fully expect to see results with DDP Yoga because of how the workouts are designed, you control the intensity and there is zero stress on my joints and back. Since starting working out on Saturday and dieting on Sunday I have lost 4 pounds. That is four pounds in three days. Check out the DDPYoga website if you haven't already. I'm impressed with the workouts and I'm not usually one to get sucked into these gimicky workout and diet plans.

I wish there were more people out there using the DDP and MFP because I am interested to find out the calorie burn values on some of these workouts.
June 21, 2012 6:19 AM
I started DDP Yoga on Sunday (four days ago) and absolutely love it. I was really concerned (and embarrassed) to try yoga before because I assumed I wouldn't be able to do much - but I'm finding that I only have to modify one move/position. I sweat like a maniac, and after all is said and done burn around 400-450 calories in the 45 minutes or so it takes me to go through two of the beginner routines. When my thighs feel like they're on fire, sweat is dripping down my nose, and I want to scream, DDP keeps me laughing because he stays really positive and says some really strange things during the workouts. You can't help but laugh. I'd recommend trying the system - if you're not interested in buying the full pack like I did, you can try just doing the beginner or intermediate DVDs and I am very sure you'll get results with that. My tummy already feels tighter! (four days and 3 exercises later). Good luck!
July 5, 2012 10:51 AM
I just ordered my set yesterday, cant wait for it to arrive!
The beginner pack I ordered was one payment of $70. You can do payments though.
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July 5, 2012 6:03 PM
I just ordered mine this week and awaiting it. Anybody else doing it or starting out, feel free to add me.
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July 6, 2012 3:59 AM
My partner just showed me this. He is a big wrestling fan hence why he even knows who DDP is. The videos look awesome. Not to hardcore but the moves are slow and steady and i think thats why i would succeed at this.

Has anyone done this? Seen results? Its all fine looking at the website but you cant be fooled by their results. Got to come from us lot :) x
July 10, 2012 6:14 AM
I actually just bought this set and will be starting today. I'm trying it a bit skeptically because I am a high impact cardio addict. I want this to supplement the intensity of insanity and turbofire (other programs I own)

I really want to see if I can get a good cardio workout from low impact yoga. I even bought a heart rate monitor. I might make a blog on here to document my experience and Ialso joined teamddpyoga, but don't entirely trust the testimonials there veither. I'll keep you posted if you'd like a true unbiased opinion on it.
July 23, 2012 7:29 AM

I actually just bought this set and will be starting today. I'm trying it a bit skeptically because I am a high impact cardio addict. I want this to supplement the intensity of insanity and turbofire (other programs I own)

I really want to see if I can get a good cardio workout from low impact yoga. I even bought a heart rate monitor. I might make a blog on here to document my experience and Ialso joined teamddpyoga, but don't entirely trust the testimonials there veither. I'll keep you posted if you'd like a true unbiased opinion on it.

What are your thoughts after a few weeks?

I am contemplating getting this as well...
March 8, 2013 4:28 PM
I just started with My Fitness Pal, but I've been doing DDP Yoga for 7 weeks and I've lost 18 pounds using it and a better diet. However, despite just the weight, my spine and posture are better, my wrist, which has carpal tunnel, doesn't ache as often, and everything is noticeably shrinking faster than it did with just regular exercising that I was doing before. (I've lost a total of 38 pounds in 4 months so far, but honestly could hardly see the difference until I started this Yoga).

My friend, Chris, broke his ankle in two places last January. The doctors told him it would pretty much never be the same and to expect pain for the rest of his life. He's 5 weeks into DDP Yoga and has lost 28 pounds. The pain is going away and he's more active than he's been since he broke it. Or before he broke it.
March 8, 2013 4:32 PM
Glad you posted about DDP Yoga as I have been wondering what it is. I am going to check it out.
August 14, 2013 12:40 PM
I have been doing it since July 1st and am down 29lbs. Have got my brother started and a few guys at work. if you join there is a sample workout on the new members page.

If you are interested I reviewed the book that started it all Yoga for Regular Guys and also did some research and wrote a history of DDP Yoga
January 13, 2014 3:04 AM
Aloha! I am new to MyFitnessPal and look forward to using it in conjunction with DDP yoga. When I started in Sept. 2013 I was just under 500 lbs at 6'2" and just turned 30 years old. I am now at 417 lbs and feeling better than I did in high school. I even have friends who i have shared and taught the program with and am now plannig on taking the first steps in becoming a certified DDP Yoga instructor.( more motivation!) I would recommend this program for anyone at any fitness level. Pro athletes and fluffy comedians alike use DDP Yoga!(Tito Ortiz? Gabriel Iglesias? Yup!)
January 13, 2014 4:06 AM
I haven't tried it.
I came to the thread because I had been wondering about some sort of home-yoga stuff.

For weight loss this will give you a fairly light calorie burn.
It may help preserve muscle a little, but not massively compared to other daily activities from what I can see.
May well help with flexibility.

So overall, you're paying your $100 or whatever for the most part (the 'results' they talk about) to be told to eat less calories than you burn. On that, I suspect for weight loss a brisk walk (maybe gently jog, depending on your current position) may well do as well.
January 15, 2014 12:31 AM
It is WAY more than a light calorie burn. It is not a traditional yoga by any means. You combine the flow yoga moves with dynamic resistance and isometrics. As well as adding in some old school calisthenics. With all due respect it is pretty pretentious to criticize a program you admit to have never tried. The workouts put and keep me in a fat burning zone. Usually during a workout it gets up to a good 150-155, and my resting heart rate is now usually 63-66bpm. I am also way more flexible than I was when dancing in show choir and playing football in high school. While you are def. entitled to your opinion please before you start minimizing a system, try it out.

Like i mentioned before I have lost over 90 pounds in 5 months. All while making barely any changes to my diet. Yes I still have my post bar carne asda fries at 3 am and then go pass out. And the program does NOT tell you to take in less than you burn. While that is a given, the nutrition break down in DDP Yoga is one of the most comprehensive and complete nutrition programs I have seen in trying to find a workout regimen. It is presented in 3 different tiers depending on how hardcore on your diet you want to be. Hell it even comes with a huge list of different foods that you can literally make a shopping list out of. You learn about meal combining, and on the extreme cutting out dairy and gluten.

I do not sell or work for DDP Yoga, I just truly believe in the system because it works.
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January 15, 2014 7:28 AM
When looking to explain my thoughts on 'the fat burning zone' this is the first result on google:
Also as they are linear scales I believe, you will never burn less fat by exercising at a higher heart rate. However, you are more burning more energy overall. CICO still applies.
Note that a high heart rate alone does not equate purely to burning calories. If I'm doing some punch bag work (3mins on 1 min rest), a HRM that doesn't monitor movement will show me burning similar calories when sitting down taking a rest as when attacking the punch bag with force, because as far as it knows that heart rate equates to me working at a certain level.
What burns the calories (yes elevated heart rate alone will burn a few) is moving your body. There's a lot less of that in this when compared to many other forms of exercise.
With extended use, this is likely to have significantly less impact on improviding cardiovascular health when compared to some of the popular and more energertic workout videos.

I've had a look at the videos now and stand by comment.
Sure, for some people it may be the limit of their current abilities, so for some circumstances may be a good start, especially for rehab etc.

Most other workouts videos include stretching, but this may have a little extra benefit in flexibility as it has a higher percentage.

No, I do not intend to 'try it out', but I have done similar moves and such like before, as well as having read through a good number of studies in enough detail to work how they apply to me and such like. I've also put on and lost weight enough times to have tried a variety of different methods and know how well each works for me. Generally, looking back, my findings are consistent with 'the Science' :).
Have you tried eating at a deficit with 1g/lb protein, mostly IIMYM (but obviously an eye on micro nutrients) while doing Starting Strength/Strong Lifts every other day, as a comparison?

In a similar way, I will happily discuss a new motorcycle I haven't ridden - I've ridden an awful lot of them in my time in most situations (as well as having geeked out tech stuff in relation to them), so I can make informed suggestions which are generally accurate about ones I haven't.

Any system that has you eating less than you are burning 'works'. I'm not trying to deny that.
Systems that have you eating a decent bit of protein and doing strength work will help to ensure less muscle is lost.

In the end, if it was me, I'd look to use MFP for nutrition, do some weights if possible and cardio by trying some stuff out until finding something enjoyable. I find using a push bike to get around often isn't much slower (and in our congested brit towns, often faster) AND gives a nice few calories burnt throughout the day.
January 15, 2014 7:31 AM
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January 15, 2014 7:34 AM

There's a DDP Yoga?! This might be the thing I need to get me into yoga!

Let me know if it's any good!
You should see the "diamond cutter" down dog!laugh Actually I've looked at some of DDP's yoga and it's pretty legit. Since wrestling caused so many injuries to him and other wrestlers, he reaches out to them to help them reduce pain and being uncomfortable after a long career in wrestling.

A.C.E. Certified Personal/Group FitnessTrainer
IDEA Fitness member
Kickboxing Certified Instructor
Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition
January 17, 2014 11:39 AM
I am actually looking into DDP yoga myself. I am a longtime runner and now suffering from sacroiliac joint dysfunction. I am hoping to gain some flexibility and strength in my body without having to give up my running.

So my question, has anyone with an injury tried this and found that it helped alleviate your problems? Any weight loss or body toning would obviously be bonus!

Feel free to add me, message me privately, etc.
February 1, 2014 10:14 AM
I have a bad lower back, bad knees, and blown out left shoulder.

It has helped dramatically, with all of the above.

It's 1 part yoga, 1 part PT, 1 part dynamic resistance cardio.

My back and neck crack and pop like crazy when doing a lot of the moves (more so than doing it without what DDP calls "Dynamic Resistance" which is doing the poses with your muscles tensed and engaged against each other), and it has reduced my trips to the chiro dramatically.

Head over to (free to sign up, zero obligation) and talk to some of the folks in the forum there. There are tons of people who have seen dramatic improvement and recovery from injuries. I'm one of em, and we are not compensated or anything, by the program, to say good stuff about it.

The "success stories" on the page are real people, most of whom I have talked to at one point or another in chat, or in messages through the forum there, who simply watched what they ate, and did the exercises. A lot of "chronic injury" we suffer from daily is simply from being out of shape and out of alignment. DDPY solves both, gradually and methodically.
April 17, 2014 7:41 AM
My husband is also a HUGE wrestling fan (I know enough to get into the conversations and actually have a few favorites) but I was the one who found out about DDP Yoga. I had recognized DD but it didn't ring any bells until I saw his intro to the website and saw him in action!

What sold my husband were several things: 1.) DDP is one of his top 5 fave wrestlers. 2.) DDP used his program to help a struggling wrestler out of being overweight and an alcoholic ( 3.) It's low impact on his joints (he's about 100lbs overweight, has joint and heart/breathing issues. He wants to do hardcore workouts like Insanity or even pumping iron like Arnold but BABY STEPS, HONEY, lol). 4.) There are a LOT of celebrities that he admires that actually use the product. I don't know if you know this about wrestlers in general but since they're in the limelight more often than regular movie/sitcom actors, they have a lot more in stake when it comes to their reputation. They wouldn't endorse something they don't actively use just to boost sales or a fellow wrestler's ego. :)

We fell off due to personal issues but we're getting back into the game! Even though I hop up the intensity because I know I can handle it better than my husband, it STILL feels really good afterwards (sometimes I do two in a row, lol). I hope this helps and we'll see you in the winner's circle! BANG! >_<


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