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TOPIC: Can Tai Chi be self taught?

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March 3, 2012 3:43 AM
I'm eating good. I'm exercising, but I need the flexibility, the range of motion, Tai Chi looks good. can it be self taught (really) from a video, or is it better to get some instruction from somebody?
March 3, 2012 4:04 AM
I would recommend getting proper instruction at least to start so that you understand how the types of movement work / feel. I used to love tai chi, and once I was on the way with my lessons, could practice alone at home quite happily. You should also get instruction in chi gung when doing tai chi, it's not just about the movements, but also the way you breathe and centre yourself.

As for flexibility, I think yoga or pilates are better for improving it, but tai chi does still help, and is AWESOME for balance - which if you're like I was will be a big bonus - there's no way I could have done any yoga poses without the balance that doing tai chi gave me :)


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