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TOPIC: 1200 calories and still not losing weight

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April 3, 2012 1:48 AM
eating 1200 calories a day and still not able to lose weight. in fact every day when i step on the scales i keep finding that i have put weight on. i know i should probably eat more but i struggle to find what else i can eat that is healthy to bump the calories up. please help. i am a 39 year old female weighing 12 stone 11. i also exercise 4 or 5 times a week.
April 3, 2012 1:53 AM
Do you know what your BMR and TDEE numbers are?
April 3, 2012 1:56 AM

this will help you figure out your numbers

if you you are exercising 4 to 5 times a week you should be eating more than 1200 calories a day
April 3, 2012 1:56 AM
It's because of the 1200 calories... slowly up them... eating less doesn't necessarily mean you'll lose more. I know it sounds like you will, but trust me- been there, done that!

See how many calories you should be eating if you set your myfitnesspal settings for 1 lb loss a week. Eat that and eat your exercise calories back. It may take a few weeks for your body to adjust, but it will and you will lose.

Best wishes!
April 3, 2012 1:56 AM
Redo your fitness settings - you might not be eating enough, i've had to change mine twice since ive been on here :)
April 3, 2012 1:56 AM
Buy a new set of kitchen scales and start weighing everything you eat AND DRINK carefully. Be very careful about logging every single thing you consume to get properly into the habit. Every time you log a new food it goes into your recent list, and your most used list - it becomes easier to enter into your diary.

There's no way you would not be losing on 1200 cals a day. You may be a sleep eater? Also - if you have only recently started dieting, and started exercising at the same time, maybe your muscles are swollen?

when's your period due? Do you usually gain when that's coming?

Are you eating more bulk in meals, more vegetables that weigh more going through your gut?

Heaps of reasons. Just eliminate them but one thing is for sure if you are eating only 1200 cals a day, you are burning more calories than you are ingesting and are therefore using your body's stores of fat to do so. Otherwise you would be dead.
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April 3, 2012 1:57 AM

Do you know what your BMR and TDEE numbers are?

Yep, definitely this.

I was doing what MFP told me and my weight loss had stopped. I upped it to within the BMR and TDEE range and am having protein shakes to get my protein levels up and it has started coming down again.

Someone far more knowledgable will be along to explain better I am sure...

TDEE Calculator here
April 3, 2012 1:57 AM
it would help if you made your diary public
April 3, 2012 1:57 AM
Maybe you're not eating enough....I had that problem for a while so I upped my cals to 1300 and my weight started coming off again.
April 3, 2012 2:05 AM
Good idea to make public your diary so it can be viewed for advice
and take special note of your BMR and TDEE as already mentioned, this is important.

Ensure you record everything in your diary, you are probably doing this but I found I had forgotten to record some things and it made a difference when I made a more conscious effort to record everthing in my diary and one or two friends were able to show me where I was going wrong.
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April 3, 2012 2:08 AM
I strongly suspect you could and should be eating a lot more than 1200 cals. I've had my eyes opened since joining MFP, I want my weight loss to be sustainable, a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. Investigating your BMR and TDEE would be a v good start, you may be surprised how much you can eat and still lose. You are welcome to add me if you want some support in eating more, all the best!
April 3, 2012 2:30 AM
thaks for this, I have just checked mine and i wasnt eating enough! will see what happens now Ive changed my calorie intake
May 6, 2012 9:50 AM
I'm having the same issue and well then some. A year ago I weight 194 lbs. I started working out and eating healthy and lost quickly 20 lbs. I then became somewhat fearful of food and eat less and less, to the point my hair began falling out. I'd eat crackers for dinner with a glass of milk, or just the milk. I lost weight, down to 155 pounds. Until I was in a bad wreck and working out was painful. So I stopped and hung out with friends more eating out and gained back weight, up to 180 lbs. I stopped eating again and realized I was doing it wrong, so got the app and have been forcing myself to eat the 1200 calories a day. Starting working out at least a 1-3 miles walk a day with the dogs and cycle 2-4 times a week for 15-20 miles. Been at it for 6 weeks now, and will lose 2-4 pounds then gain them back. I've cut out white bread, sugar, lattes, alcohol, even rid myself of soda. I eat healthy and drink lots of water. Still can't lose weight. I know from the near starvation mode that my metabolism has turned to crap... but after 6 weeks, eating small meals, protein, veggies, some fruits... can't lose weight. I want to live a healthy life and wont starve myself again... just hope something changes so the weight comes off again. I am the point i'm thinking of taking CLA supplements and heard mixed things. Any thoughts? Thank you!! PS, I am a female, 37, and 5'6.
May 6, 2012 9:54 AM
What are the numbers everyone is speaking about? ("Do you know what your BMR and TDEE numbers are?")
Where do I check these?
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May 6, 2012 10:08 AM
I actually went to a nutritionist.... to help me before I joyed my fitness pal. The thing is you have to eat, You have to eat breakfast, you have to eat a snack then lunch, snack and then you eat dinner and depending on what time you go to bed snack again. Now the thing is you eat every three hours..... Eat a good breakfast!!!!! but after you have to calm it down.... once you see what your body is doing you can make changes....and do not watch the scale to much at first watch what your clothes are doing if they are getting lose that means something is working......" and most of all exercise is important" got to got to got to excercise
May 6, 2012 10:13 AM
I am having this same problem! I can't understand it! I used to drop 10lbs without even trying just because I was less hungry that week or whatever and now I'm working out 5 days a week and monitoring my food intake and its like 0 progress! I am very frustrated and I have no clue what to do. I see peoples responses to up calories, decrease calories, up calories, decrease calories, eat less crap food, and on and on. Yes I eat just regular food sometimes because I like it. I don't want to sustain on veggies and fruit and I don't have time to go cooking from scratch all the time. Hell yes I use boxed food! That rant aside I don't understand why just eating less and moving more isn't enough. I put the weight on by sitting on my ass and eating so it should come off by getting off my ass and eating less. I know I won't get a satisfactory answer because there seems to be an infinite number of answers each contradicting the other. At the end of the day it's definitley not hurting me to keep working out and dieting so I'll just keep at itsmile
May 6, 2012 10:16 AM
I'm going to hang around for an explanation of the differences between BMR and TDEE smile
May 6, 2012 10:16 AM
Funny how everyone says eat 5-6 small meals a day like parrots, just funny...

You guys say you cannot lose on 1.2k cals? I usually eat under and constantly am losing every day in fact.

Maybe your not measuring or like how I've noticed, the kcal's on MFP aren't always correct, so perhaps double check, and 1 portion might not be same as next etc.

Also with this 5-6meals, has no one ever heard of intermittent fasting and the benefits it has? It is researched more than enough to prove its validity.

It is very hard to change a view of a nutritionalist or dietician because they were taught one one, they know that way to work, so in essence, it is a case of why change what aint broke? But there are more ways than one or the few they advise.

Just wanted to put this out there....
May 6, 2012 10:19 AM
I am doing the 6 week body makeover and keeping track of my calories/exercise on here. I lost 3 lbs in my first 5 days. This allows me 1435 calories a day and I usually fall about 300 under.

What I have learned is that you have to eat the right combination of foods when you eat and you have to eat smaller meals 5 times a day. You HAVE to cut out added salt, eliminate sugar drinks, eat only whole foods and stay away from bread. I know it sounds hard and I guess it is the first few days. Also, reward yourself once a week with something you love but only do it in moderation. Don't deny yourself something because you will end up hating your diet. Use cooking spray, low sodium chicken broth and spray butter when you cook to reduce MEGA calories.

The idea is that you keep your insulin levels...level. When your insulin levels are not level, it tells your body to store food as fat. When you level out your insulin levels, you put your body in the maximum metabolism rate.

If you eat red meat at anytime during this diet, reduce the allotted oz. in half. Chicken breast, fish, shrimp and pork are the best meats for this diet.

Also, exercise by doing cardio 3-5 times a day each week and at least two days weight/tone strengthening exercises. Doing them more will build too much muscle too fast. When you do the exercises to tone, you stress the muscle. Your muscles will reshape themselves during the recuperation period which should be a min. of 3 days between working those muscles. I do upper body on Tuesdays and lower body on Saturdays and abs both days.

Here is a sample of what I eat every day, basically the diet. I am sharing it with you all because it works! I lost 24 lbs in 5 weeks last time I did it, but then I got hurt and couldn't exercise so I gave up.

I hope this helps some of you!

Breakfast: 2 oz protein, 1/2 cup fruit

I make a 2 egg white omelet with 1 tbsp. salsa (salsa is a no-no, but I can't eat them without it) and 1/2 cup strawberries or pineapple.

Watermelon and cantaloupe are HIGH sugar...believe it or not, fresh cut pineapple is better and any berry is a great choice. You can use apple, 1/2 banana or peaches too!

Two hours later, mid-morning snack: 2 oz protein, 1/2 cup fruit

I do 2 oz chicken and 1/2 cup fruit

Two hours later, lunch: 2 oz protein, 1/2 cup carb, 1/2 cup veggies

Again, and I know its frequent, but you get used to it:
2oz chicken, 1/2 baked potato (I put spray butter, garlic powder, onion powder and pepper on it - yummy) and 1/2 cup frozen broccoli

Two hours later, afternoon snack: 2 oz protein, 1/2 carb:

Chicken and the other 1/2 of potato made the same way

Two hours later, dinner: 2 oz protein, 1/2 Cup carb and 1-2 cups veggies.

Fish, 1/2 cup rice and 2 cups of baby carrots steamed with spray butter

ALSO...cucumbers, cabbage, celery and lettuce are if you are really hungry at any of the meals, make a 2 cup lettuce salad and add your veggies for that meal to it, or don't. If you are hungry in between, eat the cucumbers, salad, etc. if you have to use a dressing, try a lite dressing and make it one that is oily not creamy, because you can cover the salad with less. I like balsamic vinegrette. ALSO, MEASURE the dressing and try your salad with just the allotted amount first.

I have so many extra pointers...but these are the main ones.

If you are interested in being my "pal" on here, please send a request because I am looking for very motivated people to be my dieting pals and to help keep me on track!!!!
May 6, 2012 10:21 AM
I absolutely agree! I found that the more I eat, the more I lose. But, it has to be healthy eating and you have to measure.
May 6, 2012 10:22 AM
I know the frustration! Everyone's suggestions are great for you to try because every person's body is different. I also suggest eating a lot of greens, water and or natural green tea. It helps with going to the restroom and flushing out daily which helps with weight loss as well. Oh, and another is add lemon juice to your water. it doens't hurt to try. When and if you do let us know what worked.
May 6, 2012 10:23 AM
My tdee number is 3762. What does that mean? Ive been a dieter just about my whole life butthis is the first timeive been a calorie counter. Help!
May 6, 2012 10:26 AM
You might want to get your thyroid checked out. It might not be functioning properly.
May 6, 2012 10:27 AM
sounds odd but eat more! MFP put me on 1200 and the same happened to me - i read some forum posts and realised I needed to eat more so upped my intake to 1500/day and now am seeing the scales move at last.
May 6, 2012 10:40 AM
Your body's in starvation (lose NO fat unless in dire circumstances) mode because of the level of calories is so low

Up the calories a little each day, definately past your BMR (which you might currently be lower than). You'll feel full, but after a week or so it will normalise. Try to get around 10-15% less than your TDEE (calculated for all the exercise your doing - 25% MAX)

To be honest, you could probaly do yourself a favour and cut back a little on the exercise and still lose weight

There's lots of threads on here about the 1200 calorie range and getting knowhere - how to up it and lose weight
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