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March 22, 2012 10:12 AM
Hello all,

Started using MFP early this year. Here's my story. I am a 55 year old male, 5'9". My weight loss goals are modest - a total of 15# is the goal, with a goal weight of an even 160. I'm about 7# down now. The weight loss is very nice - feel very much better, but it isn't my primary goal.

In May of 2011 I had a stroke. Not the typical stroke where diet and weight and plaque and lifestyle were much at play. I had what my doctors call a one in 100,000 event where the inside of my left corroded artery dissected and tore away from the wall of the artery and caused the sudden and severe blockage. Anyway, my recovery from the stroke is going well. Very little "damage" or deficits. I am on blood thinners and of course, there is the issue of being careful with the artery. So some things are limited. I have to be careful with my max heart rate and be especially careful with weight training as obviously some exercises cause increased intracranial pressure.
i have never been an athlete but have always been active - being a "runner" for many years, etc. But my goals are just to improve my odds of not dying. I'll add that my wife is a physician, but also a wife, so she is very cautious about my activity having lived through the stroke as the "loved one" she doesn't want to do that again.

Anyway, my general questions are about exercise in particular but really the whole fitness package, for people with limitations about what they can tackle. I generally feel like I'm on the right track, but I'm concerned about being over cautious as well. Anybody in a similar boat, or any trainers with experience in this area?

March 22, 2012 10:39 AM
wowww.... wolfi622, you could be writing my story here.... except I am only 49 years old!!!!
I haven't posted on this site about my stroke, sooo here goes!!
I had a right sub parietal infarct on 8 Dec 2011, my husband found me collapsed on the kitchen floor, can relate only too well when you talk about the 'loved ones' living through it too.
I am another of the 1:10000 that this happens to. I was active, went to the gym 5x week, watched what I ate, was in the 'normal' BMI range, albeit at the top!! no pre disposing factors.
I had a profound left sided hemiparesis, speech & swallowing was initially affected, although, I regained the speech/swallowing within 6 hours of thrombolising treatment.
I am on multiple medications for further prevention.
The long & short of it is: I now have regained 80-85% function on my left side, speech is slightly slow but if you didn't know me before, you would never guess.
I am now back at the gym 5 x week, I do mostly cardio classes i.e body pump/combat/attack and a core conditioning class. I do not do them to the extreme as before but still manage a great workout & calorie burn. My gym trainers/Dr/Neurologist/Physician are aware of my condition and more than happy to support me.
I have just returned to work last week, although I used to work full time, I am only doing 10 hours/wk at the moment. slow return! I have an extremely stressful & demanding job as a Nurse Manager, I manage staff as well as services/budgets etc etc
My resting heart rate is only 46-50, I wear a HRM and my HR will rise to 95-110 on exercising, this can give me a calorie burn of up to 600 cals/hr. So far, i have not suffered any side effects and when I saw my Dr & Neurologist last week, they were absolutely delighted with my progress. I am not being silly or trying to push myself to extremes, however, I am determined to get fit again. I aim to lose another 7-10lbs, I feel great, although I do tire in the afternoons.
feel free to add me as a friend. I will send you a FR too.
good luck on your journey.
March 22, 2012 11:33 AM
Hello Ann Marie,

Wow. Sounds like you've been through the ringer. I am blessed in that with the exception of some balance issues, right side weakness, and oddly, a constant sensation of my right side being very cold, I have few remaining deficits. I am a musician (classical and jazz) by profession so the dexterity of my hands is vital an so-far so-good on that score..

MY resting heart rate is about 60 (I'm on Beta Blockers, which, btw, do not hinder weight loss) but I get my HR up to the 150+ range when doing cardio. I'm just deathly afraid of going one step too far. So, perhaps I missed it in your reply, but are you dong wieghts as well?
September 17, 2012 12:57 PM
I had my stroke 3 years ago coming up in November- I was 42. They still do not know why. I had gained a lot of weight on prednisone for autoimmune hepatitis. I have left side (non dominant) hemiparisis, my left arm is paralyzed and I walk with a cane. In early 2010 I was in wheelchair so I am glad to be where I am now. Sorry I cannot be of much help - walking is the most exercise that I can manage. I do not belong to any support groups so I was just happy to connect with other stroke survivors!b My job is sedentary- I could not be a nurse or a musician, but that comes with its own problems. Weight loss from diet alone is slow going!

Friend me if you want & good luch to you both!

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