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TOPIC: Herbalife - good or bad??

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March 14, 2012 3:44 AM
I am thinking of doing the Herbalife diet - has anyone done it?
March 14, 2012 5:27 AM
once in college. Couldn't stick to it and it was expensive (for a college student) and I had no support. My parents told me to stop wasting money and grow a little will power. My friends told me I didn't need to diet I was fine.
March 14, 2012 5:33 AM
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A friend of mine sells it and has been on it for quite some time. She loves it and she lost a lot of weight! My dad was thinking about trying it. I am not sure if it is good or bad. I hear it is all natural stuff but for some reason I am thinking there is a catch. Hope you find your answers!
March 14, 2012 5:36 AM
I tried it years ago but it did not work for me...couldn't lose a takes a change of eating habits to lose weight and you can do it with or without Herbalife (without will be cheaper tho)
March 14, 2012 5:36 AM
The only person I know that try this is my mom and after she lost allot of weight she got off of it and when she started eating normal food again she gain all the weight back =(
March 14, 2012 5:40 AM
DW and I have done Herbalife two or three times--We actually sold it quite actively for a year and a half, and each time we lost weight. However, two out of the three times, as soon as we stopped taking the products, we gained the weight back. I will freely admit that this has been because we had no idea how to eat properly. If anything, my issue with them is that they are expensive and there is no clear exit strategy. Herbalife wants you to be taking their products for the rest of your life. When we were selling them, it was always "eat more product" and whatnot. Now re-reading this, it sounds like I have beef with them, I really don't. Their products do generally work as advertised. I simply do not want to be tied to a particular product for the rest of my life, especially when that product costs as much as Herbalife does. Which is why we have been transitioning from Herbalife this last time to simply more healthy eating. We have been taking bits from the Engine 2 diet, Herbalife and many other sources to create a plan that works for us. Hope this helps!
March 14, 2012 6:11 AM
I done it for a few months! I was losing inches but not pounds. The shakes are really hard to stick to as you cannot eat and then when you come off the shakes your gonna put the weight back on. The vitamins and tabs you take are really good for eveyday life as they really do the job their meant to but you can buy tablets like these in health food shops without paying a fortune to Herbalife for them.
March 14, 2012 6:16 AM
It'd be cheaper and healthier to just learn how to eat properly and stick with that forever, no?

Sorry, I don't trust fad diets at all - they weren't invented to help people, they were invented to make money from people who want a quick fix (which is most people).

Just put the work in and then you can tell people you did it all yourself!
March 14, 2012 9:08 AM
To be completely fair, I don't really know if I would classify Herbalife as a "fad diet". It is a relatively safe and healthy way to lose weight. And it has been around for 20+ years. It is just a bit expensive and there really is no valid exit strategy because you never really learn how to eat normal food in the proper amounts on a daily basis.
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March 14, 2012 10:48 AM
Fair enough - I just class anything that involves meal supplements as a fad.

Fads can be long lasting in historical terms, but I can't imagine anyone lives on the stuff forever? I don't know much about it to be honest, I just saw the website and immediately dismissed it, simply because it's not proper food! I love food.

Slim Fast has been going for 35 years - I still wouldn't use it! :)
March 14, 2012 10:56 AM

there really is no valid exit strategy because you never really learn how to eat normal food in the proper amounts on a daily basis.


Unless you enjoy feeding the diet industry your hard earned money, learn to eat right now instead of down the road when you are sick of forking over your money to Herbalife.
March 14, 2012 11:14 AM
Stick to sound nutritional practices, your body and your wallet will thank you.
July 19, 2012 3:47 AM
Well I take herbalife an I love it. I have tried every diet under the sun. I am weight obsessed. Yeah healthy eat is all well and good but it's hard to stick to and it hard to prepare and its more expensive then herbalife by a long shot. I never feel hungry on it and even at night when it comes to having tea I ain't hungry but I always have a healthy meal. It's got great nutrition in it which stops u craving all those fatty foods. It's cheaper for me then day to day eating plus when I am left to my own I choose the incorrect foods. Ok for all you that say healthy eating I the best option that's fine for u but I get stuck with it don't have the time to run around supermarket and prepare all these healthy dishes and buying salads load of fish and meat all the time is mega expensive. For my herbalife is great affordable and gives me confidence and loads of energy. If it don't work for you fair enough. But I was on it 2 years ago and I lost 2.5 stone stopped and only put half a stone back on. I only stopped as I was moving about and could get the supplies. When off it I felt the burn. It's healthy and keeps me happy :)
July 19, 2012 3:50 AM
A friend of mine tried it and lost a ton of weight but said that it was very expensive to buy the vitamins etc......
July 19, 2012 12:52 PM
I easy, much cheaper and all you really need in the beginning is shake and tea. Hope this works for you. Marne
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July 19, 2012 12:55 PM

A friend of mine tried it and lost a ton of weight but said that it was very expensive to buy the vitamins etc......

You don't need the vitimans. I started with just the shakes and tea. So much cheaper then buying the food and then if I don't have the time for prepare the food I eat junk and/or have to throw out the food I bought. Good Luck with your weight loss. Marne
July 20, 2012 4:31 PM
I used Herbalife recently and I really liked it. The only problem is is that it can be pricey, We had a distributor in the area and instead of paying for product you paid either $5 per day and you got the tea with aloe and the shake and she made it all for you. I also hesrd another rumor that where they make this product they found salmonella in it so you definately have to be careful. I drank the tea and the shake once a day usually for breakfast...but depending you can have two shakes a day and a sensible dinner. I hope you found all of the information you were looking for!!
July 20, 2012 5:32 PM
Its bad, cant think of a worse way to try and lose the kg, once you stop it all goes back on, its not sustainable to replace meals and have shakes instead of food, just do it the normal way and keep it of for good, more protein less carbs, eat 5 - 6 times a day (small meals or snacks) and exercise.
July 20, 2012 6:52 PM
I use bodybyvi and have done good with it but not sure about herbalife. I know they are similar style shakes.
July 22, 2012 6:00 PM
I have been on the product for about six months. I make myself an Herbalife Oatmeal Cinnamon shake 5-6 mornings a week. Absolutely love it. More nutritious than any bowl of cereal I could eat. I also love the tea with Aloe. It can be pricy, however, I signed on to be a distributor so I could get the discount so each time I buy the products, they are 35% off. If you really like the product, I would highly recommend doing that. I am also using some of the 24 line, Rebuild Endurance and Rebuild Strength after I run my 2 miles. I have lost the 10 pounds I needed to lose now I'm heading for 15. I feel great.
July 22, 2012 6:15 PM
July 24, 2012 9:51 AM

Its bad, cant think of a worse way to try and lose the kg, once you stop it all goes back on, its not sustainable to replace meals and have shakes instead of food, just do it the normal way and keep it of for good, more protein less carbs, eat 5 - 6 times a day (small meals or snacks) and exercise.

not completely true. it all depends on the person. if you transition yourself out of the shake plan when you want off of them, and into healthy eating, you wont gain the weight back. i know LOTS of people who have lost a lot with herbalife and have kept it off , even after no longer taking the product! currently using the products and have lost 4 lbs and 17 inches! i personally LOVE the product!
September 18, 2012 12:36 PM
I am confused as to how everyone finds so many issues with it. It accounts for approximately 400 of your daily calories. If you stop it, replace the Herbalife with something healthy and you should be good. The point of Herbalife (for me) was to help me start making healthier choices in what I ate. If you don't eat healthy and don't exercise, you will get fat (unless your one of the blessed skinny ones that can eat anything and not gain a pound). Don't blame the changing of ones eating habits from healthy to not healthy on Herbalife.
September 18, 2012 12:52 PM
It works just as well as creating a calories deficit by eating clean food in the right quantity.
The difference is, you can't eat the food you love, it's more expensive and it's given to you by a sales person who may or may not have any knowledge in nutrition.

Eat healthy, do a little exercise and you are going to get the same results, but for less money and by eating real food.
October 3, 2012 6:19 PM
Herbalife is a tool to help you eat healther. Some people don't have the discipline to do this on their own. And even with those who do have the discipline this is an easy way to get a healthy and all-natural meal. I think we can all agree that sometimes, especially in the busyness of life, it is helpful to take a quick shake and not have to think about planning the meals. I also think it depends on the person you are working with. In the group I work with, our objective is to help people become healthy. I know that with my success and with Herbalife, I can help teach people how to eat healthier. If that is without Herbalife great, but otherwise I'll use Herbalife as a tool to help others.


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