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March 4, 2012 4:32 AM
Hello All,

I had the Implanon Implant fitted on Wednesday afternoon, I had read up on all the side effects etc and was aware that as with most hormonal contraception that you might gain weight much quicker than you ad before BUT i made the mistake of doing some googling today and found many people talking about putting on 20kg/40lbs in a matter of months. Apparently that weight then dropped off when the implant was removed. Has this happened to any of you? I was using the Depo injection and managed to lose 20lbs on it although i know on average, many women gain about 10lbs whilst using it.
It seems kind of insane, logically i think that if you are eating at a deficit and exercising regularly than you cannot gain that much weight despite the extra hormones running about your body but as someone who finds losing weight particularly difficult (It's more of a mental battle for me) i am a bit worried about this aspect of the implant.
If anyone could tell me their experience of it i would be really grateful because at the moment it's pretty sore and i've frightened myself with forum horror stories!

March 4, 2012 5:04 AM
Hello! I really cannot give an opinion on the implant but I can say that Hormones really affect weight gain. I NEVER had a weight problem, Until, I had to have a COMPLETE hysterectomy in my early 30's (I'm 40 now). This caused me to go into menapause and my hormones have been really messed up since then. I eat pretty healthy and I exercise 6 to 7 days a week (I do high intensity interval training for atleast 1 hour a day) and I also walk 45minutes (minimum) 4 days a week. I have barely lost anything and I have been doing this since June... I cannot take hormone replacement medication, due to family history. I am going to a hormone specialist on March 22nd, in hopes that there may be some natural alternatives that can help straighten me out. So, my UN-professional opinion would be that not any 2 people are the same so its hard to say what side effects you may have, I did a quick google search on this implant and I can see where you may have frightened yourself, there are not many successful stories on this implant. If I was you I would print off some of these stories and talk to your DR. about them before you have this done. Maybe he/she can either re-assure you or suggest an alternative birth control. Remember that this is your body and your health do what makes you feel comfortable... Good Luck on your decision. Wish I could be more help....
Take Care
March 4, 2012 7:05 AM
1st gained in 12months on implant.

Not easy to shift after
March 4, 2012 7:18 AM
So though I haven't used the Implanon/Nexplanon (I didn't like the idea of random cycles) our nurse practitioner has been certified with them since they came onto the market in the US. It honestly depends on each person's reaction to the hormones, you are already better off because you lost while on Depo. Oyur patient's wioth the implant have not had an issue with weight gain.

For a little comfort though: IUDs or Nexplanon/Implanon contraceptives are the top recommended contraceptive if you are going to have bariatric surgery. Given not the same as losing the "hard way" but if they had a risk of that much weight gain nutritional programs and bariatric programs would not recommend them.
March 4, 2012 7:35 AM
I personally don't think that any form of birth control will make a person gain weight. Yes, hormonal birth control changes your hormones and your body so you may feel hungrier than before but it all comes down to how you deal with it.

Continue to eat well and exercise. If you find yourself hungrier drink more water, break up your meals into smaller ones to allow for healthier snacks. Have things on hand like apple slices, celery, cucumbers etc pre-cut to make snacking easier and make it so you are less likely to turn to the "bad" things.

Things you read on the internet aren't always the truth. People may say "I haven't changed a thing and gain 50lbs on this birth control" however I'm betting they have changed things. Don't believe everything you read.

Keep tabs on your diet and exercise. Continue on and you should be fine. It takes 3-6 months usually for your body to get used to the hormones.
March 4, 2012 11:27 AM
March 4, 2012 11:38 AM
I love my impalanon. I'm due for a replacement in December. No weight gain.
March 4, 2012 11:48 AM
I've had Implanon 2 years now and in that time I've gained around 20lbs, give or take. Now, I can't honestly say with any certainty that it *IS* to do with the implant, but I have a hunch. Hormones are known to make you more disposed to weight gain, and the point of the implant is to trick the body into thinking its pregnant so it does make sense that it'd want to keep hold of extra weight when it thinks it's supporting a baby.

So far I've managed to lose 26lbs, probably what I put on over the last 2 years. So it's not impossible to lose, but it's been a struggle prior to joining MFP. If you really pay attention and monitor yourself you could probably stop yourself putting anything on and maybe continue losing, but you'd probably find it harder? I'm hoping to get mine taken out soon, and I'm hoping that once it's out I'll drop weight like never before. Possibly an unachievable hope, but we can dream, right? ohwell

I'm thinking, even if there's only the psychological thing of, "well I've got the implant, of course I'm going to gain!" being got rid of, then it should at least help a little. But don't panic about it: just keep tabs on yourself and be proactive to prevent weightgain flowerforyou
March 4, 2012 3:20 PM
I gained 12lb in 6 months on implanon, had it out in june last year and still trying to shift the excess weight now. Was the worst decision I ever made! But hey I guess it just didn't work for me.
December 4, 2012 11:30 AM
I would say you do put on weight, i knw everybody's body is different but i eat well and excercise 5/6 days a week, not easy excercise but hard boot camp style yet not even a pound has dropped off i have got my implant removed now...2days ago, we shal see what happens now will keep you updated.I put on 7kgs which has made a big effect on my body i feel really bloated and stomach looks like im pregnant..i put on weight after having implant before i had lost 10kg all by myself and now to be eating well and excercising even harder and putting on weight kg after kg!!
December 13, 2012 2:41 PM
HI, I've had an Implanon for nearly 3 years and while I've had it I've only put on about 7-14 pounds at most. What I have found though is that when it starts to wear off is when I've gain about 5 pounds in two months because I've been feeling hungrier, getting headaches and feeling more stressed out therefore less likely to resist temptation. Hopefully this should be sorted soon as I've been given the oral contraceptive to take with it until it's due to come out.
What I will say is that the whole time I've had it its worked great for me but my periods were dreadful before and it doesn't matter what size you are if you feel terrible and a pill will make you feel better it should be worth taking. I know it sounds silly but I'd rather be half a stone heavier but happy, headache free with easy periods. Than lighter with mood swings, spots, unplanned for kids and horrible periods.
Sorry for the essay and hope this helps :)
December 13, 2012 3:08 PM
What Mallory said.

I can't see how it can make you gain weight if you have a calorie deficit.
I guess if you are eating for maintenance you may need to adjust calories.

People have problems with thyroids/emotional eating/hormonal contraception... All these things can be overcome.
December 13, 2012 3:59 PM
ive lost over 50 pounds since i got it. You cant blame birthcontrol for your weight issues
December 14, 2012 9:49 PM
I was "overweight" before I got pregnant. I only gained 16 pounds during my entire pregnancy, after giving birth I was pre pregnancy weight and I got implanon inserted. I am still the same weight and have not gained at all on implanon and i've had it for over a year,
January 15, 2013 1:52 AM
I was 64 kg before I had the implanon inserted 3 years ago. I am now 78kg with a huge belly :( I did not even make the connection until I randomly stumbled across a post by someone saying the implant had made them gain weight. Then I saw another and another and another.
It makes sense really as at 64kg, I ate normally and exercised moderately. Nothing changed when I had the implant, but the weight just started piling on. I joined Myfitnesspal to help me shift it!
Implanon comes out on Monday, fingers crossed it has been the cause of my weight gain and it all drops off quickly!
January 15, 2013 1:56 AM
Hi !

i had the implanon for three years and did not gain any weight, if anything i lost a little...
however, i do find that my cravings for crisps and other "nice" stuff was much much higher...
i had it removed last year and the cravings are gone.

every body reacts different so do not listen to all those horror stories....

good luck!
January 15, 2013 1:59 AM
Of course hormones can make you gain weight. I would say if you were able to lose on the Depo injections, your chances of losing with the implant are a lot higher. I had the implant for a year, bled every single day on it, and when I finally had it removed lost 7 lbs in water weight in days. I lost a bit more after that as well. It was not a good choice for me, and I wished I had had it removed earlier. If you find you are unhappy with it, switch to something else and don't let them convince you to keep trying with it. If any weight gain/ cycle issues haven't settled within 3 months of having it in, they probably won't.
January 15, 2013 2:01 AM
I don't believe I have gained any due to implanon
January 15, 2013 2:05 AM
The implanon is different for everyone - just like every contraception. I had the implanon twice as I didnt know of any other contraception I could have as i cant take pills. I gained weight from the implanon and noticed it majorly messed up my happy hormones - thought that was just me, but have spoken to a few people who have also had this side affect. I started to feel really down so i removed the implanon, lost a stone and my happy hormones have balanced themselves out all on their own.

Depo is the way forward!
January 15, 2013 2:06 AM
I've gained 1.5 stone in 2 years because of the implanon. Aside from that, I've had other problems (irregular periods in the last 6 months, cramping pains) which mean that when I get it taken out at the end of the year, I'll be using another form of contraception - hormonal or not, I've not decided yet.

HOWEVER - everyone is different. I have had hormonal problems in the past, so it may be that I'm more sensitive. From what you've said about being on the depo (which I was on before the implant too) and losing weight, I don't think you'll be affected - depo and implanon are pretty much the same, only one is more long term. :)
January 15, 2013 2:07 AM
I can't comment on the Implant however when I started depo injection a couple of years ago after having to come off the pill for medical reasons, I steadily gained 3-4lb a month, not only this but my skin and hair condition was just awful. I only had 3 injections and over the course of that 9 months I put on a total of 16lbs! Not only this but it was a nightmare to shift the weight and even now (2 years later) i've only lost 7lb's.

I know everyone reacts differently but I vowed never to mess with my hormones again. About 6 months after stopping the injection I felt it was like a dark cloud had lifted that I hadn't even realised was there to begin with! Even my partner noticed how much happier I seemed!

IMO messing with your body's natural hormone balance is too dangerous!
January 15, 2013 2:08 AM
I've had implanon for 2 1/2 years and I love it. I actually lost 10lbs when I first had it inserted as I lost my appetite for about 2-3 weeks. However, it is worth mentioning that before that I was taking the pill (microgynon) so perhaps it was actually coming off of that which reduced my appetite. Anyway, I am now sure that any weight I gain (or lose!) is most definitely down to how much I have eaten / exercised. For me, I don't believe implanon affects my weight at all. Hopefully you will find the same - good luck!
January 15, 2013 2:08 AM
I had Implanon too, a few years ago. My gyn said that I wouldn't gain weight as with birth pills, I would not get bad skin as with birth pills and after a few months my period would be close to none.
Guess what?
I put on weight, had a face like a 13 year old puberty girl and my periods where much more and longer than before ( up to 10 days and running).
I eventually had it removed.
Now I have tied a knot and don't need birth control anymore ;-)
January 15, 2013 2:16 AM
I've had mine since Feb 2011, no weight gain or weight loss due to it at all. The weight I gained was because I was eating what ever I wanted and barely moving from the sofa.
I also take medication for Grave's disease (thyroid disease) when I first started taking it I read things all over the internet about how much weight people gained when on it. To be honest it got me really upset because I was just starting to lose weight and was at the start of my weight loss journey. Since I've been on it, I've lost 26lbs.
P.S I also have PCOS
You can't blame medications and conditions for weight gain before looking long and hard at what your dietary and exercise habits are like and being honest with yourself.

No smile
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February 12, 2013 1:40 PM
I got mine implant inserted in April of 2012. I am getting it out this Thursday 2/14/13. I gained 35lbs+ within 3 months, it made me hungry all the time, I started getting horrible nauseating migraines that landed me in the ER and out of work for a week. My acne is so severe that my face hurts all the time or bleeds all the time. I eat pretty healthy and I workout regularly at least 6 days a week. I am so done with this thing I can't wait to get it out and get my body back. I feel like I'm not even me. Plus it makes me cry for no reason all the time and I get so angry at the drop of a dime. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT!!!! I was on Depo prior to this and I never gained weight, but with the implant 35lbs+. Look into another alternative.


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